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Does XCOM 2 Have Multiplayer? What You Need to Know

Does XCOM 2 Have Multiplayer? What You Need to Know

Xcom is a series that a lot of other strategy games copied in some way. It is a turn-based strategy game where you need to use your team and eliminate the enemy team, at least for the multiplayer or sandbox modes. There is a campaign for the game also if you are interested in that.

There is multiplayer in Xcom 2, but it is different than you might think. You need to build a squad of soldiers and each one you choose has a certain point value. You can limit the point value of each match so you can’t make the most overpowered squad. The multiplayer is very basic, but it is pretty fun.

It is only 1v1 so you can play massive battles with hundreds of troops. You can only pick 6 troops maximum and you need to have a balance between them to make a good squad.

Is the multiplayer hard?

It depends on the person you are playing with and what soldiers they choose. If you and the other player are relatively new, you might have an easier time defeating their squad. If the player knows what to do and which troops to choose, you might be in for a short match.

When we played a match together, it was fun because we both didn’t know what we were doing. The only thing that we weren’t a huge fan of is the RNG of weapons and abilities. A lot of times, the soldier’s weapons will just miss for no reason whatsoever.

Unless you know exactly where to go and what to do, it will be a little frustrating trying to fight a person that knows what they are doing. It is a strategy game so you just need to learn how each troop works to get better at it.

Is there campaign co-op?

No, there isn’t a co-op campaign. There is a mod that allows you to play the campaign with someone else, but it is not the best thing in the world and the mod is not super easy to install and use. The co-op works best if you play it solo because it would be a little weird to have another person controlling the same troops that you have.

The multiplayer is cool, but a lot of people are wanting either a co-op DLC for Xcom 2 or maybe a co-op campaign in Xcom 3 whenever that comes out.

Is the multiplayer in Xcom 2 “dead”?

Yeah, you can say it is dead. Most people who were huge fans of the story wanted to try out multiplayer and found that there was literally no one playing it. The only reason it is there is so 2 friends can go and play a few matches together.

As a community, the multiplayer is non-existent and most people said that it never even really existed at all, which is kinda sad. It is fun and it definitely takes knowledge of the game to enjoy it. Just don’t be sad if you try to join a random game in multiplayer and you don’t find anyone playing. Get a friend and do some 1v1s.