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How To Respec Passives in Last Epoch

How To Respec Passives in Last Epoch

Last Epoch will constantly bombard you with items and skills that will make you question your build choice. The good thing about this game is it is that it is extremely fluid with its systems. Last Epoch lets you respec your Passives on the fly. This allows you to explore the game’s extensive build crafting side freely.


However, this mechanic has some limitations and nuances to keep in mind. For this reason, we have curated this detailed respec passives guide for the Last Epoch to answer all your respeccing queries.

Where to Repsec Passives in Last Epoch

Chronomancer Lerinne - Repsec Passives in Last Epoch

To respec Passives, you need to locate a special NPC. The doesn’t allow you to do it from within the menus like Skills and Specializations. You can find these NPCs in many locations, but you need to be aware of their marker icon. The icon will be visible on the map and over the NPC’s head.

Their icon is a purple head with a brain in it. You can see one in the picture above. You can find one in The End of Time called Chronomancer Lerinne.

Interacting with the NPC will give you the option “Respecialize Mastery Point Allocation”. Select it, and it will open up the Passives menu, and now you can begin respeccing.

Respeccing Passives

Before we tell you how to respec passives in Last Epoch, you must know of a few rules of the system.

Sentinel Passives respec

You can not start removing points on a whim. Your previous point allocations have to be accounted for before you begin shuffling points around. If you have selected your Mastery, such as in our case Paladin, then we need to always have 20 points inside Sentinel’s Passives.

So, if you want to take out an allocated point, you need to first invest one beforehand so that once you remove the point, the total will always remain above 20. The levels will differ depending on your mastery and build choices.

Remember to ideally respec from the right side of the tree to the left, as you may get stuck trying to remove a point from the mid-tree only to realize it’s a prerequisite to another passive at a higher tier.

You need to first clear the points of the higher their and then target the mid-section. This is only applicable to passives that are dependent on each other.

Gold for respec

Additionally, higher passive tiers are unlocked as you invest points in the mastery tree. It usually goes like 5, 10, 15, 20 points to unlock tiers.

You must always have the required number of points in the previous tiers. For example, if you want to remove points from the first tier of the Paladin below 5 points when you have already points invested in the second tier, the game won’t let you do that.

You will have to first reinvest in the first tier to keep the number above 5 and then remove the point.

You just need Gold to respec. The price of each respec will go up with every point removed but even then it is pretty cheap to do.

Repeccing Passives is relatively easy in Last Epoch. Nevertheless, you need to know the order in which you can respec. You can not start picking off points from every part of the tree.

You have to follow some ground rules for it to work. All of this prerequisite understanding is there to prevent game-breaking issues if you end up removing points from crucial and foundational parts of the tree.