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How To Beat Champion Victor in Lies of P

How To Beat Champion Victor in Lies of P

Embarking on the quest to conquer Champion Victor in Lies of P requires more than brute force; it demands finesse and a good level of strategy.

To conquer Champion Victor in Lies of P, equip the Patience Amulet , summon a specter, and wield fire-enhanced weapons. In Phase One, master countering the Dash and Punch combo, Champion’s Fury, and Open-Handed Lunge. Transitioning to Phase Two, adapt to the intensified Champion’s Fury, Ascended Slam, and Gut Punishing Combo.


This incredibly detailed boss guide will help you easily beat the Champion Victor boss in Lies of P. So, lets get into it!

Champion Victor Moveset

Champion Victor
  • Dash And Punch: Victor’s starting move, the Dash and Punch, sets the tone for the battle. His left hand touches the ground as he charges toward you, and your key to success lies in a well-timed sprint toward him. Dodge forward to his left side, exploiting the vulnerability in his charging motion, and unleash your strikes from behind.
  • Uppercut And Turn: The Uppercut and Turn exhibit Victor’s wild side. As he swings a right hook dragging along the ground, a strategic sidestep becomes your shield. Seize the opportunity presented by this move’s conclusion to deliver your own blows.
  • Frustrated Blows – Ranged (Arm Sweeps): In moments of frustration, Victor unleashes the Arm Sweeps, a ranged barrage that demands swift action. Recognizing the wind-up, sprint away from the initial punches, then execute a synchronized sprint and dodge to handle the sweeping arcs. Positioning yourself strategically ensures you capitalize on the aftermath.

Phase 1

Champion Victor Fight Strategy

Patience Amulet

In Phase 1 The Patience Amulet becomes your silent partner in this dance of combat. Equipping it allows you to control the rhythm of the battle, waiting for the opportune moments to strike and dodging with calculated precision.

Specter Summon

The introduction of a Specter into the battlefield adds a new layer to your strategy. By diverting Victor’s attention in Phase 1, the Specter creates openings for you to exploit. Utilize this ally wisely, orchestrating a symphony of attacks from unexpected angles.

Weapon Choice

Choosing the right weapon becomes pivotal in this puppeteer’s showdown. Consider the Flamberge (Legion Arm) or the Salamander Dagger, each modified for enhanced efficacy. These choices provide the edge needed to cut through the strings that bind Victor.

  • Health: Victor boasts around 25,000 health points, a formidable challenge that demands a strategic approach.
  • Weakness: Exploit Victor’s susceptibility to fire attacks. Incorporate fire-enhanced weaponry or abilities to maximize your damage output.
  • Recommended P-Organ Upgrades: Invest in P-Organ upgrades that align with the demands of the battle. Consider upgrades such as Link Dodge, Rising Dodge, and increase the Staggerable Window to elevate your movement.
  • Recommended Amulets: Your choice of amulet can tip the scales in your favor. Consider the Patience Amulet for tempo control, the Extreme Modification Amulet for advanced weapon effectiveness, the Nameless One’s Amulet for versatility, and the Swordsmanship Master’s Amulet for honing your combat prowess.
  • Recommended Weapons: Craft your arsenal wisely. The Flamberge (Legion Arm) and Puppet Ripper bring power and agility to the forefront. Alternatively, consider the Booster Glaive and a modified Salamander Dagger for their different advantages in the puppeteer’s play.
  • Engagement: As you step into the arena, approach Victor with cautious anticipation. Position yourself on his right side, gaining a strategic advantage.
  • Dash and Punch Combo: When Victor starts the Dash and Punch Combo, execute the suggested counters with a blend of sprinting, forward dodging, and precision strikes from behind.
  • Champion’s Fury Combo: Victor’s Champion’s Fury Combo demands finesse. Sprint away during the taunt, seizing the chance to strike from behind after the gut punch. Timing is key; precision is your ally.
  • Open-Handed Lunge Combo: Engage the Open-Handed Lunge Combo with a forward sprint and a deft dodge to the right. Seize the opening, delivering a calculated strike before retreating.

Phase 2

  • Transition: As Victor transitions to Phase Two, brace yourself for heightened aggression. The symphony of combat intensifies, demanding increased awareness.
  • Champion’s Fury Combo (Phase Two): The Champion’s Fury Combo in Phase Two retains its essence but with heightened ferocity. Swiftly sprint away, and capitalize on the opening after the right hook. Precision in movement and timing is your key to success.
  • Ascended Slam: Victor introduces the Ascended Slam, a ground-shaking move that demands a strategic response. Dodge back with calculated precision, ensuring you punish him after both fists hit the ground.
  • Gut Punishing Combo: The Gut Punishing Combo poses a renewed challenge. Execute a timely backstep, and sprint if necessary to create the distance needed for a calculated counter.


Champion Victor Defeating Rewards

In the duel against Champion Victor, I navigated through his phased attacks, countering each move. The calculated use of the Patience Amulet and a Specter provided strategic advantages, while fire-enhanced weapons exploited Victor’s weakness.

Upon emerging victorious, your spoils await. Here are the rewards you get for defeating Champion Victor in Lies of P:

  • The Reborn Champion’s Ergo
  • 12,852 Ergo.

Let the strings of victory resonate as you emerge from the puppeteer’s stage, triumphant and unbound.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the intricacies of Champion Victor’s moves, dissected the phases of the battle, and crafted a strategic approach to guide you through the puppeteer’s duel.