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How To Beat Folding Screen Monkeys in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

How To Beat Folding Screen Monkeys in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Would we still call them a boss if they just ran away instead of fighting you? Well, The Folding Screen Monkeys in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice sure are another boss standing in between you and your destiny. Taking these monkeys down can be a hassle if you run after them blindly.


There is a trick to ending this fight without ever getting yourself into the cat and mouse or, in this case, monkeys and a ninja pursuit. Follow along with this guide to learn more about the Folding Screen Monkeys in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Fighting Folding Screen Monkeys

Wolf Standing Infront of the Four Folding Screens

The fight against the Folding Screen Monkeys is not much of a fight. Depending on how you go about it, either it will be a chase and kill or a sneak attack. You will find these monkeys in the Illusion Realm and every monkey is linked to a Japanese legend.

All of the four monkeys have a special ability that is linked to the part of the legend they pointing towards. The whole fight is inspired by the legend “Three Wise Monkeys”. Each monkey signifies a principle. Here is what each of the colored monkeys means:

  • Purple Monkey is the “See No Evil” monkey. This one has great eyesight and can even spot you from a long distance. You can barely sneak up on this one and it will still catch you.
  • Green Monkey is the “Hear No Evil” monkey. As you can guess, this one has great hearing capabilities. You have to be very silent if you don’t want to alarm it.
  • Orange Monkey is the “Speak No Evil” monkey. If it manages to spot you before you deal the death blow, it will sound an alarm to alert all the other monkeys.
  • White Monkey is the “Do No Evil” monkey. Its only power is that it is invisible.

You are also given the Illusive Hall Bell. If you mess things up and can not find a monkey, you can ring the bell, and both the monkey and Wolf will return to their starting places. The last thing you must do before this fight is bring Gachiin’s Sugar. Without this item, catching the monkeys is going to be 10 time harder.

Phase 1

Purple Folding Screen Monkey in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

After the cutscene, you will need to chase and kill each of the four monkeys. They have a combined health bar with each one carrying 25% of the total health. Here is how you can kill each monkey.

First Monkey (Invisible)

As soon as the fight starts, don’t move. Turn around, and take a few steps near the bells on the ground. Now start slashing. There you will find the first monkey, the Invisible White-Robed monkey. Kill him and move on towards the next target.

Second Monkey (Green)

Now use your Grapple Hook and get on top of the left building. Use Gachiin’s Sugar to conceal your presence. Slow walk towards the giant tree in the center. You have to be quick now if you want to catch the green monkey.

Walk over to the ledge and use a grapple to get to the tree. Immediately sprint to catch and kill the green-robed monkey.

Third Monkey (Red)

If all goes well and you are not spotted yet, the red-robed monkey should be on the building to your right. Grapple to the building in the center. If you spot the red monkey, slowly walk toward him. He might move away from you but don’t run.

Keep sneaking up on him until he stops. That’s your moment to deal the final blow.

Fourth Monkey (Purple)

You cannot sneak up on the purple monkey no matter what you do. He will eventually spot you and run away. Use Gachiin’s Sugar once again and slowly keep following the monkey into a dark attic. It is pitch black and the monkey cannot see you.

It will stop there for a second and that’s when you need to catch him and end the fight once and for all.


None of the four Folding Screen Monkeys will attack you. They just run away and catching them is a bigger challenge. Other than that, there is only one trick that they will use against you:

  • Monkey Apparition: The Blue Monkey (Shizaru) and the Purple Monkey (Mizaru) can summon wild ghost monkeys. They will follow you and attack you.
    • Reaction: They are not powerful at all. You can either ignore them or take them down with a couple of blows. They will also not spawn if you go undetected by both of the above-mentioned monkeys.

How to Cheese Folding Screen Monkeys in Sekiro

Wolf and Purple Monkey Facing Off

There is no particular way to cheese the Folding Monkeys in Sekrio. You just have to sneak up on using Gachiin’s Sugar, and if you feel like the chase is going on forever, just ring the bell, and the monkeys will return to their original locations.

Rewards For Defeating Folding Screen Monkeys

Final Moments of the Purple Monkey

Catching and killing the four Folding Screen Monkeys in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice will get you the following rewards:

  • Memory: Screen Monkeys
  • Puppeteer Ninjutsu
  • 3000 XP