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How To Beat The Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P

How To Beat The Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P

Krat is home to maniacal machines and the Mad Clown Puppet is the true representation of that horror. This bouncy cheery fellow is like IT had a baby with Mike Tyson. We will go over in much detail how you can defeat the Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P. Further, there is a cheeky little cheese strategy to beating him in here so do read that.

The Mad Clown Puppet is an erratic boss with a very unpredictable moveset. He likes to bounce around before he attacks, but if you are attentive then most of his attacks are extremely telegraphed this easy to react to. He is weak to almost all elemental damage, especially Electrical Blitz.


Mad Clown Puppet Boss Fight in Lies of P

Mad Clown Puppet

The Mad Clown Puppet is an optional boss in Lies of P. He is found on Rosa Isabelle Street on the road leading to the Estella Opera House. This boss is very unpredictable due to his quirky moveset. He is a mini-boss encountered in the open and not a full-on boss in his arena.

Before taking on Mad Clown Puppet boss, equipping these items will prove beneficial:

  • The Mad Clown is a puppet boss and thus is weak to Electrical Blitz:
    • Buy or farm Electric Blitz Cannister and Throwing Cells to lob at the boss. Their electric damage will take away huge chunks of his health.
    • Electricity-based weapons like the Electric Coil Stick are great for passively dealing Electrical Blitz.
    • Electric Blitz Grindstone and Electric Blitz Abrasive will coat any of your weapons with electricity.
    • Fulminis Legion Arm is great for Electrical Blitz at close range.
  • The boss is also weak to fire damage so Thermite, Fire Canister, and Fire Abrasive work great against him. However, in my testing, it takes a considerable time to put him on fire.
  • The boss is also susceptible to Acid. For this reason, keep some Carcass Bodyfluid Bottles on you.
  • The Aegis Legion Arm is extremely helpful in blocking the Mad Clown’s flurry of attacks all the while dealing damage with its explosions.
  • The Increase Staggerable Window 1 P-Organ upgrade is useful for stretching out the Staggerable status of the boss.
  • The Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet deals extra damage to this boss.
  • If you are looking forward to parrying his attacks then don’t forget to equip the Conquering Amulet.

Mad Clown Puppet Strategy

Mad Clown Puppet Strategy

When you first encounter the Mad Clown, he’ll be on top of an ascending road. The whole area will be littered with fires and mobs. It is best to not face the boss in this place since the environment will make the fight needlessly challenging. If you are confident in your skills and can watch where you step then by all means go for it.

For those looking to make things easier, aim to run past the boss and take the stairs beside the Mad Clown to get to the Stargazer above. Interact with it to reset the boss/area and then go back to the stairs and lure the Mad Clown to where the Stargazer is. There are no environmental dangers here so you can face him mano a mano.

As for the fight itself, the Mad Clown seems intimidating at first due to his unusual movement but soon you will figure out his movesets.

If you are further away from him, he likes to literally throw his punch at you. You can quickly tell he is about to use this attack as he spins around his arm before sending it flying. This is a Fury Attack so you can only parry it.

However, the hit box is extremely small so a short dodge in any side direction will completely miss the mark. If you are close to him then it is a little opening to deal some damage.

One attack that you should keep an eye on is his twirling attack which can go on for 7 hits. He winds up his arm before he starts twirling so you better get ready. You can either outrun this attack or block it entirely if you have enough HP.

However, if you can perfect parry each of these then it can easily stagger him opening him up for massive damage. The twirl always ends with an uppercut so let him execute that attack and then move in with your damage otherwise it will hit hard.

Other than the attacks above, most of his attacks are pretty normal. There is a two-punch move which you can dodge out or block. The same goes for his uppercut punch, smash, and belly thrust attacks.

Before he performs the belly thrust, he jumps back and then thrusts at you. Block or perfect guard this attack and then immediately follow up with a charged attack of your own for maximum damage.

This boss can be quickly dispatched if you perfect block his combos. If you keep this up, the boss will go down multiple times, and you can take away huge large sums of his HP in an instant with Fatal Attacks.

Cheese Strategy

Mad Clown Puppet Cheese Strategy

The Mad Clown Puppet fight can be cheesed with relative ease. Just lure him to the Stargazer area and maintain a large distance from him. This way, he will be forced to repeat his ranged fist-throw attack. Dodge to the side when this happens and nothing will hit you.

Now for the cheese itself, simply start chucking every throwable item on you at him. The elemental damage items like Fire Canisters, Thermite, Carcass Bodyfluid Bottles, Electric Blitz Cannister, and Throwing Cells will deal the most damage since he is weak to them all.

You can also opt for physical damage throwables like Saw Blade, Shot Put, and Sharp Pipe will work too. Make sure to equip them to your quick-use slots for swift use.

You can even use the plants in the environment to play a game of catch and the fatty will never close the distance. Peek around the bushes to hurl some throwables at him and let him continue the chase. You can also throw them over the smaller bushes so that’s a plus.

Keep your distance and keep lobbing these throwables and very soon you will have the last laugh!

The Mad Clown Puppet looks and plays the part. This round fool is a demented sparring champion but like some failed boxers, he is easy to read and tackle. With a bit of practice and successfully identifying his moves, you will end his clowning career for good.