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How To Beat The Door Guardian in Lies of P

How To Beat The Door Guardian in Lies of P

Lies of P climaxes in the Arche Abbey, where players encounter the formidable Door Guardian. This hulking foe presents a significant challenge, but with strategic planning and effective execution, players can emerge victorious.

To conquer the Door Guardian in Lies of P, ensure you come prepared with a Special Purification Ampoule, Leaping Amulet +1, Blue Guardianship Amulet, and a fully upgraded weapon. Target the vulnerable right leg, avoiding shock-inflicting attacks. Utilize strategic dodging, patience, and well-timed Fatal Attacks to defeat the Door Guardian.

This guide will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to beat the Door Guardian in Lies of P, emphasizing preparation, combat techniques, and optimal gear.

Phase 1

Door Guardian

Before facing the Door Guardian, meticulous preparation is key. Ensure you have the following items:

  • Special Purification Ampoule: Essential for countering shock inflicted by the Door Guardian’s attacks.
  • Leaping Amulet +1 and Blue Guardianship Amulet: Enhance mobility and defense.
  • Fully upgraded weapon: Maximize your damage output.
  • Flame Grindstone: Exploit the Door Guardian’s weakness to fire.

The Door Guardian’s imposing figure is covered in armor, but its right leg is vulnerable. Targeting this specific area is crucial for lowering the enemy’s HP. Be cautious, as the Door Guardian will attempt to thwart your strategy by stomping its right leg.

I made it my focus, understanding that precise strikes to the right leg would be essential for chipping away at the enemy’s imposing health pool.

Phase 2

In the heat of battle, my first priority was avoiding the Door Guardian’s shock-inducing attacks. Doing all the following things, the fight was leading to moments where the Door Guardian staggered, opening the door for devastating Fatal Attacks. Here are all those things below:

  • Avoiding Attacks: The Door Guardian’s moves can inflict shock, hindering stamina regeneration. Dodge attacks and, if hit, promptly uses the Special Purification Ampoule. Consider the Special Resistance Ampoule to slow the spread of shock.
  • Fury Attack: The Door Guardian’s right elbow slam and rolling maneuvers can be evaded due to its size. Stay mobile and watch for sweeping attacks.
  • Patience and Timing: Exercise patience during the battle. Attack when there’s an opening, and after a series of well-timed strikes, the Door Guardian will stagger, providing an opportunity for a Fatal Attack.
  • Fatal Attacks: Once staggered, rush in for a Fatal Attack, dealing a significant blow to the Door Guardian’s HP. Repeat this process to secure victory.

Door Guardian’s Attacks and How to Counter

Facing the Door Guardian’s varied attacks, I adapted my strategy. Dodging away from stomps, evading double fist slams, and intelligently countering each move became second nature.

Check out the table below to be ahead of him in every step of the way:

AttackDescriptionHow to Beat
StompRaises one foot before stomping.Dodge away from the raised leg to evade the Stomp.
Double Fist SlamClasps both fists before smashing in front.Dodge behind the Guardian to avoid the Slam.
Jumping SmashLeaps into the air, striking in front.Dodge to the side or run forward to escape the Smash.
Right HookNormal punch from the right hand.Block or dodge if health is low.
UppercutStarts below before swinging upward.Dodge backward before the quick uppercut.
Sweeping StrikesDrags both fists across the ground.Block or actively guard with a Legion Arm.
Body SlamRaise one foot before stomping.Run out of range or perform a Perfect Guard to counter.
RollWraps into a ball and rolls.Stay at a distance and attack when the Guardian stops.

Best Weapons & Items To Use Against Door Guardian

Armed with the below-mentioned weapons, I seamlessly improved my strategy. Legion Arms like Puppet String or Aegis became my allies, enhancing mobility and defense. Check out the list below to enhance your gameplay maneuverability.

  • Bone-Cutting Saw: This Motivity weapon with extended reach is effective against the Door Guardian. Customize your combat instrument with parts that complement your strategy.
  • Legion Arms: Equip Puppet String or Aegis for enhanced mobility or defense, respectively.
  • Thermite and Destruction Grindstones: Exploit the Door Guardian’s vulnerability to fire by using Thermite. Destruction Grindstones increase stagger damage.



After successfully defeating the Door Guardian, players will be rewarded with the following:

  • High-Level Alchemist Badge: This item is essential for opening doors and raising bridges in specific locations.

In conclusion, mastering the Door Guardian in Lies of P requires a combination of strategic preparation, effective combat techniques, and exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses. With patience and a well-executed plan, players can overcome this formidable boss and progress further.