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This is Why You’re Walking Slow in Minecraft

This is Why You’re Walking Slow in Minecraft

Walking is one of Minecraft’s most basic means of transportation, and it remains that way for most of your journey. The movement speed of walking is fairly reasonable for traversing multiple terrains. However, there are times when your character might feel slow or sluggish compared to their usual vigorous self. 

This happens because of a modifier being applied to your character. This happens mainly due to walking on/through certain blocks that apply the slowing modifier. Cobwebs, bushes, water, and lava are good examples of this phenomenon. You could also simply be crouching without noticing.

Simple actions during walking can also slow your speed down. These include blocking, eating, drinking, or even loading a bow. Most of these statuses can be identified easily, while others can take time.

How to Stop Walking Slow in Minecraft

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You will first have to identify the source to get rid of this debuff. Usually, your character’s walking speed is around 30% slower than sprinting and can be compared with enough experience. If you feel that your character is sluggish, check the surface you’re standing on. 

If you are stuck in terrain that slows you down, then your character will start moving normally once you are out However, if it’s due to something as quick as eating and slowing, then it should go in a few seconds at maximum. 

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If your character does not return to normal speeds, make sure you are not pressing an extra button on your controller or keyboard. This can happen a lot, especially on controllers. Therefore, make sure to double-check your binds! Plus, also ensure that you are not permanently crouching. If that happens, simply press the crouch command again to walk normally. 

Fast Ways of Travel in Minecraft

If normal walking is not cutting it for you in letting you reach a location fast, then you should give the following methods a go. Some of these might require you to have progressed a fair bit in Minecraft, so pick the one that is most suitable for you:

RailwayMake a Railway system to the desired location
NetherPlayers in the nether can travel 8x the normal distance making it much faster.
ElytraA pair of wings. Arguably the best method to travel in Minecraft.
HorseAn animal that can run much faster than a normal player.
StriderA nether variant of the horse. Use a saddle to ride on it.

All in all, make sure to look for any abnormalities whenever you are walking slower than usual. Crouching is the most basic reason, but it can also be due to your terrain or any other player-based action. Slow movement can hinder you during fights. Therefore, it is advisable to have a firm grasp of gameplay controls to ensure this does not happen. However, it is not that big of a deal and can be solved almost instantaneously.