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Is Monster Hunter World worth it in 2019?

Is Monster Hunter World worth it in 2019?

Monster Hunter World is one of those games where you either like it or you don’t. If you get past all the time it takes to kill a monster and the amount of time you are going to put into the game, then you will enjoy it a lot.

The gameplay is very different from many other games in that you do everything from a hub and then load into the game world. As you get to the world, it will give you a location to find a specific creature to fight.

If you are not a huge fan of spending over 30 minutes fighting one creature, then you might not like the game. It is all about patience, and if you can push your way through it, you will reap great rewards.

Here are the things that make the game worth playing in 2019:

  • Constant updates
  • Monsters you fight
  • Different weapons to choose from
  • Play with friends
  • Character customization
  • Tons of armor
  • Different biomes
  • New DLC coming in January 2020
  • Amazing main story and side quests

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Constant updates

One major thing that Monster Hunter World does is they constantly add new fixes and other changes to the game. The reason why that is good is it gives players a reason to come back to the game. A lot of other games release the game and watch their player base die out very quickly just because they haven’t added anything new.

Everything added to the game, whether it is a new item or monster, is always good and all the fixes they do benefit the game-play very much. The only thing that I am not a huge fan of is its game optimization. On ultra graphics, I usually get around 60-70 fps on 1440p with a GTX 1080 and an Intel i7 7700k.

Monsters you fight

The monsters are the main part of this game and are probably the best feature of it in the long run. Every creature in the game is very unique in their own way, and all of them have their own attacks. The monsters all look very cool and some of them are legitimately scary.

One monster is called an Anjanath, and that is a T-rex looking monster, except it has wings to propel itself into the air. It is very aggressive and very hard to fight. Another monster is called the Paolumu, and it is a squirrel-like creature that when aggro’d, it blows up like a balloon and spits air at you.

They also add new monsters every once in a while, and it makes for an even better battle when you know how to fight the specific monster. There are a couple of ways to complete a quest, and you can either kill or trap the monster.

Trapping the monster actually gives you more rewards because it is harder to trap it than to kill. The monsters are very fun to fight if you have the patience, and it is definitely worth the money if you want to get the game.

Different weapons to choose from

There are all sorts of weapons to choose from within the game world. You can use a long sword, lance, daggers, crossbows, and also special types of weapons only in the game. There is a weapon that is a sword and a shield that can be combined into a huge ax by putting the two pieces together.

Each weapon has its own super ability that can be used to deal extra damage to a monster, and you can put specific traits on the weapon that can be either weaker or stronger depending on the monster type. The more you use your weapon, the more the durability of the weapon goes down.

When the durability goes down on the weapon, you must stop and sharpen your weapon to get more damage potential from it. Some weapons have more durability than others, so keep an eye out on how much you have left.

Play with friends

One main way that makes Monster Hunter World a good game is the ability to play with your friends. There is nothing better than spending 40 minutes killing a huge dragon with a buddy. You could also play with up to four friends if you really wanted to.

Some games that you play by yourself can get a little dull after a while, but when you can play a game that you like with a friend, it makes everything a hundred times better. You can actually play through the entire game with another gamer or two. My friend and I actually played through the campaign, and it was totally worth it.

Character customization

Games with character customization can be very limited in what they allow the player to do to the character. Not Monster Hunter World. They allow you to customize anything you want when it comes to your in-game character like gender, face details, color, body shape, and so on.

Sometimes I found myself spending a long time on the customization screen because of all the things you can do with your character. If you are a huge fan of detailing your character specifically how you want it then Monster Hunter World is the game for you.

Tons of armor

Hundreds of armor sets were implemented into the game, and they are all very unique. Some armor allows the player to have a defense against electricity while others give fire defense. Each creature that you fight has its own armor set you can get for you and your pet.

There are so many different armor types that a person might like different pieces of armor and they can create their own look. You might be a collector and want to collect all the sets in the game, while others might just want to have the best armor the game has to offer.

I constantly found myself switching pieces of armor just because they are better than a previous piece. If you want to keep the set however, then the game gives you the option to upgrade it to be better.

Different biomes

The biomes in the game are one-of-a-kind, and some can be very dangerous. The first place you can travel to is a desert area with caves that have plants and creatures in them. This place is just one of many. Other places include lava, snowy world, jungle world, and a rocky world.

As you progress in the game, new places will unlock for you and allow you to fight harder monsters. There is also a place that, when you fight the monster in it, you are slowly poisoned because of the air you breathe. You will constantly run into different hazards depending on which biome you are in. It’ll be hard to get bored with all the different changes each mission adds to the game.

Main story and side quests

The main story of the game is the biggest highlight of Monster Hunter World because of all the quests you go on and the monsters you fight. In the campaign, you are constantly being introduced to new monsters to fight and all of the missions give you that adrenaline rush while you are fighting. You will spend hours in the game from all the creatures that need to be fought.

When I played the game, I never ran out of anything to do because of all the different missions and side quests. My friend and I really enjoyed playing through it because you can go fight any creature you want after defeating them once.


Monster Hunter World is an entertaining game that allows the player to fight mythical creatures in a made-up world. I would highly recommend the buy to anyone who has patience and enjoys collecting armor and weapons and also likes playing games with friends. If you are thinking of buying the game, here is a link to the game on Amazon.

Even though the game is not optimized very well, I really enjoy the gameplay because of the endless possibilities put into the game. If you have never tried any of the Monster Hunter games, then I suggest giving this one a try.