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How To Beat Lady Butterfly in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

How To Beat Lady Butterfly in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Taking your sensei on in a real battle after sparring with them your entire childhood sure brings back memories. Lady Butterfly is another story boss in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Considering the fact she taught you a lot of what you know today, you can get your ass handed to you if you are not careful.


Winning this battle is necessary to advance in the story and we are here to make sure you are armed to the teeth with the right knowledge and are easily able to defeat Lady Butterfly in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Fighting Lady Butterfly

Lady Butterfly in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Lady Butterfly surely is a fitting name for this boss. Even though she is quite advanced in years, her agility and range of movements are second to none. She has aged like fine wine would be an appropriate statement for the situation.

She tends to jump around a lot through the fight and her perilous attacks are capable of ending the battle with a single blow. Even though she is one of the earlier bosses in the game, the skills needed to take her down are far more than you would imagine.

She will keep you on your toes throughout the fight. It is not going to be easy to break her posture as compared to the previous bosses you have fought. She can recover any damage to her posture rather quickly. It is only when her vitality takes a hit, the posture recovery becomes slow.

Here are a couple more things you should take into account before fighting the Lady Butterfly in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice:

  • Shurikens are a must if you want to counter her aerial attacks.
  • Never attack her three times back to back. She will stun-lock you. Attack twice then step back.
  • She can use the illusion technique and summon soldiers. Use Snap Seed to counter the attack.
  • Use Pillars present in the arena to your advantage and avoid her attacks.

Phase 1

Lady Butterfly in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

The fight initiates with a cut scene where both Wolf and Lady Butterfly reminisce about the time they spent training together but the show must go on. She will immediately dash toward you or do a ranged attack that you can deflect with proper timing.

Notice that after every dash, combo, and landing after the aerial attack, she takes time to recover. That’s the opportunity that you need to capitalize on. Run towards her, attack her twice, and run back. The mechanic of the fight allows her to perfectly counter your third strike, which will most likely stun-lock you.

Two is the sweet spot. Unlike the previous fights where you are focused on breaking the posture of the boss, this one will not be that easy. First deal some damage and bring down her HP. That will slow down her Posture recovery. After that start building her posture meter.

The progress will be slow but sure. Her Aerial attacks are the worst. They cannot be blocked and deal an insane amount of damage. She will first jump in the air, throw a shuriken at you, then finally lock onto you, and launch herself towards you to do a grab attack.

This is the most troublesome attack to deal with. You can counter it in two ways. As soon as she jumps up, throw a shuriken at her to drop her back to the ground. The other thing you can do is dodge to either side when she launches herself at you.

You can also use the pillar as your savior from this attack. When she jumps in the air, runs around the pillar, and comes out as soon as she jumps down. Otherwise, she is quick enough to zap toward you and punish your hiding tactic.

The rest of the fight is going to be you countering her attacks to build up her posture meter. As soon as it is filled up, it is time to deal the first death blow.


Here are all the attacks that you should be looking out for during the first half of the fight:

  • Kunai Throw: Kunias and Shuriken are the shinobi’s greatest weapons and Lady Butterfly makes full use of them throughout the battle.
    • Reaction: This can easily be deflected with perfect timing.
  • Aerial Attack (Grab): Lady Butterfly will jump into the air and land on the rafters. She will then dash towards you and do a grab attack.
    • Reaction: Throw a Shuriken at her as soon as she jumps in the air to knock her down. If you miss the opportunity, dodge to either side when she comes to grab you. When she lands on the ground, run towards her and attack her because she takes time to recover.
  • Sweep Attack: She will use a Kanji to do a sweep attack. This attack has a medium to short range and does not work on long range.
    • Reaction: She will come close while spinning her Kanji. Jump in the air as soon as she comes close. You can also hit her head in exchange for a lot of posture damage.

Phase 2

Lady Butterfly

The second phase of the fight is quite similar to the first phase with a few exceptions. After the first death blow, she will be knocked out and will vanish. She will reappear again at the center of the arena. Her movements largely remain the same with added aggression.

This time around she will snap her fingers and use the illusion technique. She will summon soldiers to aid her in the battle. You can either use the Snap Seed to get rid of them or you can round around the battlefield for a little bit until they disappear.

Ignore the soldiers and keep your focus on the Lady. Follow the same strategy that you did in the first phase and you will surely come out on top.


There is only a single attack that she does differently during the second phase.

  • Illusion: The Lady Butterfly will summon soldiers and quite a few of them to help her in the fight.
    • Reaction: Use Snap Seed to get rid of them or wait until they vanish themselves.

How to Cheese Lady Butterfly in Skeiro Shadows Die Twice

Lady Butterfly in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice can give you a hard time. If you are not into the hardcore battle style of gaming, there is a fun little exploit to easily take her down.

Arrow Pointing Towards Back Right Corner (Cheese Spot)

As soon as the battle starts, run to the right corner, behind the Lady Butterfly (marked with the arrow). Tuck yourself nicely in there. If she throws Kunia at you, deflect them, and wait there. Eventually, she will come near you.

Once she is right up in your face, jump up and forward. This will trap her into the corner. Now start spamming her with attacks. She will not have a chance to dodge or even hit you back. Keep at it until her posture meter fills up.

During the second phase, deal with her minions first. Once they’re dealt with, lure her into the corner once again and repeat the process. This is how you can cheese Lady Butterfly in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Rewards For Defeating Lady Butterfly

Final Blow to Lady Butterfly in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Defeating Lady Butterfly, your former master, will net you the following rewards:

  • Memory: Lady Butterfly
  • Sakura Droplet
  • 1500 XP