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How to Learn Maps in Rainbow Six Siege

How to Learn Maps in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that you either play competitively or just casually. Occasionally you will run into that tryhard player that uses the highest sensitivity and runs around the map like a madman. One of the hardest things to learn in the game is the layout of the maps. You are going to want to know different angles on how to get into different rooms and even if there is a way to complete the match without going in.

To be successful in the game, you must put every thought into what you are going to do and how you will do it. One wrong move and you can die just like that. You have to think that every corner you walk around someone could be on the other side with their sights pointed straight at you. Always have a clear head and think about your next move. Here are the best ways to learn maps in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Play Multiplayer

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Playing regular multiplayer is probably the best way to learn the maps since the maps change every match that you play. Don’t expect to know all the layouts and locations the first couple of levels because it takes a while to master the game in general. Multiplayer is good because you can have fun playing the game with friends and you can also learn the maps at the same time. Just don’t take it too seriously because you will get mad if you do.

There are a bunch of different modes you can play in multiplayer, and they are extracting the hostage, disarm the bomb, and clear the area. Even though there are only a few modes, there are a ton of maps and the gameplay never gets old because of all the different Operators to choose from. It is totally worth it if you have not played it.

Play Terrorist Hunt

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Playing Terrorist Hunt is another way to learn the maps really well because you are only going up against AI. The easiest thing to do is to turn the enemies to the easiest difficulty and then slowly walk around the map looking at everything and taking them out one by one. There also is an option to set whatever map to the playlist so you can replay the same one over and over till you have memorized it. Also, it is best to do it Lone Wolf so you are not distracted by other people.

Explore each map

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Go to Multiplayer, select Custom Game, from there you should be able to edit a playlist to include the map/mode/day/night you want to check out. In that editing selection, set time limit to 600 (10 minutes) and the round limit to however high you want. You can also change how often you switch attacker to defender, so if you want to stay attack or defense the whole time then set it to the lowest setting. Once you’ve tweaked your settings right, go back to custom game and start a local one. Select Blue team to start attack or Orange to start defense, and have at it.

Look at the placement of each room

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Sometimes maps have 3 floors and it could get kind of confusing trying to know what each room has and where it is on the map. The more you play the game, the easier and more comfortable you will be moving around in the maps themselves. You want to know the rooms so you know where to hide when someone is coming after you. The best spots you can get is where the enemy can barely see you but you have a very clear shot on them. It is all about the angles in the game so learn as much as you can.

Learn where the objective for each map is located

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The best thing for you to do is to learn where each objective will start in each of the maps. If you know where they are, talk to your team and tell them where to go to find the objective. Split up and try to find the objective at the beginning so you have a plan once the match starts. Here is a link to all the basic map layouts for Rainbow Six Siege:

Find all the cameras

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The surveillance cameras in-game are black, hemispherical camera modules often fixated on white stands accompanied by support poles when outside, and fixed to ceilings when inside. Most maps have these CCTV cameras both inside and outside the map’s building, with the exception of the two maps Tower and Presidential Plane. The best thing for you to do is to memorize the locations of all the cameras in each map so you can easily destroy them all giving the other team a disadvantage.

Train in each map

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Training in each map is just basically playing the game. Do Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunts and the more you do them the more familiar everything will be for you. Each map has its own set of points that you must learn to master and it takes a little bit of time, but once you get that down, the game will be much easier for you to understand. Don’t kill yourself over not knowing the maps, it takes practice and the patience for learning. Definitely, don’t give up whatever you do, just keep trying your best and you will get better.

Talk to other teammates during matches

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I would personally want teammates that know the maps the best so if you are playing with randoms, ask them if they have a mic. If they do, have them show you the best ways through the maps. Also, if you have friends that play as well, get a full squad and talk to each other and figure out what the best plan for attack or defense is. I would recommend playing with a player that has been playing for a long time because you can learn some good stuff from them. The veterans of the game are always the best people to ask about the maps because they know the insides and outs of the maps.

Watch videos on each map

There is honestly soo many videos out there explaining all the different maps in their entirety. People that have played thousands of hours of the game and streamed or played esports, or even just for fun have made thousands of tips that they do to make their experience better. All you have to do is find the right ones. If you find a good video, make sure to share it with other people in the community so they can be better at the game as well. Here is a good video on how to learn the maps of Rainbow Six Siege:

Look at a map on your phone or secondary screen

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If you have a second monitor or phone or tablet, you can put information about the map you are playing on that when you are in a match. The more information that you have at your disposal during the match will help you win each match quicker. Once you know where everything is going to be, you won’t need to use a secondary source to know information about the map, you will just have it in your memory. You always want to learn more because the more you know the smarter you will be. Eventually, you will be a very great player and people will look up to you for advice.


In conclusion, Rainbow Six Siege is a pretty hard game to learn fully, but it is totally worth it in the end when you actually know a lot about it. The more operators you have, the more time you can put into the game to learn how to use them and the better your time will be. For those who have just started, try not to give up on the game because it is too hard. Don’t worry about other players and try to get all the mechanics and maps down. It is not as hard as you think it is.