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How To Easily Beat Prowling Magus and Congregation in Dark Souls 2

How To Easily Beat Prowling Magus and Congregation in Dark Souls 2

Prowling Magus and Congregation is literally a fight against a whole flock in Dark Souls 2. That might sound scary as hell but in reality, it’s quite contrary. Don’t be intimidated by this boss encounter and enter the arena with your head held high.


If you still want some tips and tricks to make this fight even easier then read our Prowling Magus and Congregation boss guide.

Fighting Prowling Magus and Congregation in Dark Souls 2

Prowling Magus and Congregation in Dark Souls 2

When you enter the boss arena, you’ll notice it’s a dinky church with a dark-clad man of cloth with a bunch of his followers praising him. The whole mob in the room is essentially the boss.

Prowling Magus is the leader in black clothing, there are two priests in white and eight hollow zombies.

Magus has a separate health bar while the rest of the crew is part of the Congregation health bar. You have to clear the entire room to end this fight.

The fight itself is easy if you can manage the crowd well. Magus uses dark magic to attack while the priests cast lightning spells and sometimes even heal the gathering. The zombies are fodder, only attacking with their fists. A few of them crawl on the ground pathetically.

All in all, Magus is one of the easiest bosses in all of Dark Souls 2 and you probably won’t have much trouble dealing with them.

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when facing Prowling Magus and Congregation in Darks Souls 2:

  • Prowling Magus is weak to:
    • Lightning damage
    • Fire damage
  • Priests/Casters are weak to:
    • Slash and Thrust damage
    • Dark damage
    • Fire damage
    • Bleed
  • Zombies are weak to:
    • Slash and Thurst damage
    • Magic damage
    • Bleed
  • The Magus and all of his lackeys can be backstabbed.
  • Best to take out the Priests first since they can heal the rest of the crowd.
  • AOE spells will make quick work of the mob.
  • The Soul Appease Miracle is perfect for this fight.
  • You can summon Benhart of Jugo to help you deal with this bunch.
  • Use the benches/pews in the arena to take cover from projectiles and heal.

Boss Strategy

 Prowling Magus and Congregation Boss Strategy

A few things can make the fight against Prowling Magus and Congregation a breeze:

  • Soul Appease: This Miracle’s AOE only affects hollows and thus if you fire it at the hollow crowd there is a chance they will die in giffy.
  • Profound Hex: This hex will stop Magus and the Priests from casting any spells rendering them useless in the fight. Use the hex’s active time to attack the bosses and finish them off without any threat.
  • Any AOE spell/pyromancy/Miracle like Chaos Storm: Since this is a crowd of enemies all in a nearby radius if you lure them close to each other and fire an AOE, the chances of killing multiple of them at the same time are higher.
  • Large Sweeping Attack Weapons like Halberds: If you are a melee player then weapons with wide horizontal attacks will hit many of the enemies together and might kill them in bunches.

To counter their number advantage, it is advisable to adopt an aggressive approach and go after as many enemies as possible. Since their resistance is weak, it is easy to overpower them with a heavy-duty weapon.

Use the pews in the arena to take cover when you feel overwhelmed at any point. It is a good place to heal too.

For optimal outcome, you must eliminate the Priests first, since they possess the power to cast a healing miracle that will just prolong the fight and make it more annoying.


These are all of Prowling Magus and Congregation’s moveset in Dark Souls 2 and how you must react to them:

Prowling Magus
Dark AOEWhen you are close to him, he closes his arms and releases a Dark pulse that will deal a good chunk of damage as well as knock you down. Hitting him while he is charging will cancel the attack. Or you can just back off and let him fire it off then move in to attack.
Dark OrbHe will fire a slow-moving giant Dark projectile that has minor tracking. Dodge through the orb if you can time it right. Or you can dodge to the side right before the orb reaches you. You can block it if you have a good Dark defense shield.
Quick Dark ProjectileSame attack as before but this time the projectiles are smaller and faster. Dodging into the projectile or to the sides is the way to deal with it.
Lightning BoltsThese casters will constantly throw lightning bolts at you at high speeds. Dodge to the side or block it with your shield since they travel too fast to react quickly to.
HealingThey will periodically attempt to heal everyone in the room, Magus and the zombies too.Run in to attack them when you see this happen to cancel it.
(Walking Zombie)
They will lunge towards you while slashing their arms around. Block with shield or attack them faster than they could attack to kill them.
Body Bump
(Crawling Zombie)
If they reach you, they will throw their whole body at you. Attack or kill them before they get the chance to perform it.

Rewards for Defeating Prowling Magus and Congregation

Rewards for Defeating Prowling Magus and Congregation

Look at what you get for killing Prowling Magus and Congregation in Dark Souls 2:

  • 7,000 Souls
  • Titanite Slab

Prowling Magus and Congregation is the only boss in Dark Souls 2 that does not drop a boss soul. This doesn’t feel unfair since the fight can be written off as a mini-boss sequence. I’m sure you will plow through this congregation and put an end to this morbid church once and for all.