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Ultimate Progression Guide for Terraria Master Mode

Ultimate Progression Guide for Terraria Master Mode

Master Mode is the ultimate challenge for Terraria players. Even veterans of the game like myself will have difficulty, and this guide will help you survive this insane difficulty.

Along with these tips, there is also a guide to every boss in the game, as well as a guide to every event and how to beat them. This ultimate progression guide is everything you need to know about beating Master Mode.

This is an absolutely massive guide, so definitely refer to the table of contents so you can navigate it easily.

Early Game

At the start of the game, you’ll be the weakest and the most vulnerable. The focus is on getting the necessary gear to beat the first bosses, as well as getting your village ready for more NPCs.

If you need a list of the best early game weapons, check out this article.


  1. Loot underground cabins
  2. Max out Life Crystals
  3. Get a set of Gold / Platinum armor and tools
  4. Get a grappling hook
  5. Loot the floating islands
  6. Start a village
  7. Fight the Goblin Army
  8. Obtain Terrapspark Boots
  9. Defeat King Slime
  10. Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu

Tips and Tricks

  • At this point, exploration and mining should be your number one priority. Underground cabins in every biome should be looted for items, and movement accessories should be a priority.
  • Getting Gravitation Potions early is highly recommended. With these you can a Lucky Horshoe, Balloon, and Starfury to help you survive better.
  • Until you have some decent gear, combat should be avoided when possible. Enemies are simply too strong to face head-on, and getting the maximum amount of health is the best thing you can do.
  • Underground, traps have been massively revamped. There are trap chests, more explosives, and way more things to kill you in general. Holding a button or other electrical device will allow you to see the wiring and will help you avoid traps.
  • Don’t bother crafting any armor besides platinum / gold at this point. It’s a waste of time that can be spent getting useful gear. However, if you are dying too much, go for whatever armor you can get
  • Scarab bombs found in the Underground Desert are insanely useful for navigating underground. Try to get as many as possible while navigating that biome.
  • Ruby hooks are insanely useful and pretty easy to make. I find them better than the Web Slinger and Slime Hook due to increased range.
  • In my opinion, early-game ends when you beat the Eye of Cthulhu. You’ll get the much-needed Shield of Cthulhu, as well as Demonite / Crimtane for crafting a Nightmare / Deathbringer Pickaxe even before you beat the next boss.

Late Pre-Hardmode

This stage of the game is where you’ll prepare yourself to beat the final boss of Pre-Hardmode, the Wall of Flesh. You’ll also make preparations for early Hardmode, and it’ll set you up for the most difficult part of the game.


  1. Get Molten Armor and tools
  2. Break Shadow Orbs / Crimson Hearts
  3. Beat the Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu
  4. Collect Meteorite
  5. Make a Hellivator
  6. Beat Skeletron
  7. Explore the Dungeon
  8. Loot Shadow Chests
  9. Craft a Night’s Edge
  10. Build an event base
  11. Beat the Wall of Flesh

Tips and Tricks

  • You can actually get a Nightmare / Deathbringer Pickaxe without beating the EoW / BoC. You just need to get enough Shadow Scales / Tissue Samples from the boss to make one with the ore dropped by the Eye of Cthulhu.
  • With this pickaxe, make every item you can with Hellstone. Molten Armor and gear will carry you all the way until Hardmode, and the weapons are necessary to defeat the remaining early game bosses.
  • Mining a ton of meteorite is good for crafting Meteor Shot, which will help you fight bosses if you decide to go with a ranged weapon.
  • If you don’t have Terraspark Boots, now is the time to make a pair. Having these will save you the trouble of making a hell bridge to fight the Wall of Flesh, and will make it much easier to both explore and fight.

Early Hardmode

The Wall of Flesh has been defeated and your world has become much harder. In my opinion, this is the hardest part of Master Mode since you still have Pre-Hardmode weapons and armor.

At this point, I recommend reforging all of your weapons to the best possible modifier. Getting better gear is also extremely important at this point. There is a ton of gear to play with, so use whatever works well for you.


  1. Break Demon / Crimson Altars
  2. Obtain Adamantite / Titanium gear
  3. Get wings
  4. Beat Queen Slime
  5. Farm Pirate Invasion for The Black Spot
  6. Farm Hallowed Mimics for Daedalus Stormbow
  7. Beat the Mechanical Bosses
  8. Get Hallowed Armor and Gear

Tips and Tricks

  • If you don’t have a base with lava traps already, it’s important that you make them. Events like the Pirates are insanely hard in Master Mode, and lava pits make them much easier.
  • The Sunfury probably the best melee weapon you can have at the start of Hardmode. You should also make the Dao of Pow ASAP to use for killing Wyverns.
  • Farm the Wall of Flesh until you have a Ranger Emblem and a Warrior Emblem. You’ll need these to significantly boost the damage of your weapons.
  • As soon as you can, break Demon Altars / Crimson Altars. Then, immediately go for the next tier ore. Skip the armor and get the Pickaxe, and then go for the next ore. Make Adamantite / Titanium armor and tools ASAP, and you’ll have a much easier time surviving.
  • Farm Hallowed Mimics for the Daedalus Stormbow, and try to reforge it to Unreal. That may cost you several platinum but it will be absolutely worth it.
  • If any of the mechanical bosses spawn, you’ll likely not beat them without proper preparation. It might be better for you to just go underground if they spawn naturally.

Post Mechanical Bosses

The mechanical bosses are defeated and you’re ready to move on to the more difficult bosses. There isn’t a lot to do before Plantera, but there are few essentials that will help bring you to victory.


  • Max out Life Fruits
  • Craft Chlorophyte Armor and gear
  • Farm Solar Eclipse for Broken Hero Swords (guide on this further down)
  • Beat Duke Fishron
  • Craft a Terra Blade (if a melee character)
  • Find a few Plantera bulbs and make an arena.
  • Make a base in the Underground Jungle
  • Defeat Plantera

Tips and Tricks

  • Duke Fishron is hard, but beating him will grand you weapons that you can use for Plantera
  • At this point in the game, buffs are absolutely necessary for beating bosses. Establish a large herb garden if you haven’t already
  • Spelunker Potions are great for locating both Life Fruits and Chlorophyte Ore. Search for both during your times in the jungle
  • The Hallowed Armor is still great armor since it allows you to dodge attacks. Consider using this and getting more defense by reforging your accessories to Warding.

Post Plantera

Once you’ve beaten Plantera, you’re done with the second most difficult boss of Hardmode. In this stage you’ll prepare to beat Golem, as well as the optional Goddess of Light boss.


  • Explore the post-Planera dungeon
  • Explore the Lihzahrd Temple
  • Obtain the best armor for your chosen class
  • Defeat the Empress of Light
  • Defeat Golem

Tips and Tricks

  • Since Golem is actually much easier than Plantera, there doesn’t have to be a long period of time between fights
  • Explore the entire Lihzahrd Temple and clear out every single trap. This will make it much easier to survive
  • Clear out water candles in the dungeon to decrease enemy spawn rate, which increases survivability. A Calming Potion will also amplify this effect
  • Duke Fishron weapons will wreck Golem
  • The Terraprisma is the best summon weapon in the game, but to get it you need to beat the Empress of Light with 100% damage done in the daytime
  • The Master Ninja Gear is available to craft at this point, and is insanely helpful for beating the Empress of Light.

Post Golem


  • Mine a ton of Chlorophyte for bullets (if ranged class)
  • Beat the Martian Madness invasion
  • Farm Golem for the Picksaw and other weapons
  • Farm the Celestial Towers for fragments

Tips and Tricks

  • To easily farm Golem, take the Lizharhd Alter and place it above ground in an arena.
  • Fly to space near the oceans to spawn Martian Probes for the Martian Madness event
  • The Black Spot mount is needed to beat the UFO boss, as its laser can now go through walls
  • Farming the towers for their gear is a great option for getting end game gear to use on the Moon Lord
  • Reforge everything you have to the best modifiers

Post Moon Lord

So you’ve beated the final boss of Terraria on the hardest difficulty, but what is there to do now? Well, depending on if you want to keep playing on this character for a while, there are a ton of really fun things to do after the Moon Lord.


  • Farm the Moon Lord for all the best items
  • Reforge everything to the best modifiers
  • Build pylons to every biome possible
  • Do fishing quests
  • Get the Cell Phone and the Ankh Shield
  • Complete all the achievements
  • Finish the Bestiary
  • Build awesome creations
  • Get all boss trophies and Master Mode relics

Tips and Tricks

  • Craft the Zenith Sword or the Celebration MK. II as soon as you can, and you’ll quickly become insanely overpowered
  • The Drill Containment Unit is an amazing item that’ll help you quickly dig out sections of land
  • Focus on getting the hardest to obtain items, as well as the ones with large crafting trees
  • Just have fun! You’ve earned all the great gear you have, so just have fun building awesome structures and wrecking enemies

Boss Strategies

While many of the bosses are optional, beating them all will yield the greatest rewards. This is the best boss order for Master Mode:

  • King Slime
  • Eye of Cthulhu
  • Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu
  • Queen Bee
  • Skeletron
  • Wall of Flesh
  • Queen Slime
  • The Destroyer
  • The Twins
  • Skeletron Prime
  • Plantera
  • Empress of Light
  • Golem
  • Duke Fishron
  • Lunatic Cultist
  • The Moon Lord

In this order, I’ve made a great Master Mode guide for every boss in the game. Following these guides, I also have guides for every event in the game too.

King Slime

King Slime is easy, but you don’t want to attempt him until you have some decent gear. You can no longer use the King Slime rope cheese we used to use, so you actually have to be mobile during the fight.

King Slime Recommended Gear

  • Gold / Platinum Armor
  • Gold / Platinum Bow
  • Jester’s Arrows
  • Hermes Boots or better

King Slime Boss Arena

The only thing you’ll need is a long bridge to run across as you shoot arrows at King Slime. Place as many life regeneration items you can get at this point.

King Slime Combat Strategy

The hardest part of the fight is the fact that tiny slimes spawn everywhere, and for this you’ll need a good piercing weapon. Jester’s Arrows pierce very well and will easily deal with many of those slimes.

The King Slime fight is still easy even in Master Mode, but you need to watch out for his teleporting attack. Don’t get too far from him, and keep firing arrows at him and his small slimes until he dies.

Eye of Cthulhu

On Master Mode, the Eye of Cthulhu’s charge attack is absolutely insane. It’ll quickly destroy you if you don’t set up properly, but I also have a good way to almost guarantee you’ll beat him.

Eye of Cthulhu Recommended Gear

  • Platinum / Gold Armor
  • Option 1 – Platinum / Gold Bow
  • Option 2 – Starfury
  • Option 3 – Musket / The Undertaker
  • Option 4 (my favorite) – Boomstick
  • Horseshoe Balloon
  • Terraspark Boots (if possible)

Eye of Cthulhu Boss Arena

A very long bridge (maybe 300 – 400 platforms long) with campfires and Heart Lanterns set up throughout. It should have a wall at each end to prevent you form falling off. A small house with the Nurse and a bed should be at one end of the arena.

Eye of Cthulhu Combat Strategy

While this fight is very hard early game, having the Nurse’s house close by will repeatedly save your life. You’re able to Magic Mirror back to your spawn and the EoC will slowly fly back to you.

The best way to use that is to sprint away from him until you reach one end of the bridge. Then, Magic Mirror home, heal, and wait for him to come to you. You don’t have to use healing until the second phase though, which is when he gets hard.

Towards the end of the fight, he’s almost nonstop dashing at you, almost requiring the use of the Nurse throughout the fight. Keep doing this until you beat him, which shouldn’t take very long at all.

Eater of Worlds

The Eater of Worlds killed me quite a lot before I figured out this method. Using this gear, you’ll literally shred the giant worm with insane effectiveness.

Eater of Worlds Recommended gear

  • Molten Armor
  • Molten Fury
  • Grappling hook
  • Slimy Saddle
  • Jester’s Arrows
  • Spiky Balls

Eater of Worlds Boss arena

You should clear out a large space underground, not above ground. Fighting him above ground will cause the worm to shoot Vile Spit at you, and the projectiles are a huge pain the dodge.

Place one campfire and Heart Lantern in the center for their health regeneration effects, and put wooden platforms around to climb on and avoid the segments. It should be small enough so that you can grapple onto the walls to pull yourself out of the Eater’s grasp if needed.

Eater of Worlds Combat strategy

Start firing Jester’s Arrows directly at the head, towards a point that will hit the most segments. The more segments it hits, the more effective each arrow will be.

Try not to break the worm into too many segments, or else the fight will become too chaotic. Drink health potions when necessary, and try your best not to get caught when he surrounds you. Getting surrounded is the only real threat, and you can counter it by grappling out of the center.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee Recommended gear

  • Molten Armor
  • Option 1 – Molten Fury + Jester’s Arrows
  • Option 2 – Boomstick + Meteor Shot
  • Option 3 – Waterbolt
  • Shield of Cthulhu
  • Terraspark Boots
  • Jump accessories

Queen Bee Boss arena

Out of every other boss in the game, Queen Bee has probably the most confined boss arena. Don’t fight her on the surface unless you want her to get enraged, so it’s best to make a large arena in the underground jungle.

If you fight her in the hive, you can use the honey to provide you with an extra health regeneration boost, but make sure to hollow out the hive a decent amount.

A single bridge of wooden platforms will do for an arena, and cover most of the honey with a bridge of normal blocks. You’ll spend most of your time fighting her on the ground.

Queen Bee Combat strategy

There are a couple of things you need to watch out for on this fight: charging attacks, bees, and projectiles. In Terraria 1.4, the projectiles are easier to see, but the bees can still be a pain.

For the bees, something like the boom stick works well, and also works to hit Queen bee several times per shot. The Molten Fury also works well, but you need to be much more accurate with it.

The key to the Queen Bee fight is patience. The best time to hit her is when she charges you, and that requires successful dodging of each charge and then landing a shot each time.

For the small bees, you could also use a piercing weapon like the Sunfury, or even a sword like the Night’s Edge. Simply deep dodging the stingers and firing at the Queen Bee, and soon enough you’ll beat her and get your Master Mode Relic.


For me, Skeletron was the hardest Pre-Hardmode boss. He killed me so many times, but eventually, I figured out a strategy that works almost every time.

Skeletron Recommended gear

  • Molten Armor
  • Molten Fury
  • Meteor Armor
  • Space Gun
  • Jester’s Arrows
  • Shield of Cthulhu
  • Terraspark Boots
  • Horseshoe Balloon

Skeletron Boss Arena

The only thing I used was a single block bridge about 200 – 300 blocks long. Place campfires along the bridge with Heart Lanterns underneath to increase your health regeneration.

The the end of the bridge, put a short wall to keep you from falling off as you run. I died several times because I got stuck underneath, so this is important to add.

The bridge should be easily reachable after spawning Skeletron, or else you may end up dying before you get to it.

Skeletron Combat strategy

Start off with Molten Armor equipped and Meteor Armor in your social slot. Spawn Skeletron and sprint away from him while shooting his hands with Jester’s Arrows.

His head is armored until you defeat the hands, so shoot both hands at the same time. If you destroy one hand early, he starts shooting skulls, so try to take out both hands at the same time.

When both hands are dead, use right-click to easily swap your Meteor Armor from the social to the armor slot. Use the Space Gun for the rest of the fight.

As the skull projectiles fly at you, fly above them and so over his head. They can barely hit you, and all that you need to do is repeatedly hit him until he dies.

Wall of Flesh

After a few attempts, the Wall of Flesh was surprisingly easy to beat on Master Mode. Before you fight him, be very sure that you’re ready to enter Hardmode, because then it gets insanely difficult.

Wall of Flesh Recommended gear

  • Molten Armor
  • Phoenix Blaster
  • Meteor Shot
  • Iron Skin Potion
  • Inferno Potion

Wall of Flesh Boss Arena

A bridge in the underworld is all you’ll need for this. To be safe, it should be at least half of the world size for both Small and Medium worlds. You’ll likely need much less than that, so you can play around with sizing. Large worlds can have a bridge 1/4 of the world’s length.

It’s important that you make the bridge towards the center of the underworld. If it’s too high, you’ll be fighting with the ceiling, and if it’s too low, you’ll need to tunnel through the ash and lava.

Campfires and Heart Lanterns are optional and take a while to place down, but would make the fight easier. Only use these if you’re still struggling after making a bridge.

Wall of Flesh Combat strategy

With your potions consumed, throw the Guide Voodoo Doll into the lava while facing the direction you want the Wall to spawn. Quickly start running in the opposite direction, while still keeping him in your line of sight.

Staying that far away allows you to still aim at him, but makes it harder for him to hit you with lasers. The Inferno Potion will destroy the leeches that fly after you, giving you one less thing to worry about.

The Iron Skin gives a little bit of extra defense to help you survive longer against the damaging lasers. At the end of the fight, the Wall of Flesh charges at you with full force, so focus all your fire on him until you defeat him.

Queen Slime

Queen Slime is the first boss you’ll encounter in Hardmode, but she’s no joke. Her attacks do some insane damage to Master Mode players, and she’s almost impossible to fight with a melee build.

Queen Slime Recommended gear

  • Titanium / Adamantite Armor with the ranged helmet
  • Ranger Emblem
  • Daedalus Stormbow (preferably reforged to Unreal)
  • Holy Arrows
  • Gravitation Potions
  • Ranger Potions
  • Shield of Cthulhu

Queen Slime Boss Arena

While you will be crafting a small arena, it’s only necessary until Queen Slime starts flying. Once that happens, you’ll leave the boss arena and take to the skies.

The arena I use consists of a 200 – 300 block long bridge with health regeneration items placed strategically. You could only make it 100 blocks long if you wanted, as you only need enough of a bridge to shoot at Queen Slime at the edge of your screen.

Queen Slime Combat strategy

Drink your buff potions before you start, but not the Grav Potion yet. Spawn her with the Gelatin Crystal, and begin shredding her with the arrows. Use your Shield of Cthulhu to boost into incoming slimes and damage them, and try to take them out with the bow.

Focus on running away from the boss as you fight, and keep your arrows focused on her. She’ll quickly enter the second phase and start flying around, and now’s the time to drink the Grav Potion.

Keep flipping gravity and flying away from her, and she’ll proceed to follow you. If you’re fast enough, you’ll be just out of range of her attacks. There’s a chance she might catch up to you, and in that case, use the Shield of Cthulhu to evade her and switch directions.

Keep up your barrage of falling arrows and they’ll basically do all the work for you. Your job is simply to fly around and dodge anything she throws at you.

The Destroyer

Although the Destroyer used to be the easiest of the mechanical bosses, he’s now actually pretty hard due to the Stormbow and arrow nerf. With the addition of one overpowered mount, we can easily beat the Destroyer every time.

The Destroyer Recommended gear

  • Titanium / Adamantite Armor with the ranged helmet
  • Ranger Emblem
  • Daedalus Stormbow (preferably reforged to Unreal)
  • Holy Arrows
  • Ranger Potions
  • The Black Spot

The Destroyer Boss Arena

For this arena, I used the same one that I used for Queen Slime. It’s far enough off the ground to not be enclosed by the Destroyer, and not too high to spawn Wyverns and Harpies.

Some regeneration items are good to use as well, but aren’t necessary.You’ll spend the majority of the fight in the air, and the bridge acts as a heart catcher for easy health.

The Destroyer Combat strategy

With the Black Spot, it literally becomes one of the easiest fights in Master Mode so far. You simply have to fly back and forth around the lasers and the probes while firing the Stormbow at the Destroyer.

The Twins

Although The Twins are usually pretty difficult, this Master Mode strategy makes them even easier than most Pre-Hardmode bosses.

The Twins Recommended gear

  • Titanium / Adamantite Armor with the ranged helmet
  • Ranger Emblem
  • Daedalus Stormbow (preferably reforged to Unreal)
  • Holy Arrows
  • Ranger Potions
  • The Black Spot

The Twins Combat strategy

Using the Black Spot, it pretty much takes all the difficulty out of the fight. To easily beat The Twins, summon them and start flying with your mount. You’ll quickly overtake them, so don’t let them get too far off screen, or else they’ll despawn.

Keep one eye just on the edge of your screen, and continuously shoot them with the Daedalus Stormbow. Pretty soon, the first eye will change phases and be even faster.

Just watch out for running into the end of the map, and be careful not to run into any floating islands along the way. After the first eye is defeated, the fight becomes even easier.

Focus your arrows on the next one, and keep shooting at it until you beat it. If you use this strategy, you’ll rarely get hit and you can outrun their projectiles. You’re even able to farm them 2 to 3 times per night easily, so this works very well.

Skeletron Prime

This is a similar strategy to the last 2 mechanical bosses. Skeletron Prime is harder than The Twins, but with this strategy he’s still easier than The Destroyer on Master Mode.

Skeletron Prime Recommended gear

  • Titanium / Adamantite Armor with the ranged helmet
  • Ranger Emblem
  • Daedalus Stormbow (preferably reforged to Unreal)
  • Holy Arrows
  • Ranger Potions
  • The Black Spot

Skeletron Prime Combat strategy

To start out the fight, dash with the Shield of Cthulhu and immediately equip the Black Spot mount. This allows you to get to max speed instantly, and you’re going to need it against this boss.

When Skeletron Prime does the spinning head attack, he can easily catch up to you. Do your best to avoid getting caught on him, or else he can stunlock you with ease.

Keep firing the Stormbow at him and aim for the head, rather than the arms. Aiming for the head will take him out quicker and save you ammo, and with this mount, the arms really aren’t a threat to you.

Never stop moving, or else he’ll catch up and it could be the end of the fight for you.

Duke Fishron

Since Plantera is so insanely hard in Master Mode, the best thing you can do is beat Duke Fishron before Plantera. The weapons you get from Duke Fishron will be necessary to easily beat Plantera, so you definitely should acquire them before progressing to the next boss.

Duke Fishron Recommended gear

  • Hallowed Armor (for dodging ability)
  • Shield of Cthulhu
  • Black Spot mount
  • As many buffs as you can get

Duke Fishron Boss Arena

Long arena over the ocean with regeneration accessories and Bast Statues for defense. If you want some extra protection, you can make another wooden platform arena high in the air, since you’ll be spending most of your time flying up there anyway.

Make sure you have enough room to dodge the tornadoes and other projectiles, and you should be good to go.

Duke Fishron Combat strategy


Master Mode Plantera has proved to be one of the most difficult bosses yet. Before you even start this fight, be sure that you’ve maxed out your Life Fruits, and gotten the best armor and weapons possible for your current class.

Plantera is pretty much the first of the bosses that there isn’t a cheese for, unless you count the teleport cheese which is harder to set up. Unless you’re doing that method you’ll need to spend much more time preparing your character for the tough battle ahead.

Plantera Recommended gear

  • Infinite flight mount (Black Spot works best)
  • Large open area in the jungle
  • Weapon based on your class – Terra Blade, Reaper Sickle, Megashark, etc
  • Accessories for your current class – Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer, Avenger Emblems, Magic Quiver, Titan Glove, etc
  • Chlorophyte Armor
  • Ichor weapon if on a Crimson world (Golden Shower works well)
  • Sharpening Station for melee, Ammo Box for ranged, and Crystal Ball for sorcerers.
  • Bast Statues

Plantera Boss Arena

The boss arena is going to be simple, though very large. Mine out a large circle of space all around the Plantera Bulb, and place Heart Lanterns and Campfires all around.

Build a house nearby with a piggy bank and bed, so you can respawn there if you die. You can put the nurse here if you plan to heal at all, but she’ll most likely get killed by Plantera during the second phase.

You don’t need to dig a new arena for every bulb. Basically, when you find a new bulb, make a tunnel all the way to your arena and slowly lead Plantera to it. Do not ever Magic Mirror to a house near your arena, as Plantera will despawn and the bulb will be wasted.

Plantera Combat strategy

If you’re finding you’re having a lot of trouble with the fight, make your arena even larger to give yourself room to dodge. Fighting Plantera on the surface causes her to become enraged and makes the fight unnecessarily hard, so keep her in the Underground Jungle.

All you need to do in this fight is to keep circling around your large arena while attacking Plantera. The more buffs you consume the better, so get every buff potion you can.

Periodically attack Plantera with an Ichor weapon to lower her defense. Also, use your class’s buff furniture such as the Sharpening Station to increase weapon effectiveness.

Continue circling and attacking until Plantera is defeated. If you find that the Black Spot accelerates too slowly to dodge attacks, consider using only wings to circle the boss, and providing landing platforms all around the arena.

Empress of Light

The Empress of Light is a brand new boss to the game, and wow is she hard to beat on Master Mode. She has one of the most chaotic boss fights, as well as some of the coolest music and beautiful attack animations to accompany her.

Dealing 100% of your damage in the day will grant you the best summon weapon in the game, but you’ll need to do that during her insane rage mode. I’ll give you tips for beating her normally, as well as during the day if you dare to fight her then.

Empress of Light Recommended gear

  • Chain Gun, Influx Waver, Tsunami, Blizzard Staff
  • Rod of Discord (for enraged)
  • Armor for your class
  • Hallowed Armor for enraged
  • Best class accessories

Empress of Light Boss Arena

A typical Hardmode boss arena will work well in this situation. All you need to do is place the typical life regen items and Bast Statues, and your arena should be good to go.

Empress of Light Combat strategy

The Empress of Light is a unique boss that has almost a souls-like feel to her. Basically, the only way to get good at defeating this boss is to learn her attacks. It’s probably best to practice in an expert mode world first, since it’s a bit easier to beat her.

The Terraria wiki has a great breakdown of all the strategies needed to dodge each of her insane attacks, so check it out here if you need more info.

The good news is that you can survive several hits from her attacks while fighting her at night, but the bad news is that she’ll instakill you in the daytime. Unless you’re really interested in a summoner weapon, you might want to wait until you have better weapons to fight her in enraged mode.


While Golem is an endgame boss, he’s still insanely easy to beat. Defeating him yield the Picksaw as well as a bunch of great weapons, such as the Possessed Hatchet.

Golem Recommended gear

  • Duke Fishron weapons – Flairon, Bubble Gun
  • Best armor for your class or weapon used
  • Ichor weapon if on a Crimson world (Golden Shower works well)
  • Sharpening Station for melee, Ammo Box for ranged, and Crystal Ball for sorcerers.
  • Every applicable buff

Golem Boss Arena

Assuming that this is your first time beating Golem on this character, the only possible place you can fight him is in the large room in the Lihzarhd Temple.

That’s not all bad though, since it’s a pretty large room with lots of room to fly around. The things you need to watch out for though are the traps, which will destroy you if you aren’t careful.

Break every trap in the room, including spikes, and then place torches all around the interior of the room. Make sure every corner is lit so you can adequately see anything you might need to dodge.

Then, place a bunch of life regeneration accessories around, and the arena should be good to go. Wooden platforms are also very useful when it comes to flying around, but you need to be careful not to get stuck on them at all.

Golem Combat strategy

The first phase is insanely easy. All you need to do is attack him while dodging his fist attacks. The second phase though is where it gets tricky.

You’ll need to fly around constantly dodging the attacks from his flying head, and the key is to keep doing consistent damage to him and keep an eye on what the head is doing. If you can avoid that, you should have no problem defeating Golem.

Lunatic Cultist

You’re almost to the end of the game, and coming up are some of the most difficult parts. Immediately after beating the Lunatic Cultist, you’ll be thrust into the Celestial Pillars event, so be sure that you want to beat him before starting the fight.

Lunatic Cultist Recommended gear

  • Homing weapon – Possessed Hatchet, Flairon
  • Black Spot Mount
  • Armor for your class

Lunatic Cultist Combat strategy

In this fight, there’s actually no need for a boss arena. Like many Hardmode bosses, the Lunatic Cultist is easily cheesable using the Black Spot mount. All you need to do is fly in one direction while firing the homing weapon, and there’s barely anything the boss can do to you.

You’ll outrun all of his attacks while constantly dealing damage to him. It’s only a matter of time before you beat him, so there’s not much preparation involved with it. Just be sure you’re ready to face the challenge that lies ahead.

Moon Lord

This is it. The biggest, grandest, and hardest boss of them all. It’s going to take a lot of preparation and skill to beat him, and I’m going to give you several different strategies to ensure that you have the greatest chance of success.

Like I mention in the Celestial Pillars guide below, the first thing you need to do is to figure out which pillar corresponds with your class. Beat that pillar first, and then make the weapon that goes with it.

The weapons you get from the pillars are going to be the ones you use to beat the Moon Lord, so be sure to get that and reforge it for maximum effectiveness.

Moon Lord Recommended gear

  • Rod of Discord
  • Vortex Beater, Daybreak, Stardust Dragon, or Nebula Blaze
  • Best armor for your class
  • Black Spot mount
  • Every applicable buff

Moon Lord Boss Arena

Since the Moon Lord is probably the most difficult boss, there are a ton of different arena setups you can use. These all depend on how many people are fighting the boss as well, since you can kind of cheese him with multiple people.

Some people prefer the method of running or flying in one direction, while others prefer to build dedicated arenas filled with lots of helpful items.

If you choose to go the arena method, make a massive bridge entirely out of Asphalt. This automatically makes you run insanely fast but takes a ton of time to create. The bridge will be more effective the longer it is, so just know that it can be a huge time suck.

Other arenas such as mine cart rails can help with getting around quickly, but you aren’t able to dodge his attacks as easily. My preference is to use the Black Spot and skip the arena altogether.

Moon Lord Combat strategy

Whether you choose to go with an arena or not, there’s one item that’ll instantly make the fight easier: the Rod of Discord. This rare item will let you teleport around the Moon Lord’s insane Phantasmal Death Ray, and you’ll need it if you want the best chance of survival.

The first phase of the fight is fairly easy, and the main threat is the Death Ray, which can be avoided by going over his head or by teleporting around it with the Rod of Discord.

Try to damage both hands at the same time, because defeating each hand will cause True Eyes of Cthulhu to come out, each of which have their own Death Rays. Damaging them at the same rate will ensure that you spend minimal time fighting one hand while an eye shoots lasers at you.

The second phase is where the Rod of Discord becomes a necessity. Whether you built a bridge or not, teleporting around the lasers is the best option. If multiple lasers come your way quickly, sometimes you need to take the damage hit from the Rod of Discord rather than risk getting hit with the deadly lasers.

Event Strategies

Before entering Hardmode, I recommend creating an event base. This base should have lava pits on either side, a bed, holes on the top and sides for offense, and life regeneration items.

A base like this is absolutely necessary to effectively defend against these attacks. No NPCs should be close to this base, or else they’ll be easily killed by the invading enemies.

The lava pits will help deal with them even if you don’t have decent weapons. Without them, you’ll struggle with any event especially early Hardmode.

Goblin Invasion


The Pre-Hardmode Goblin Invasion is honestly the easiest event in the game, but the goblins can still beat you up on Master Mode. For these guys it’s best to use some sort of weapon that can pierce through walls or take out many at the same time. Here are some good weapon choices:

  • Starfury
  • Vilethorn
  • Best bow you can get + Jester’s Arrows

For this strategy, simply sit in your house with the doors blocked off and keep firing your weapon until you take out a bunch of goblins. The only threat will be the Goblin Sorcerers, which you can destroy using your melee weapons.

It’s very slow, but it works 100% of the time. If you’ve managed to get higher tier armor, you could even make a hole at the top of your base and attack them from the top. Just watch out for the arrows they fire an you shouldn’t have that big of an issue.


While the Hardmode Goblin Army is nearly identical to the Pre-Hardmode version, there is one major enemy that makes this event extrmely difficult to complete if you’re early on in Hardmode.

The Globlin Summoner is a flying enemy that will spawn Shadowflame Apparitions that will fly after you. On Master Mode, this enemy is nearly impossible to kill if you’ve just entered Hardmode.

If you have The Black Spot mount, you can easily cheese the summoner and not have any issues with it. But, assuming you don’t have many good Hardmode weapons, here are the best ways to defeat the Goblin Summoner.

  • Dao of Pao – this weapon was buffed by a lot in Journey’s End, and should be a priority to get as soon as you enter Hardmode.
  • Skybridge – if you build one early, you can use this and Terraspark Boots to run away from the summoner while attacking it with a weapon.
  • Gravitation Potion – unless you have access to a good pair of wings or an infinite flight mount, this is your next best option. Just use a weapon you can control while flipping gravity.

Pirate Invasion

There are 2 main threats in this invasion: Pirate Captains and Flying Dutchmen. While the captains can be dealt with using a piercing weapon, they now spawn ghosts that fly through walls. Here are the things you’ll need to beat this invasion:

  • Flying Knife (extremely effective for the Flying Dutchman)
  • Lava trap base
  • Crystal Vile Shard
  • Any other Hardmode piercing weapon

Similar to other invasion strategies, you’ll be in your defense base most of the time. The lava pits will do most of the work, but you’ll have to watch or for the ghost that spawns after a Pirate Captain dies.

For this invasion in particular, it’s extremely helpful if you have actuators set to toggle the lava pits open and closed. This is needed for effectively farming Flying Dutchmen. When ones spawns, close the pits so that the event doesn’t progress when you fight him. After you beat it, open one single pit until the next pirate ship spawns.

Flying Dutchmen will only start to spawn after the event is 50% completed, so until that point you can farm the pirates using piercing weapons and lava pits.

If farming the Flying Dutchman isn’t your goal, you can simply finish the event as normal, and wait for the event to be nearly finished to beat the Flying Dutchman.

Solar Eclipse

With this invasion, there are 2 enemies that will give you trouble: Reapers and Mothrons. The Reapers are fairly easy to deal with, but Mothrons are absolutely insane on Master Mode. Here’s the recommended gear for this event:

  • Repeater (preferably Hallowed)
  • Ranged weapon such as an UZI
  • Piercing weapons
  • Trap base with an easy escape hatch
  • Ranged armor
  • Reaper Sickle
  • Black Spot mount (for Mothron)

Since the hardest part of this is definitely Mothron, you need to be prepared for when it spawns. This event is worth farming for Broken Hero Swords, which are only dropped by Mothron.

The best way to farm Mothron is to use the Black Spot mount along with ranged weapons. When it spawns, simply fly in one direction while shooting at it, and Mothron will go down pretty easily.

The only thing that might kill you during the Mothron fight is when you reach the end of the world. When that happens, either go up or down and quickly change your direction.

Martian Madness

Although the UFO boss can seem difficult, there’s an easy way to beat him and his alien minions that works pretty much every time. This invasion works almost the same way as other invasions, with aliens attacking in waves and the Martian Saucer appearing to make life harder for you.

There are good reasons to farm the Saucer, but the best drops you can get are the Cosmic Car Key and the Influx Waver. Dealing with the alien waves is best done by using lava traps, but there are new strategies needed to beat the Martian Saucer.

Here’s the gear you can use to beat the Martian Madness event:

  • Flying Knife
  • Daedalus Stormbow
  • Black Spot Mount
  • Flairon
  • Reaper Sickle

Martian Saucer

In Terraria 1.4, the the Martian Saucer’s death ray attack now goes through blocks. This eliminates the old cheese method we used to use, and now it makes the fight insanely hard.

For the first phase of the fight, stay in the cover of a room with small holes in the top, and doing so will protect you from the missiles while allowing you to hit back with a controllable or piercing weapon.

The second phase where the Saucer uses only the death ray is the hard part, but it’s easily doable by using the Black Spot mount. As soon as the second phase hits, fly out of the base and pick up speed with the mount. Hit the UFO with a ranged or homing weapon, and don’t allow it to ever go above you.

Celestial Pillars

Even though the Master Mode Lunar events are insanely hard, they don’t differ much from the Expert and Classic modes. The enemies do more damage and you need to defeat more of them, but the attacks are all the same.

Even though they haven’t changed, there are still some great ways to take out each of these events.

Before you start the pillars…

Determine which pillar you’re going to tackle first so that you can get yourself a powerful weapon to deal with the other pillars. Each pillar corresponds to one different class type:

  • Solar Pillar – Melee
  • Vortex Pillar – Ranged
  • Nebula Pillar – Magic
  • Stardust Pillar – Summoner

Once you have your first target figured out, destroy the tower and gather the fragments. Use the Ancient Manipulator dropped by the Lunatic Cultist and craft yourself a strong new weapon.

Solar Pillar

This is probably the hardest out of all the towers due to the Crawlipede, a large flying creature that’ll destroy you if you fly in the air. While you’re on the ground, you’re more vulnerable to attacks since you can’t dodge as well.

There is no easy way around it, you have to stay on the ground. If you really want to fly in the air, use a homing weapon such as the Possessed Hatchet to quickly defeat Crawlipedes. They do respawn rather quickly though, so always be aware of where they are.

Vortex Pillar

This one is actually a really easy pillar to defeat. If you have an infinite flight mount like the Black Spot or the Cosmic Car Key, simply fly high enough there the ground-based enemies can’t beat you and take out the flying ones as they come towards you.

Staying in the air above the pillar will allow you to bypass most of the annoying walking enemies, and will generally keep you safe for longer than the other pillars.

Nebula Pillar

While this one is another very hard pillar to complete, there’s no special trick to beating it. You can fly in the air with a mount, but there are still a lot of teleporting and flying enemies to deal with.

The best thing you can do here is to use some sort of homing weapon. The light will turn out sometimes, and the homing weapon can deal with the unseen enemies.

Stardust Pillar

The Stardust Pillar is by far the easiest one to complete. Using an infinite flight mount and a homing weapon, you should breeze through this insanely easily.

Once you’re done, you can craft the Stardust Dragon to aid you with both the other pillars and the Moon Lord.