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How to Beat Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal in Lords of the Fallen

How to Beat Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal in Lords of the Fallen

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal is the first true Colossal Boss you’ll face in Lords of the Fallen. She is a bit of a challenge especially when you are still learning the ropes of the game. Sadly, she doesn’t hold back and you shouldn’t too.


Luckily, we are here to guide you through this ordeal and arm you with the right knowledge to clip the wings of this accursed she-devil!

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal – Boss Strategy

Pieta has two phases. She uses her Holy sword with ferocity and surprisingly long reach but most of her attacks are parriable. Look for windows between her attacks to put some damage into her. We will go over each of her phases and attacks and how you should react to them in the section below.

Phase 1

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal Phase 1

These are all the attacks of phase one and the right way of maneuvering them.

  1. Stab: A straight lunge toward you, extending her sword with a mighty poke.
    • Reaction: Can be easily dodged to the sides or you can block/parry it.
  2. Slash Combo: She swings her sword horizontally twice and can continue to chain it.
    • Reaction: You should dodge into this attack after the second slash to position yourself near her to get some damage in. It is also the perfect attack to parry and build up significant stagger meter.
  3. Beam: She puts up her sword to fire a straight beam of Holy damage. The beam causes small explosions in its path, and getting hit by it will buildup Smite.
    • Reaction: Either make a run for it or start dodging to the side to avoid getting hit.
  4. Lunge Swing: She jumps up and comes down with a swing. After a bit of delay, the ground beneath her explodes. This explosion also inflicts Smite.
    • Reaction: The attack is quite telegraphed so when you see her rising, it’s time to dodge to the sides. Try not to move in to attack or else the explosion will get you.

The only proper opening to lay into her are the two sword attacks. Dodge toward her during these attacks to stay near her and deal damage of your own while she prepares for the next attack. On the other hand, if you have mastered the parrying skill then you can stagger her quickly to finish the job and move on to the next phase.

Phase 2

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal phase 2

When her health reaches the 70% mark, she will sprout out wings, commencing the second phase of the fight. She will have many more projectile attacks, use projection clones to attack, rain down holy swords, and have even more AOE attacks. Be very careful during this phase.

  1. Flying Melee Attacks: All her previous sword strikes will now come from an elevated position as she hovers with a much larger reach.
    • Reaction: You can block or parry these attacks to deal stagger damage. Or you can dodge into the attacks to get some hits in.
  2. Aerial Stab: It is the same lunge attack as before just that she is flying.
    • Reaction: Dodge to the side but try to stay near her to put some pressure of your own.
  3. Aerial Dive: She swoops in from the air in a straight line, dealing damage if you are caught in her path.
    • Reaction: Dodging to the side is the only to go here. Let her fly by you.
  4. Sword Rain: She conjures up Holy swords in the air that plummet to the ground after some delay. She will cover sections of the arena with this attack.
    • Reaction: Stay clear of the area where the swords are going to land.
  5. Sword Projectile/Sword Line Attack: She hurls two swords straight from a distance. This attack is followed by a rain of swords attack.
    • Reaction: Run to the sides to ignore both of the projectiles and sword rain attack.
  6. Clone: She sends forth a Specter to attack you. The attack usually comes from the side to catch you off guard. The clone will disappear after the attack.
    • Reaction: Since the attack is physical, you can easily block or parry it. Or you can simply dodge away.
  7. Tag-Team Diving Winged Clones: It is a mix of Aerial Dive and Sword Rain attacks. She summons two Specters who dive in a linear path all the while Holy swords will drop behind them.
    • Reaction: The clones will cover the sides of the arena so stay in the middle path to avoid getting hit by the clones and the swords.
  8. Tag-Team Clone Beams: She summons two Specters that unleash two separate Holy beams. The beam induces the Smite status effect.
    • Reaction: Quickly identify where the Specters’ sword’s “barrels” are targeting and stay away from that direction.

Preparing for the Fight with Pieta

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal

The fight against Pieta can be made easy if you prepare for it and know the following:

  • She is weak to Burn status effect, Fire, and Wither Damage.
  • The Pyric Clutist class will have a better time facing this class with the Infernal weapon and spells.
  • Buff your weapon with either Fire Salts or Wither Salts to exploit her weakness.
  • Any weapon that deals fire damage will work wonders during this fight.
  • Avoid using Holy Damage and Smite on her as she is strong against these damage types.
  • Parrying can be a game-changer during this fight. Many of her sword attacks are fairly telegraphed and thus can be easily parried easily leading to a Grievous Strike.
  • You can summon The Iron Wayfarer NPC to aid you in this battle if things are getting too hard for you.

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal is the perfect introduction to the hardship that you have embarked upon in Lords of the Fallen. Take this fight as a learning lesson to prepare you for the challenge ahead.