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How To Beat The Tower Knight in Demon’s Souls

How To Beat The Tower Knight in Demon’s Souls

As you progress through the game, you will face the Tower Knight, the third Archstone boss in Demon’s Souls. This giant knight is going to put up quite the fight along with the supporting archers surrounding the arena. Coming out on the top is going to require sound planning and some strategically placed shots.


The primary goal of this guide is to arm you with the right knowledge to easily defeat this boss. So, let’s get cooking!

Fighting Tower Knight in Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls Tower Knight

The Tower Knight in Demon’s Souls is literally towering over you with his giant stature. If that was not enough, he also has a small army of archers raining arrows on you from the sidelines.

The boss is armed with a spear and an indestructible shield, both of which he is going to use to their fullest extent. While the strategy to fight him is largely going to depend on the kind of build you are running, there are a few pieces of information that are going to help you regardless.

  • Tower Knight has two weak points; head and ankles.
  • He is also weak against poison and plague so you can get Mercury Weapon or Poison Cloud (for Poison) or Baby’s Nail and Death Cloud (for Plague).
  • Although his body is covered with armor, if you deal enough damage, the armor breaks away and the real body is exposed.


Tower Knight’s range of attacks is fairly basic, with the exception of one. Let’s have a deeper look at everything you should expect from this boss.

  • Shield Slam: He will use his shield and slam in on the ground either vertically or horizontally. Both of the attacks will cause an AoE effect.
  • Reaction: Between raising the shield and slamming it on the ground, you will have enough window to move away from the effective range.
  • Boot Stomp: If you hang around his feet long enough, he will start stomping on the ground, which will create a similar AoE as the other attack.
  • Reaction: Move away from the effective range by dodging or rolling.
  • Spear Attack: This is a generic poke attack using the spear. This usually comes if you are at a distance from Tower Knight.
  • Reaction: Roll to either left or right to avoid the attack.
  • Soul Arrow: If you move out of the range of the spear, Tower Knight will launch a Soul Arrow in your direction. Taking a hit from one of these will deal massive amounts of damage.
  • Reaction: Hide behind an obstacle and avoid a direct hit.


The best way to approach this battle is to first take care of all the minions and then move toward the main boss. As soon as you enter the arena, run around the Tower Knight and up the stairs to either side.

Each of the enemies is going to take no more than two hits before they go down. You can do a full 360 runaround of the balcony to clear out every last one of them.

Once the distractions are dealt with, it is time to deal with the main threat. You have two options at this point. If your build is magic-focused and you use a lot of ranged spells, it is best to stay on the balcony and launch attacks from there.

Ever so often there is going to come a Soul Arrow flying at you. Hide behind a pillar and you are safe from the damage. You should find a spot where you have the room to chuck attacks and also enough cover to avoid any direct hits. Aim your attacks on its head and be patient.

Demon's Souls Tower Knight
Strike the Knight’s Ankles

If you are running a melee build, then after you have cleared the pack of archers, wait for the Knight to shoot an arrow at you, and the moment it is done, run down the stairs, straight towards its ankles, and start attacking them like a madman.

Avoid all the shield stomps and stick close to its body. Eventually, he is going to weaken to the point where he will flop on the ground. Don’t get crushed under his body. This is your opportunity to launch a full-blow attack aimed at his head.

From this point, it is not going to take long to finish this giant knight.

Rewards for Defeating The Tower Knight

Aside from the much-needed confidence boost, here is what you get for defeating the Tower Knight in Demon’s Souls:

  • Iron Demon’s Soul
  • 8570x Souls
  • Body Form Restored
  • +30% White World Tendency

Another one bites the dust. Paying attention to the attack pattern is the key to winning a battle, especially in Demon’s Souls. Take care of the distractions, and the rest of it will come tumbling after.