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How Many Bosses Are in Lords of the Fallen (2023)

How Many Bosses Are in Lords of the Fallen (2023)

Difficult bosses and loads of them are the staples of any good souls-like. Lords of the Fallen doesn’t shy away from this aspect and the game is filled to the brim with boss encounters left to right. We will cover all the bosses in the game in this article from main to secondary bosses. So buckle and sit tight, you are in for a bumpy ride!

There are 14 main or Colossal Bosses in Lords of the Fallen. Additionally, there are 23 secondary bosses in the game, some of which are not optional while others are up to you to face or not.


We will go over all the Colossal Bosses first and then list down secondary bosses below so you can keep track of every one of them. All the Colossal Bosses will be listed down in order of appearance. As a side note, Spoilers Ahead!

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal is the first true boss of Lords of the Fallen that you must tackle. Once you take her out, she transforms into an NPC in Skyrest Bridge, from whom you can upgrade the Sanguinarix.

Most of her attacks deal Holy damage as she is a corrupted Holy knight with a ton of Radiant magic spells at her disposal. Since she is a starting boss of sorts, many of her attacks are pretty telegraphed allowing you to easily react to them if you read them right.

The real challenge begins when she sprouts out her angelic wings in the second phase. She is much faster in this phase, and she sends out clones to do her dirty work.

The Congregator of Flesh

The Congregator of Flesh

You will be forced into a fight with this mouthful monstrosity in a horrifying corpse-filled ditch when a wooden platform suddenly crumbles beneath your feet in Forsaken Fen.

For its size, the Congregator of Flesh is quite agile and fierce. He likes to charge at you, throw himself towards you, and become a jumpy little boy.

The boss has many attacks that inflict poison status effects so make sure to stock up on cures. He likes to surround himself with pools of poison so approach with care.

The Hushed Saint

The Hushed Saint

An unsportsmanlike fight from the get-go, The Hushed Saint sits upon his ferocious steed while you flail about, hoping not to get crushed under its galloping feet.

Ranged players will have a better time during this fight since the dude likes to run around the arena when in his horseback phase, giving little opportunity to melee users to get their hits in. Be careful not to stand close to him even if you dodged his charges for his spear can still get you.

He also likes to use his nature friends to conjure up mines, send out shockwaves, and even teleport around. Hush him up before he shuts you up.

Spurned Progeny

Spurned Progeny

This Colossal boss, Spurned Progeny, stays true to his name owing to his ginormous stature. It is a standard giant fight affair at the start like other bosses in the souls-like genre but there is a surprising twist that sets it apart.

Initially, you will be running between his legs avoiding any slams and swipes he performs while finding windows to lay into him. However, he will soon fill the lower arena with his magma vomit. This is the time to make a run for the stairs and wait for him at any of the three platforms above.

The fight will now turn into a hack-and-slash style giant boss fight, whereby your only opportunity to hurt him is by dodging his slams and attacking the arms while he recovers. For his AOE attacks, you can run to the other platforms to avoid damage.

He has a full-on nuke attack that covers the entire arena, so make sure to take cover behind one of the broken walls; otherwise, you’ll be burned to a crisp.

The Hollow Crow

The Hollow Crow

The fight against the Hollow Crow isn’t actually a fight directly with him but with a giggling floating orb i.e. the ghost girl. She likes to summon mobs to her bidding so you will have to fight them to get to her.

The whole fight revolves around you using the Umbral Lamp’s Soulflay ability to pull the girl into your realm and attack her. The more Soulflay charges you have, the smoother the fight will be.

You can, however locate blue nodes in the arena to replenish the charges so make sure you do that. You can also fight her directly in the Umbral Realm but the mobs there are even harder.

Whenever you kill the girl, the main boss will receive huge chunks of damage. He will then try to revive her while sending out mobs and ice spells. The mobs do get harder with each death so you can avoid them and focus on the girl later on in the fight. Keep the pressure on the girl and the fight will be over soon.

Harrower Dervla, the Pledged Knight / The Unbroken Promise

Harrower Dervla, the Pledged Knight - Lords of the Fallen Bosses

This is a two-boss fight in one type of deal. Once you defeat Harrower Dervla, she will fuse with the little girl and commence the second boss fight with The Unbroken Promise. What’s the deal with little girls in this game? If you are going for the Umbral Ending then you have to fight her otherwise you can skip it.

The fight against Harrower Dervla is pretty straightforward. Her huge sword has slower attacks but hits like a truck while her trusty crossbow gives her ranged capabilities. In the second phase, both her weapons are imbued in Umbral magic dealing higher damage and adding the ability to send out shockwaves.

The Unbroken Promise  - Lords of the Fallen Bosses

The second fight with The Unbroken Promise starts off immediately after the first. She has the same shockwave and sword attacks but with the addition of using her arms for slashes and a pair of floating giant nails that track you and even fire off AOE attacks.

Tancred, Master of Castigations / Reinhold the Immured

Tancred, Master of Castigations - Lords of the Fallen Bosses

Another one of those two-boss fights in one scenario. When Tancred succumbs to his injuries, he jams his weapon into his skull to transform into an exorcist-like contorting nightmare Reinhold the Immured. This boss is also a must-kill if you opt for the Umbral Ending, for other endings you can leave him alone.

Tancred is a typical knight boss with a few Holy spells and a weapon that inflicts Bleed. Most of his attacks can be dodged with ease just keep a few Bleed cures on you to remove the lethal debuff from building up. He has a Holy beam attack that can insta-kill you so identify the glowing spear early to avoid a swift death.

When his brother Reinhold takes hold of the body, the boss gets much more erratic with his attacks. Predicting his moves is far more difficult as he charges and lunges at you at a moment’s notice.

Furthermore, in the second phase, he starts spewing lava all over the arena making it harder to close in on him. It’s all about biding your time and finding safe passage to the boss during this phase.

Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel

Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel - Lords of the Fallen Bosses

Judge Cleric is an optional Umbral Ending-only boss. She has two phases with their own distinct health pools so get ready for another fight after you defeat her the first time.

She is one of the hardest bosses in the game and if your perfect blocking skill is not up to the mark then you are in a world of hurt. Try to keep some ranged options on you and keep your distance from her as she is a menace in close range.

The second corrupted phase will come with its own set of firey hell. She will have inferno-based attacks where her combos will end in eruptions. There are AOE attacks that have an outward blast followed by an inward implosion where you have to dodge twice to make it out of it alive.

The Lightreaper

The Lightreaper - Lords of the Fallen Bosses

You can technically face the Lightreaper four times in the game. He is the tutorial traditional souls-like “unbeatable” boss you get to fight. However, his other appearances are regular fights, and the last fight is not optional. We will cover the last most difficult encounter, which should prepare you for the rest.

The Lightreaper will progressively get supercharged with Inferno, even infusing his weapons with fire. He will leave lingering pools of lava behind him, limiting your movement. Best to bring a friend to this fight.

The Sundered Monarch

The Sundered Monarch - Lords of the Fallen Bosses

The fight begins with him sulking in the corner of the arena. Other than a few attacks, the boss is generally passive during this phase giving you ample time to strike. The real fight starts in the second phase. He grows a hand and uses it to pull the head off the statue to use it as a weapon.

The most unique part about his attacks is that you cannot dodge into them. The swords sticking out of his whole arm will glow, and if you dodge toward the boss to protect yourself from the statue head, the swords will catch you.

The funny part is, when he has only a sliver of health remaining, you won’t have to even deal the final blow. He will walk to the statue and just die. No, “long live the king”, I guess!

Adyr, the Bereft Exile

Adyr, the Bereft Exile - Lords of the Fallen Bosses

This is the final boss of the Radiance Ending. The spectacle of the boss is mindboggling, but the execution is one of the laziest of them all. The whole boss fight is essentially you trying to prevent a ritual that will summon this Inferno god to wreak havoc in the world by killing his followers. You won’t directly fight the boss.

The number of possessed followers does get a bit overwhelming, especially when they are lobbing fireballs at you, but you can always find a corner to catch your breath. The whole fight is a wasted potential but ends up being a goose chase.

Elianne the Starved

Elianne the Starved - Lords of the Fallen Bosses

The final boss of the Umbral Ending. She is the true form of Pieta which you learn after a series of events for this particular ending. She has a similar moveset to Pieta’s second phase, hovering about and swinging her new blue lightsaber.

Unlike Pieta’s projected clones, this boss will bring forth a proper clone with its own health bar called Voracity’s Reflection to gang up on you.

Whenever you kill the clone, the boss will drop down, opening the window to perform a critical strike. With the right management of the clone, the boss will never be properly fed and will die of starvation.

Secondary Bosses in Lords of the Fallen

Secondary bosses do not leave behind Remembrances to collect and are either completely optional, part of a certain ending, or just a roadblock to the next Colossal boss. Here is the list of all the secondary bosses you can fight in Lord of the Fallen:

  • Holy Bulwark Otto
  • Scourged Sister Delyth
  • Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds
  • The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity
  • Mendacious Visage
  • Crimson Rector Percival
  • Ruiner
  • Infernal Enchantress
  • Skinstealer
  • Bringer of Stillness
  • Bringer of Silence
  • Bringer of Nullity
  • Kinrangr Guardian Folard
  • Griefbound Rowena
  • Paladin’s Burden
  • Abiding Defenders
  • Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho
  • Abbess Ursula
  • Rapturous Huntress of the Dusk
  • Andreas of Ebb (Boss)
  • The Iron Wayfarer (Boss)
  • Damarose the Marked (Boss)
  • Spirit of the Bleak Season

Lords of the Fallen has some remarkable bosses, some of which will be remembered, unlike its forgotten previous entry. The reboot did a great job with bosses, at least, and their design speaks volumes.

We implore you to seek out all of them and bring them down to appreciate the work the developers have put in.