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Do Mods Disable Achievements in Fallout 4?

Do Mods Disable Achievements in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 was one of the most long-awaited titles released by Bethesda, leading up to the success of the critically acclaimed Fallout 3. While Fallout 4 looked slightly dated due to the mediocre graphical fidelity, and dated mechanics, a lot of that can be fixed by using mods if you agree to disable your achievements.

Yes, enabling mods disable Achievements in Fallout 4. To work around this, remove all existing mods and load to a prior save game or a new game that didn’t have any mods enabled. Additionally, you can download the Achievements Mods Enabler on PC to enable Achievements without the need to disable mods.

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How to Install Fallout 4 Mods

Do Mods Disable Achievements in Fallout 4?

Method 1

  • It’s pretty easy to install mods. Bethesda officially added mod support for Fallout 4 with a new option in the Main Menu. 
  • Simply open Fallout 4 and navigate to the mod selection.
  • There, find the mod that you wish to install and download it.
  • Once you install it, load the save game and that’s about it.
  • Additionally, you can go to Bethesda’s website and manually browse a selection of mods.
  • Just simply select the “Add to Library” Option.
  • Before you download the mod, make sure you have the necessary load order requirements.

Method 2

  • You can also add mods manually from trusted websites such as Nexus Mods. 
  • Simply, find the mod that you’re looking for and navigate to the download section of the mod in question.
  • Download the file and extract the WinRar package to reveal the contents of the mod.
  • When all is said and done, copy the contents of the mod into your Fallout 4 directory and replace any image files as needed.
  • Edit any .ini files according to the requirements of the mod so that the game selects the mod n question and loads it.
  • Boot up the game with a save file and your mod should load right up!

Do Mods Disable Achievements in Fallout 4?

So, the big question you all have been waiting for. Do Mods Disable Achievements in Fallout 4? To state it simply, Yes. Even if your selection of mods does not impact or change the gameplay in any shape or form and simply revamps skins, graphics or shaders, achievements will still be disabled. 

This is pretty ironic considering you can pretty much cheat your way through the game using console commands and the game will still allow you to unlock achievements. Bethesda, pls fix it.

How to Renable Achivements

Mod Support was officially added to consoles and was carried on over to PC. Console users care more about Trophies and Achievements but sadly, there is only one way for them to reenable achievements and it’s to remove all existing mods from Fallout 4.

When all is said and done, you need to load a new game or a prior save game without any mods. And voila, Achievements and Trophies can be unlocked once again.

How to Enable Achievements and Use Mods in Fallout 4

Do Mods Disable Achievements in Fallout 4?

The method is pretty much the same for PC players too but there IS a workaround where you can have your cake and eat it too. By this, we mean that PC players can enable mods and keep unlocking achievements by, you guessed it, using another mod.

Sadly, this mod is not available for Console users.

Download the Achievements Mod Enabler from Nexus Mods to enable achievements. 


And so the long and short of it is, Yes. Enabling mods does disable Achievements in Fallout 4. Disable all mods or enable the Achievements Mods Enabler to get back achievements. And that’s pretty much a wrap for today’s guide.