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How to Change your Name in PUBG: Battlegrounds

How to Change your Name in PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG has lost a chunk of its PC player base, but that doesn’t indicate a hit in the Battle Royale’s quality. What made PUBG popular still exists today and to be fair, PUBG is still one the best Battle Royale game’s out there. As a lot of new players have started playing PUBG recently, many of them have been wondering just how does one change their name in this game? 

You can change your name in PUBG: Battlegrounds by purchasing a Name Change Card for 9.99 USD on PC or 180 UC on Mobile in the Items Tab. Select the card in your inventory and change your name.

It’s pretty simple to change your name on PUBG PC or Mobile, but you’ll need some cash in either scenario. So, let’s get down to it

How to Change Your Name on PUBG PC

While pretty straightforward, you’ll have to fork over some cash. Players need to acquire a Nickname Change Card to be able to change their name on the PC variant of PUBG. The card costs a pretty penny for a meager name Change. You’ll have to spend 9.99 USD.

How to Change your Name in PUBG: Battlegrounds
  • Navigate to the Store Tab and head on over to the Items Section. 
  • Once you’re there, you’ll find an Others option. Click it and you’ll find yourself in a section containing the  Nickname Change Card.
  • Pay the 9.99 USD and purchase the card.
  • Once you’ve acquired the card, head over to the Customize section found on the Main Menu and go under the Utility Tab.
  • Navigate to the etc option and acquire the Nickname Change Card.
  • Keep in mind, it’s a one-time use card, and to change your name again, you’ll have to acquire another.

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How to Change your Name in PUBG Mobile

Name Change Card in PUBG
  • Much like the PC edition of PUBG, players need to acquire a Name Change Card but you can obtain the card using several methods.
  • You get a Name Change Card for free with either the free or paid version of the Royale Pass. Players have reported Name Change Card drops via the daily login bonus too.
  • You can purchase a Name Change Card for 180 UC. You can buy 300 UC for 4.99 USD.


So, that pretty much sums it up on how to change your name in PUBG: Battlegrounds. Microtransactions are the new norm and it wouldn’t hurt to change your username for free. We’ve always got some game-changing guides lined up. So, make sure to check us out.