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How To Beat Laxasia The Complete in Lies of P?

How To Beat Laxasia The Complete in Lies of P?

Laxasia The Complete is Simon Manus’s right-hand woman in Lies of P and the final obstacle stopping you from reaching Sophia’s chambers. This is a rather difficult boss fight and will require a lot of composure and getting used to her fast-paced attacks.

To defeat Laxasia, the Complete in Lies of P, master Perfect Guards and Parries as prerequisites. Firstly in Phase 1, avoid her electric-infused attacks and summon a Specter for distraction. In Phase 2, exploit her weakness to Acid damage, use the Aegis Shield Arm, and attack conservatively.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the encounter into two phases and provide detailed strategies for each, helping you emerge victorious in the battle against Laxasia!

Phase 1

Laxasia The Complete

In the initial phase, Laxasia dons a hulking suit of armor, wielding a giant sword with deadly precision. Engaging her demands a blend of offensive strikes and defensive maneuvers.

Perfect Guards and Parries

The cornerstone of success in this battle lies in mastering Perfect Guards and Parries. Laxasia’s attacks are swift and lethal, making it crucial to time your defenses accurately.

  • Laxasia may initiate a slow, three-hit combo with her sword. Perfectly guarding or evading each strike is essential.
  • Watch for the charging of her sword with lightning; this signals a powerful attack. Dodge away to avoid the ensuing explosions.

Tactical Approaches

  1. Summon a Specter: Prior to the battle, use a Star Fragment to summon a Specter. This ethereal ally serves as a valuable distraction, creating openings for your attacks.
  2. Distance Management: Maintain a safe distance and observe Laxasia’s movements. Utilize throwables during openings to chip away at her health.
  3. Aegis Legion Arm: Incorporate the Aegis Legion Arm strategically. Its defensive capabilities can provide valuable protection during intense moments.

As the battle commenced, I strategically engaged Laxasia in bursts, treating her hulking, armored form as a formidable threat. Perfecting my timing on Perfect Guards and Parries became crucial.


Moreover, I summoned a Specter, a helpful distraction aiding me in seizing critical attack windows during this intense phase.

Move List

AttackDescriptionHow to Beat
Jumping StrikeLeaps and strikes downwardPerfect Guard when descending
Electric SwingSwings sword imbued with electricityDodge forward and avoid explosion spots
Kick and ThrustClose-range kick followed by a sword thrustSidestep to evade both attacks
Lunging StabSwings lightning-imbued sword around the bodyBlock or dodge
Advancing UppercutsSweeping sword swings from side to sideRetreat until combo finishes
Shocking LineDrags sword, charging ground with electricityAvoid affected spots or wait out aftershocks
Spinning ElectricitySwings lightning-imbued sword around bodyRetreat until the combo finishes

Successfully navigating these moves will lead to the conclusion of Phase 1, marking the transition to the next, more challenging stage of the battle.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, Laxasia sheds her armor, intensifying her attacks with elemental lightning. The battlefield becomes more treacherous, requiring heightened awareness and adaptability.

Lightning-infused Attacks

The elemental onslaught demands precision and swift responses. Perfect Guards and strategic positioning are paramount.

  • Laxasia’s aerial attacks are unpredictable; learn the cues for effective evasion or blocking.
  • Staggering Laxasia opens a window for a Fatal Attack, but timing is crucial.

Tactical Approaches

Upon stripping Laxasia of her armor in Phase 2, I confronted an even more formidable adversary. This time, lightning-infused attacks became the norm, demanding swift responses and precise defenses. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  1. Acid Damage: Exploit Laxasia’s weakness to Acid damage. Acidic weapons and throwables can significantly amplify your damage output.
  2. Aegis Shield Arm: Continue leveraging the Aegis Shield Arm for reliable parries and substantial damage.
  3. Conservative Attacks: Attack conservatively and capitalize on distraction opportunities, especially when Laxasia is engaged with the Specter or distracted by environmental factors.

Additionally, I exploited her vulnerability to Acid damage, used the Aegis Shield Arm strategically, and engaged in conservative attacks to eventually stagger Laxasia.

Move List

AttackDescriptionHow to Beat
Electric DashSwift movement with explosive aftermathFollow her path, delay movements to avoid explosions
Ranged Lightning StrikesShoots lightning blasts from the skyDodge away and counterattack
Storm CloudCloud formation with targeted lightning burstsDodge or sidestep targeted bursts
Lightning BlastCharges up and releases a wave of electricityMove away to avoid the wide-reaching attack


My perseverance paid off as I emerged victorious. Upon vanquishing Laxasia, the Complete, your hard-fought victory will be rewarded with the following;

  • Sad Zealot’s Ergo
  • A substantial amount of normal Ergo.

These rewards serve as a testament to your skill and perseverance in overcoming one of Lies of P’s most formidable adversaries.

In conclusion, defeating Laxasia is a monumental achievement in Lies of P, requiring a blend of skill, strategy, and adaptability. By mastering Perfect Guards, exploiting weaknesses, and employing tactical approaches, you can emerge victorious and progress further into the captivating world of Lies of P.