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How Do You Use Schematics in PUBG?

How Do You Use Schematics in PUBG?

Schematics are a part of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, but many players are unaware of what they are or how to use them. 

There are so many items in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, but you can’t use most of them if you do not have the knowledge of how and when to use them. For example, Schematics are obtained by completing missions and opening chests, yet a few people know the purpose they exist.

Schematics are an item you can find in the game along with Polymers that can be used to upgrade a weapon permanently. Usually, schematics are used to obtain weapon skins or materials for upgradeable weapon skins.

In this blog, you will learn what schematics are, where you can find them, and how you can use them. It will also help you to use them to the best of your advantage.

What is the PUBG Schematics system?

Since the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the game has become immensely popular, with millions of players around the world. One of the key features that make PUBG so addictive is the scavenge and loot system, which encourages players to explore the map and search for valuable items. 

The PUBG Schematics system is a new feature in the game that allows players to see a detailed breakdown of how weapons and items are created and upgraded, respectively.

However, keep in mind that to use schematics, you will have to get lucky enough to obtain an upgradeable weapon skin by opening various crates depending on the season and availability.

This includes a list of all the parts that make up the item, as well as the blueprint for how to put those crafts together. 

You can access this “Weapon Skin Upgrade System” through the game’s main menu and use it to create your own custom weapons and items as well. (custom crafting is not currently available but is coming soon in the future updates)

How To Use Schematics in PUBG?

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There are a few different ways that you can use schematics in PUBG. 

The most common way is to use them as a resource to craft and upgrade weapon skins, assuming you have an upgradeable skin and enough polymers beforehand. For example, you can use schematics and polymers to craft and upgrade a Groza-1A  gun skin.

If, however, you have a schematic you don’t need, you will not be able to trade it with another player or use it unless you have an upgradeable weapon skin.

Are Schematics Worth It in PUBG?

There’s no doubt that schematics can be extremely helpful in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as they are a crucial element for progressing and upgrading weapon skins obtained from Contraband Crates.

However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you start spending your hard-earned cash on schematics. 

  • First, they’re not always 100% applicable and hard to obtain. The weapon upgrade system is extremely expensive unless you are lucky.
  • Second, even if a schematic is obtained for one of your upgradeable items, it’s only going to be helpful if you know you have enough other items for the upgrade, like polymers. A schematic alone doesn’t do you much good if you do not have them.

So, are schematics worth it in PUBG? It depends. They can be a valuable asset if you’re confident in your ability to obtain additional items and use them. But if you’re not sure, you might be better off spending your money elsewhere.

Where To Use and Obtain Schematics?

There are a few different ways that you can obtain schematics in PUBG. The first way is to purchase them from the in-game store. 

You can also find schematics as random loot drops from enemies, or by searching for them in crates and supply drops. Finally, you can also earn schematics by completing certain challenges and achievements.

You can use these schematics in the weapon upgrades section and as Polymers to upgrade your skins once you have enough materials in your inventory.

Are Schematics Rare To Obtain?

While schematics are not necessarily rare, they can be difficult to obtain, depending on the game mode and server. 

Rare Schematics are also more likely to be found on servers with a lower population, however, there is no official statement regarding this, it is only seen in the current trends among players. 

Ultimately, whether or not schematics are rare to obtain in PUBG depends on a number of factors.

Conclusion: Schematics In PUBG

Schematics in PUBG are required for players to be able to upgrade their weapon skins. If you have collected enough Polymer materials and Schematics, you can craft your upgradeable weapon and upgrade its skin to the next level.

While the schematics are not absolutely necessary, they can certainly give players an advantage over those who do not have access to them.

We hope this article helped you find the answer, keep coming back for more.