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How To Beat The Armored Spider in Demon’s Souls

How To Beat The Armored Spider in Demon’s Souls

Born in the darkness of the demonic plague is the Armor Spider, the fourth boss in Demon’s Souls. Fighting against this colossal spider is no easy feat especially if you fail to understand what you are getting yourself into. If only there was a guide on how to easily beat the Armor Spider in Demon’s Souls.


Do not fret, as we have gone to the trouble of putting together this handy guide on how you can take this creepy crawler out.

Fighting Armor Spider

Fighting Armor Spider

The Armor Spider resides in Smithing Grounds in Demon’s Souls. Behind the fog gate is a passage that leads directly to the arena, where you will face her. The sheer size of the boss might be intimidating, but her attacks can be parried or blocked if timed right.

You can pick the playstyle of your choice, but still, there are some things that you should bear in mind:

  • A shield will make this fight a hell of a lot easier preferably one with Fire Resistance.
  • Do not try to run away from it because the only way is towards the tunnel from where you came, and it will act as a deathtrap for you.
  • The Armor Spider has no particular weakness but it is immune to Plague, Poison, and Bleed status effects.
  • Do not stand directly below her or you will get smashed.


The fight only consists of a single phase so the moveset remains the same throughout the fight. The attacks are not as punishing as some other bosses, so you can take your time learning the pattern.

You will fight Armor Spider early on in the game so the moveset is not as extensive as some other bosses. Here are the attacks that you can expect:

  • Leg Swipe: The most commonly used attack. She will use both of her legs and will swipe outwards.
  • Reaction: Either dodge roll forward or block using a shield.
  • Leg Slam: She will raise both of her legs and slam them on the ground.
  • Reaction: There is a small space between both of here when she slams them on the ground. Find that space and stand there.
  • Fireball: She will shoot fireballs out of her mouth dealing fire damage. She can shoot a single or three fireballs at once.
  • Reaction: You can either block with your shield if it has fire resistance or you can dodge the fireballs by rolling to either side.
  • Web-Shot: Armor Spider will shoot out web that will deal minimal amounts of damage while slowing you down.
  • Reaction: Blocking will not help so roll to either side to dodge the attack.
  • Cobweb: The boss will shoot a cobweb at the entrance of the tunnel, restricting you from going further back.
  • Reaction: Stay away from it and avoid contact.
  • Oil Spill Inferno: Spider will spew oil out of her mouth, covering the entirety of the arena, and will set it on fire.
  • Reaction: Run to the very start of the tunnel as soon as she opens her mouth to shoot the oil.


The Armor Spider in Demon’s Souls is going to put up a fight. Based on the kind of build you are currently using, things can get easier or tricker for you. If you use a melee build, taking her down is going a bit longer.

The first order of the business is to get close to her while avoiding all of the fireballs and webs. Once you are close enough to its tail, get ready for a swipe attack. You can easily block that with your shield.

Between every attack, there is a small window where you can attack its tail to deal some damage. The tip is to stay perfectly centered in front of its tail. That’s where you will be safe from the slam attack.

Block and attack. Block and attack. Keep at it, and you will eventually whittle down her health. The only time you have to run away is when she will do her Oil Spill attack. The only place that is safe from its effects is the start of the tunnel. Run as fast as you can before she sets the whole arena on fire.

Things are a bit easier if you have more ranged attacks in your arsenal. You can stay near the opening of the tunnel and keep shooting from there. Block any projectile that comes your way, and after that, go back to attacking.

The battle might prolong based on how powerful your attacks are but eventually, she will be eviscerated.  

How to Cheese Armor Spider in Demon’s Souls

There is a cheese strategy that you can use to kill the Armor Spider without breaking a sweat. For this to work, it is crucial that you are running a magic build with ranged spells.

image 44

If you look closely, there are two wooden beams near the opening of the tunnel. There is an alcove just behind those wooden beams. As soon as the fight starts, run towards the alcove and stay there for the rest of the battle.

Keep shooting at the Armor Spider from there. None of her physical attacks will reach you nor will her fireballs. The only thing that can do some sort of damage is the web attack.

They deal minimal damage, and you can take the hit without any problem. Run away when she does the Oil Spill attack. Once it is done, run back immediately.

Rewards For Defeating Armor Spider in Demon’s Souls

You will get the following rewards for defeating the Armor Spider in Demon’s Souls:

  • 1 Hard Demon’s Soul
  • 5950x Souls
  • Body Form Restored
  • +45% White World Tendency