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How To Beat The Old King Allant in Demon’s Souls

How To Beat The Old King Allant in Demon’s Souls

It is time to put all of that soul’s experience to work for your fight against The Old King Allant, a.k.a. The most difficult boss in Demon’s Souls. Developers thought putting a final boss-level threat somewhere in the middle of the storyline would be a great idea. Regardless, you need to get past this demon if you want to save Boletaria.


Without further ado let’s get down to business and find out how you can exorcise the Old King in Demon’s Souls.

Fighting The Old King Allant

The Old King Allant

The power-hungry king after making a pact with the lord of demons, The Old One, has seen a significant rise in his abilities. With the agility, variety of attacks, raw strength, and brains to counter attacks, he has it all. He is a total package when it comes to bosses in Demon’s Souls.

Taking him down is definitely not going to be easy since there is no real weakness that you exploit. It is going to be a real battle of wits and how well you can counter the attacks of the king. Get close and you will have to face his sword attack. Maintain distance and he will use magic to make your life hell.

There is still hope. You can take him down firstly if you follow this guide and secondly, if you keep the following things in mind:

  • This is going to be a difficult battle so stack up on heals and potions to keep those HP and Mana bars full.
  • Bring a shield that has good magic blocking.
  • Do not take a direct hit from any of his magic attacks. They are the deadliest attacks in his arsenal.
  • The Old King Allant is resistant to magic and fire so if you are planning on using those, you might want to rethink your decision.


This is where things get interesting. You are not dealing with just one or two types of attacks. Here you need to be mindful of multiple types of melee attacks and magic attacks. You will always be on your toes because of how quick he is and how little time he takes to recover after each of his attacks.

Read his movements carefully and learn how to counter them with the help of the information given below:

  • Rapid Slash: This is a combination of melee and magic attacks. He will dash towards you and swing his sword from left to right creating a blast of magic that shoots out in your direction. He will use this attack when he is a at distance from you.
    • Reaction: He swings his sword above his head which means that the attack is coming. You can wait until he actually swings his sword then you can dodge to either side to avoid the attack.
  • Sword Smash: This is a classic smash sword on the ground to create an AoE shockwave attack.
    • Reaction: Roll to either side to avoid it but immediately get up and run behind him to do a counterattack.
  • Sword Slash Combo: He will perform a three-hit combo using his sword and with his final slash, he will do a Rapid Slash attack.
    • Reaction: Blocking this combo is not recommended due to the sheer force it comes with. Try to avoid it by rolling to either side.
  • Jump Slash: The Old King will rise in the air and lunge forward to perform a slash attack.
    • Reaction: As soon as he jumps into the air, roll forward and get behind him when he lands back on the ground.
  • Soul Sucker: He will gather energy in his left hand and will try to grab you. If he gets you then he will suck one soul level out of you and also deal a massive amount of damage.
    • Reaction: He takes a few seconds to charge, that is your cue to roll to either side and avoid getting grabbed.
  • Shockwave: He will shoot out a shockwave directly from his sword but this time without swinging it.
    • Reaction: You can roll to either side to avoid the attack.
  • AoE Shockwave: He will stick his sword into the ground, gather energy, and shoot out a powerful shockwave in a circular direction. This attack is powerful enough to one-hit you.
    • Reaction: He creates a cloud of smoke that gives off that the attack is coming. Either run towards him to attack and cancel the attack or get as far away as possible to avoid it.


You cannot follow a simple strategy and defeat the Old King Allant. You constantly have to switch things up. stay on your feet, and counter his moves while evading the attack. I recommended that even if you have read up about the attacks, spend the first few moments noticing small patterns.

Learn about the timings of his attacks and how much gap there is between each attack. For example, when he does his AoE Shockwave attack, he takes a fair amount of time to gather the energy to do it.

This is the perfect opportunity to shoot his with ranged magic, if you are a ranged user, or run forward and beat the living hell out of him with your melee weapon.

The latter will not only cancel the attack but also will give you the opportunity to deal a lot of damage. Another thing is that do not stay too close to him for too long. He will use his Soulsucker attack and that is going to throw you off balance.

Back off after attacking with a combo because he counters them pretty well. Use the shield that you brought to its fullest extent. At no point should you be out of stamina because the last thing you want is not to be able to dodge when the attack comes.

After you have successfully learned about the patterns, it is time to play the offensive game. Counter every attack you can. Melee-build users can get behind him often and smack his back while ranged-build users can move away and lock onto him and chuck their spells or shoot arrows while he tries to close the gap.

Once he is close enough, block his attacks for the time being and run away as soon as you get the chance. Keep this going, and eventually, the giant Health Pool of The Old King Allant will deplete, and you will have defeated the hardest boss in Demon’s Souls.

How to Cheese The Old King Allant in Demon’s Souls

Old King Allant on his knees

You might be wondering if there is even a way to cheese the Old King Allant. Yes! There is not one but two methods to easily take him down. Without skipping another beat, let’s discuss what you need to do for each one.

Method 1 (Sneak Attack)

For this method, you will need the Thief’s Ring and Poison Cloud spell. As soon as you enter the fog gate, DO NOT MOVE! The King will slowly walk towards the stairs but eventually will turn around and start to walk away.

That is when you can Walk but don’t run or else this won’t work. At one point, he will be facing the other way and you will be right up behind him. Use the Poison Cloud spell on him and wait until the effect fades away. Then cast the spell again. Keep doing this until the boss dies.

There is another variation of this method. For that, you will need a bow and arrows that deal good base damage. You can use the White Bow or Sticky Compound Long Bow. Once you are past the fog gate, don’t move and wait for the King to Walk Away.

Keep standing there, take out your bow, and start shooting arrows. This strategy will only work if you don’t move anywhere because up until this point, the fight has not yet engaged. You have to kill him before he goes out of your line of sight. If you are lucky, you will kill him with around 100 arrows or so.

Method 2 (Glitch)

This is more of a glitch than a strategy. You will need any bow that you can ADS and go into first-person mode. There is a way by which the king will not engage in battle at all. When you are going up the elevator that leads to the Fog Gate, align yourself as shown in the picture.

Arrow pointing towards the correct alignment spot

That way when you are all the way up, you will be at the right spot (marked in the picture).

Arrow pointing towards the correct alignment spot

Now you have to be quick. Look towards the left corner of the fog gate (marked in the picture). Press X to enter the fog gate, then at the same time, press the button to aim and go into first-person mode. While your character is entering the fog gate, force it to move toward the corner spot while in first-person mode.

Arrow Pointing towards the Glitch spot

What this kind of does is sneak you in through the side of the fog gate. If you have done it correctly, no matter what you do, the Old King Allant will not engage in battle with you. You can kill him literally using whatever method you want.

Rewards For Defeating The Old King Allant

Character standing next to Old King Allant

After the long and arduous battle against The Old King Allant in Demon’s Souls, you shall reap the following rewards:

  • x1 False King Demon’s Soul
  • x75500 Souls
  • +30% White World Tendency