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How to Beat the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P

How to Beat the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P

Lies of P is an exhilarating experience, filled with challenging boss fights that put your skills to the test. One of the most formidable adversaries I encountered in Lies of P was the Nameless Puppet, an optional final boss of the game.

To conquer the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P, hone your defensive skills with perfect blocks and dodges. Equip defensive Legion Arms like Aegis, and focus on swift weapons and sturdy armor. In Phase 1, counter its fast slashes, while in Phase 2, watch for intensified attacks. Use shock damage, and prioritize parrying.


In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the intricate phases of the battle and provide strategies to overcome the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P.

Phase 1

The Nameless Puppet, a reanimated corpse manipulated by Geppetto, mirrors the agility of the King of Puppets, Romeo. Stepping into the first phase, I focused on perfecting my defensive skills.

Nameless Puppet

With the Nameless Puppet’s swift sword attacks, my key to survival was consistent blocking and well-timed dodges. In the initial phase, familiarize yourself with its attacks:

Basic Strategies

  • Defensive Legion Arm: Utilize the Aegis Legion Arm for effective defense against the Puppet’s onslaught.
  • Swift Weapons: Equip faster weapons for better agility during combat.
  • Perfect Blocking: Master the art of perfect blocking to minimize damage.

Stepping into the first phase, I focused on perfecting my defensive skills. With the Nameless Puppet’s swift sword attacks, my key to survival was consistent blocking and well-timed dodges.

Nameless Puppet Moveset

Understanding the Puppet’s attack patterns is crucial. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its Phase One attacks:

Attack ComboWind-Up Tells & DescriptionSuggested Counters
Bash-And-SlashShoulder Bash; short jump distance before hitSprint away and backward dodge before struck
Powerful SlashHorizontal slash from ground to chest heightDodge or Perfect Guard; attack after
Spinning FurySpinning Slash; large windupDodge backward once
Dancing SlashesStandard Slash; hop forwardDodge backward once
Backward SlashReverse slash along the same path as beforePerfect Guard
Over-And-Around Double SlashBlade spins twice horizontallyPerfect Guard both attacks or dodge the first and Perfect Guard the second
Pirouette ComboPirouette Slash; jumps into the air and slashes diagonallySprint away; attack if combo ends, prepare to guard if not

Phase 2

How to Defeat the Nameless Puppet

With Geppetto relinquishing control, the Puppet enters a more perilous phase, demanding heightened awareness and adaptability.

Varied Attacks

  1. Swift Combos: Perfect your timing to counter the Puppet’s combination of fast attacks and constant movement.
  2. Aerial Assaults: Dodge swiftly to avoid the Puppet’s airborne assault and subsequent energy wave.
  3. Lance Transformation: Exploit the Puppet’s vulnerability when it transforms its greatsword into a lance.

Approaching the final showdown, I strategically implemented my accumulated knowledge. I capitalized on the Puppet’s vulnerability during the lance transformation, staying close to evading attacks and unleashing punishing blows.

In Phase Two, the Puppet introduces a set of new, rapid attacks. Familiarize yourself with these moves to ensure a smoother progression:

  • Aegis and Perfect Guard Grindstone: Enhance your defenses with Aegis and use Perfect Guard Grindstone for additional protection.
  • Counterattacks: Seize opportunities to execute Fatal Attacks during staggered moments.
  • Electric Blitz-style Equipment: Prioritize gear favoring Electric Blitz-style for increased damage.
  • Staggering Attacks: Use weapons and Fable Arts with staggering capabilities for optimal damage.

General Strategy

  1. Study Phase One Movesets: Master Phase One to prepare for the intensified speed of Phase Two.
  2. Electric Blitz Grindstone: Apply an Electric Blitz Grindstone at the beginning of the fight for increased damage.
  3. Timely Healing: Utilize Fatal Attacks to heal or apply grindstones safely.
  4. Adapt to Phase Two: Adjust your approach based on the Puppet’s weapon, dodging forward or sideways accordingly.
  5. Patient Punishment: Bait and punish the Puppet’s retreats, using throwables to maximize damage.

Additionally, I seamlessly switched between dodging and Perfect Guard, adapting to the Puppet’s relentless assault. As the battle reached its climax, I seized the moment for a Fatal Attack, bringing down the Nameless Puppet and securing victory.


Defeating the Nameless Puppet yields significant rewards:

  1. Ergo Rewards: Obtain Nameless Puppet’s Ergo for exchange with Alidoro or Hugo.
  2. Proof of Humanity: Acquire a powerful weapon (Motivity and Technique B) through Ergo exchange.
  3. Piercing Hatred Amulet: Gain immunity to all status effects, a valuable asset for New Game+ exploration.

Ultimately, this victory signifies the culmination of Lies of P, offering closure to the challenging journey.

Additionally, my triumph over the Puppet also dictated the game’s ending, marking the completion of Lies of P and unlocking the prospect of New Game+.

Lastly, mastering the art of defeating the Nameless Puppet requires a combination of strategic awareness, precise timing, and adaptability. Moreover, by understanding its attack patterns and implementing effective counters, you’ll triumph over this formidable opponent!