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How To Beat The King of Puppets in Lies of P

How To Beat The King of Puppets in Lies of P

Lies of P players encounter various challenges, but none are as memorable and demanding as the King of Puppets, the final boss of chapter six. This two-phase boss fight serves as a pivotal moment, marking the game’s halfway point.

To defeat the King of Puppets in Lies of P, use the Electric Coil Stick and pulse cells for shock damage. Summon the Specter before engaging, prioritize perfect guards against spinning slams, and maintain distance. Adapt to Romeo’s combo sequences, dodge unblockable attacks, and capitalize on openings.


In this guide, I’ll share all the details about the King of Puppets boss battle in Lies of P, from the best weapons and items to defeating both phases, providing a step-by-step tutorial. Let’s get started!

Prerequisites For The Battle

Understanding the mechanics and weaknesses of The King of Puppets is crucial. This large, four-armed mech is susceptible to electricity, making electric-based throwable items like pulse cells highly effective. Equip the Aegis Legion Arm for added defense against its erratic movements.

During my gameplay, I took a moment to comprehend its vulnerabilities. Recognizing its susceptibility to electricity, I armed myself with electric-based throwable items, primarily pulse cells.


Just as in The King’s Flame, Fuoco Boss Fight, the Electric Coil Stick proves to be the weapon of choice against the King of Puppets. This weapon deals shock damage, exploiting one of the boss’s weaknesses in the first phase.

With higher DPS against puppet enemy types, it excels in both phases. Purchase the Electric Coil Stick for 1,200 Ergo from the Wandering Merchant on Elysion Boulevard.

  • Upper Belt: Pulse Cells for healing, Friendship Wishstone
  • Lower Belt: Throwing Cells, Carcass Body Fluid Bottles, Cluster Grenades
  • Extra Bag: Thermite, Electric Blitz Canisters, Acid Canisters (All available from Malum District Black Market Trader)

Equipped with the Electric Coil Stick, I ventured into the boss fight, exploiting the King of Puppets’s weakness to shock damage. I also stocked up on essential items, aligning my arsenal for the impending battle.

Phase 1

Entering the battle, I closely observed the Puppet King’s movements. Timing Perfect Guards against spinning slams and maintaining distance during tornado area of effect attacks proved vital. Dodging spinning claw attacks and parrying the red unblockable belly flop required precision.

Precautions on your side:

  1. Activate Specter: Use the blue flame to the left of the entrance to activate the Specter before entering the boss fight.
  2. Let Specter Distract: Allow the Puppet King to lock onto the Specter, creating a window for you to approach.
  3. Explosive Barrage: Run in under the boss, toss your entire Extra Bag of items at his feet, prioritizing Electric Blitz and Acid Canisters.
  4. Join the Fray: Engage in combat with the Specter, utilizing the Electric Coil Stick to finish off the first phase.
  5. Friendship Heal: Ensure the Specter survives by healing with the Friendship Wishstone for assistance in the second phase.

Here are some tips and steps you can follow to complete phase 1 of the fight:

  1. Watch for Swinging Strikes: Be wary of the King’s large swinging strikes and spinning slams. Perfect Guard the latter to build up posture damage.
  2. Tornado Area of Effect Attack: Create distance during the spinning tornado attack to avoid the Ergo explosion.
  3. Spinning Claw Attacks: Dodge the spinning claw attacks and the subsequent unblockable sweep. Maintain distance to avoid additional range.
  4. Red Unblockable Belly Flop: Parry the slow startup of the red unblockable belly flop, followed by a sweep. Keep vigilant and avoid getting hit.
  5. Health Management: After reducing the King’s health by 40%, anticipate more erratic movements. Utilize openings after spin attacks for significant damage.

Joining the Specter in combat, my Electric Coil Stick swiftly dispatched the first phase. Ensuring the Specter’s survival with the Friendship Wishstone, I prepared for the next challenge.

Phase 2

Healing the Specter with the Friendship Wishstone, I directed Romeo’s attention towards my spectral ally. Exploiting the distraction, I unleashed a barrage of items from my Lower Belt, weakening Romeo for a final assault.

While it took a few attempts to perfect the strategy, executing it flawlessly ensured victory and valuable practice for future encounters. Here are some precautions on your side for phase 2:

  1. Heal Specter: Use Friendship Wishstone to heal the Specter at the start of phase two.
  2. Agro onto Specter: Prompt Romeo to target the Specter, which ensures a distraction for the upcoming onslaught.
  3. Unload Your Arsenal: Throw items from your Lower Belt at Romeo, including Throwing Cells, Carcass Body Fluid Bottles, and Cluster Grenades.
  4. Seal the Fate: Reduce Romeo’s health to easily finish him off with a few well-timed attacks.

Here are some tips and steps you can follow to complete phase 2 of the fight:

  1. Chest Plate Dislodges: Once defeated, the chest plate dislodges, revealing Romeo, a human-sized puppet with a scythe.
  2. Understanding Romeo’s Attacks: Familiarize yourself with Romeo’s combo attack sequences, dodging or Perfect Guarding as needed.
  3. Exploiting Weaknesses: Watch for red indicators signaling unblockable attacks. Exploit the openings after dodging or blocking to land significant damage.
  4. Fire Buff Warning: Beware of Romeo igniting his scythe at 50% health. Adjust your strategy to either block or sidestep his faster continuous attacks.

Upon the Puppet King’s defeat, I witnessed the chest plate dislodge, revealing Romeo with a menacing scythe. Adapting to Romeo’s combo attack sequences, I strategically dodged or Perfect Guarded, capitalizing on openings for counterattacks.

Navigating Romeo’s unblockable attacks and adjusting my strategy during the fire buff phase, I slowly chipped away at his health, ultimately securing victory.


Rewards for defeating King of Puppets

Triumphantly overcoming this challenging encounter, my efforts yielded valuable rewards. For overcoming this challenging encounter, players reap the following rewards:

  • Burnt-White King’s Ergo
  • Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress
  • Someone’s Necklace

Optionally, trade the Burnt-White King’s Ergo for Romeo’s scythe at Alidoro’s shop for a stylish and formidable addition to your arsenal.

Congratulations on conquering one of Lies of P’s toughest boss battles! The King of Puppets’s defeat unveils deeper mysteries, leading you down the path to Lorenzini Arcade for the next thrilling chapter in your journey.

As the King of Puppets bows to defeat, revealing secrets and rewards, this victory is just a step into Lies of P’s difficult world. Stay tuned for more gaming triumphs and insights by following our guides.

The journey continues, and we’re your compass through the thrilling realms of Lies of P. Keep reading, keep conquering.