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Can You Craft Ammo in Fallout 4?

Can You Craft Ammo in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 is an RPG shooter that’s set in a post-apocalyptic world. This means that weapons and ammunition are going to be scarcely available. So if you want to get some extra ammo then you’ll have to craft it yourself. In this guide, we’ll discuss whether you can craft ammo in Fallout 4.

Yes, you can craft ammo in Fallout 4 with the Contraptions Workshop DLC using the Ammunition Plant. Unfortunately, there is no way to craft ammunition in the base of Fallout 4.

It’s not obvious to a lot of players that you can use the contraptions workshop DLC to create and craft your ammunition. If you wanna learn more about how to do this then we suggest you keep reading this easy-peasy guide!

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How to Craft Ammo in Fallout 4?

How to Craft Ammo in Fallout 4
Player browsing through their ammo inventory

If you’re looking to craft your Ammo in Fallout 4 then you’ll need to build your Ammunition Plant. By building an Ammunition Plant you will be able to start producing your bullets. This will make you far less dependent on scavenging every nook and cranny of the Commonwealth for your supply.

Some players might find this unnecessary though. If you’re playing Fallout 4 on any difficulty lower than Survival Mode then you’ll find an abundance of bullets and will never have to think twice about them. That is other than the very beginning of the game.

But for players who like a challenge, and are playing in Survival Mode, being able to craft your bullets becomes essential. And you’ll find a lot of value in having the ability to produce your ammunition. And that too at your favorite Settlement.

Ammunition Plant

Fallout 4 - Inside an Ammunition Plant
Fallout 4- Inside an Ammunition Plant

First things first, you’ll need to ensure that your game has the Contraptions DLC purchased, downloaded, and installed on your gaming system. If you don’t have this DLC then you won’t be able to build your handy dandy Ammunition Plant. So make sure that you’ve got the necessary content available.

Now that you’re done with that, what else do you need? Essentially, building an Ammunition Plant is relatively simple. But if you’re the type to have big ambitions, you might just end up utilizing a lot of room to build yourself a full-blown factory. That is if you have the resources necessary to do so.

You can experiment with other structures, as you see fit, later on. After we’ve learned how to build the basic structure of the ammunition plant and the machinery that goes inside it.

  • Enter the Workbench View in Fallout 4
  • Navigate to the Power Option
  • Once you’ve selected the Power option head to Manufacturing > Machinery
  • Scroll down and Navigate to the Ammunition Plant
  • Make sure you have all the necessary materials and associated perks.
  • Click Build and start the construction of your Ammunition Plant.

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Requirements For the Ammunition Plant

Crafting Workbenches in Fallout 4
Crafting Workbenches in Fallout 4

If you’re confused about everything that you need to build the Ammunition Plant then let us help you break the necessary items and perks down. First, you’ll need to unlock two necessary perks. These are the Gun Nut Rank 1 and the Science Rank 1 perks respectively.

If you have all of these perks readily available to you then all you need is the materials to start construction. Refer to the table down below for all your material needs.

Ammunition Plant material requirements

The last thing we wish to ensure that you have is a sufficient amount of Power for this building and the machinery inside to run properly. For the Ammunition Plant and the machinery inside you will need a total of 9 Power.

You can do this through whatever method works best for you. Just remember that the minimum about of Power that you need is 9. I mean, you can always go overboard and get a Fusion Generator to give you 100 Power. However, surely that would be overkill.

Place your Generator, a Terminal, and a Switch close to your machinery and inside your Ammunition Plant. Finally, connect all the necessary wires, and voila! You’ve got yourself a fully functional Ammunition Plant.

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Additional Machinery

If you’re going to be building yourself an Ammunition Plant it cannot be so sparsely populated with machines. You will need several additional machinery and structures that can aid in both the production and storage of your bullets.

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt - Fallout 4
Conveyor Belt – Fallout 4

This highly depends on how complex the layout of your Ammunition Factory is that you want. But I believe that any production complex needs a useful Conveyor Belt to transport your Bullets from the Ammunition Plant to the Storage.

So to build a Conveyor Belt, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Workbench in Fallout 4
  • Browse to Power > Manufacturing > Miscellaneous
  • Scroll Down and Navigate to the Conveyor Belt building option.
  • If you have the necessary materials then you can simply start building.

Generally speaking, you’ll need a supply of Screws, Rubber, Gears, and obviously Steel to complete the building of your Conveyor Belt. Once that’s done you can now move your valuable bullets from your Ammunition Plant to your storage easily and simply.

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Conveyor Storage

Conveyor Storage - Fallout 4
Conveyor Storage – Fallout 4

For the storage of your bullets, you will need a Conveyor Storage. This Conveyor Storage will let you hold all of the bullets that your Ammunition Plant Produces. You can use the Conveyor Belt that we mentioned earlier to connect this storage to the Ammunition Plant directly.

To Build a Conveyor Storage follow these steps:

  • Go to your WorkBench in Fallout 4
  • Browse to Power > Manufacturing > Miscellaneous
  • Scroll Down and Navigate to the Conveyor Belt Building Option
  • You will need Steel x 8, Rubber x 2, Gear x 1, and Screw x 1 to construct the Conveyor Storage
  • Simply select build after.

Once you have all the pieces of your Ammunition Plant, Conveyor Belts and Conveyor Storage just hook them together and connect them to your Power Terminal. You will not be able to safely and securely craft large amounts of ammunition for yourself. And will have a ready supply for future use.

And that’s how you can craft ammo in Fallout 4. Let us know if you’ve got any more questions regarding this process. We’d be happy to clear up any further queries you might have regarding the whacky, mysterious and creative world of Fallout 4.