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Does The Forest Have Crossplay?

Does The Forest Have Crossplay?

The Forest has quickly become one of the most popular titles recently. This success is owed to its unique gameplay, world design, and ability to play cooperatively with other people. With multiplayer being such a massive feature, The obvious question is whether The Forest has crossplay.

No, The Forest does not have crossplay. You are restricted to playing only with other players that share your platform.


With modern gaming so confusing. It can be difficult to gauge how a game’s mechanics operate. This is where I come in, and explain or provide additional information about such unique systems. If you wish to learn more about The Forest and its lack of a crossplay function. Read on!

Is The Forest Cross Platform?

Promotional Image - The Forest
Promotional Image – The Forest

Unfortunately, a great game like The Forest is not crossplay. The game directly restricts you from playing with other players of a different platform than yours. This means that if you play through your PC, you cannot play with a friend who is on their PlayStation 4.

The reason why this is so upsetting is that The Forest is a truly immaculate game when played in co-op. Not all of your friends are going to own the same system as you are, and this can make working together to complete challenges very difficult.

But what is Cross-platform? Essentially, it is a simple in-game mechanic that lets you play with other players regardless of which console or format they’re using. This is done through the use of singular servers, rather than creating smaller more unique servers to play.


Through cross-platform, the game’s overall player count might remain the same. But the opportunities to engage with the rest of the community. And interaction in multiplayer vastly increases. It has become an essential mechanic in most games, and it is upsetting that The Forest misses out on it.

Does the Forest have Cross Progression?

Defeating Enemies - The Forest
Defeating Enemies – The Forest

Another important facet of cross-platform games is their ability to navigate and save files and data from one platform to another. This feature of a cross-play title is known as cross-progression. It essentially means that if you’re playing The Forest on Xbox, when you buy it for your PC, all your saved data will be retained in the format system.

However, this is not the case for The Forest, on top of not containing the ability to play cross-play. The Forest also does not contain cross-progression features. This means there is no way to transfer your saves across the various formats. And you will have to begin new progressions each time.

Will the Forest Ever Have Crossplay?

Currently, the answer to that question is a resounding “No!” There does not seem to be any discussion, posts, or announcements from the development team or production house for The Forest about adding Cross-play.

Nonetheless, I am hopeful, however, that they might recognize the popularity of the game. And consider adding the feature in a later release.

It’s upsetting to hear, but the Forest is not cross-play. This complicates a lot of useful features and means that your players cannot enjoy the ease of cross-progression either, with no plans from the development team to add the feature in a patch later.

The idea that cross-play might ever come to the Forest seems bleak.