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How to Beat the Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P

How to Beat the Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P

Embarking on the thrilling journey in Lies of P, players soon encounter the formidable Corrupted Parade Master, a resurrected version of the initial boss. This iteration poses a heightened challenge, demanding strategic preparation and deft combat skills.

To beat the Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P, equip the Flame Grindstone, fire abrasives, and stock up on Thermite and Special Purification Ampoules. Upgrade your weapon and be prepared for minion summons. Dodge its attacks, use Flame Grindstone for increased damage, and exploit openings to land hits.


This guide provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to defeat the Corrupted Parade Master, ensuring a smooth progression through the game!


Corrupted Parade Master

Firstly, before engaging in the rematch against the Corrupted Parade Master, meticulous preparation is essential. Follow these steps to maximize your chances of victory:

  • Equip Flame Grindstone: Enhance your weapon with the Flame Grindstone, exploiting the boss’s susceptibility to heat-based attacks.
  • Utilize Fire Abrasives: Boost your damage output by applying Fire Abrasives to your weapon.
  • Stock Up on Thermites and Special Purification Ampoules: Prepare for the encounter by adding Thermites and Special Purification Ampoules to your inventory, countering the boss’s unique attacks.
  • Upgrade Your Weapon: Ensure your weapon is upgraded to its maximum potential, providing a significant advantage in the upcoming battle.

In my experience, I meticulously prepared for the encounter. I fortified my weapon with the Flame Grindstone, exploiting the boss’s vulnerability to heat-based attacks. To further enhance my damage output, I wisely applied Fire Abrasives.

Moreover, anticipating the unique challenges ahead, I stocked up on Thermites and Special Purification Ampoules, ready to counter the boss’s distinct attacks. Lastly, I ensured my weapon was upgraded to its maximum potential, providing a crucial advantage in the upcoming skirmish.


Phase 1

Secondly, as the battle commences, familiarity with the Corrupted Parade Master’s moves is crucial. Recognize and respond to each attack:

  • Minion Summons: The Corrupted Parade Master summons minions during the battle. Prioritize eliminating them quickly due to their low health.
  • Decay Status: Beware of the boss’s left arm, capable of inflicting the Decay status. Counter this by carrying Attribute Purification Ampoules to cure the ailment promptly.
  • Fury Attack: When the boss initiates a Fury Attack, evade its direct path and attack from the rear for a safer approach.
  • Club Rush: When the Corrupted Parade Master raises its club, dodge to avoid the sweeping attack, seizing the opportunity to land hits during its recovery.
  • Body Twist and Charge: Learn to anticipate the boss’s body twist, followed by a charging swing. Dodge effectively and seize the chance to retaliate.
  • Grab Attack: Stay cautious of the boss’s grab attack, triggered when in close proximity. Maintain a safe distance to avoid falling victim to this move.

Firstly, I observed the Corrupted Parade Master’s moves, recognizing the nuances of its attacks. Swiftly eliminating the summoned minions became a priority, given their low health. The boss’s left arm posed a new threat, capable of inflicting the Decay status.

Ultimately, I remember playing strategically, maintaining a safe distance to avoid the grab attack became paramount.

Phase 2

Lastly, with a clear understanding of the boss’s moves, employ these strategies to secure victory:

  • Timing is Key: Take time to learn the boss’s attack patterns. Capitalize on openings, delivering a few hits, and retreating when necessary.
  • Flame Grindstone Advantage: Regularly use the Flame Grindstone to significantly amplify your damage output, especially during moments of distance from the boss.
  • Thermite Throw: When a suitable distance is maintained, use Thermite as a throwing item to chip away at the boss’s health, offering a safe yet effective offensive option.
  • Persistent Learning: Don’t hesitate to retry the boss fight, gradually mastering its patterns and refining your approach with each attempt.

Moreover, when I defeated the corrupted Parade Master, I executed well-honed strategies to secure victory. Timing proved to be key as I learned the attack patterns, seizing opportunities to strike and strategically retreating when necessary.

Key Point: Utilizing Thermite as a throwing item, I chipped away at the boss’s health, balancing offense with a calculated approach. Persistent learning defined this phase as I embraced the iterative nature of the boss fight, refining my tactics with each attempt.


Additionally, triumphing over the Corrupted Parade Master yielded valuable rewards that fueled my Lies of P adventure. Upon successfully defeating the Corrupted Parade Master, players will reap the following rewards:

Corrupted Parade Master Rewards
  • Full Moonstone: This valuable item facilitates upgrading non-special weapons to 10+, enhancing overall combat prowess.
  • Quartz: A resource that contributes to the player’s arsenal, aiding in further exploration and encounters within the Lies of P universe.

Finally, having achieved victory, I emerged stronger, ready to face the challenges that lay ahead in this captivating battle!

Ultimately, mastering the intricacies of the Corrupted Parade Master battle requires a combination of preparation, adaptability, and strategic execution. So, gear up, hone your skills, and face the challenge head-on in conquering the corrupted puppet master.