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Battlefield V Which Class Should I Play?

Battlefield V Which Class Should I Play?

The Battlefield games have been known for their large-scale battles and its class system. Each class that you can play has a specific role they play when you are fighting the other team. Whether it is giving ammo to your squad or healing someone faster than other classes, it is really important to play your role depending on which class you choose.

Even though people say that Battlefield V is not that good of a game, it is still very fun and enjoyable to play. The classes are all varied and it is pretty easy to get the hang of. What I like about it is that you don’t have to stick to one class to be better with it. You can switch to another class if you are not feeling the class you are playing. Also, it is actually pretty easy to get to the max level for the classes and you unlock items as you go.

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The Assault Class is the door-kicker, always out front and best when it comes to close or medium range battles. Choose this Class if you want to lead an attack or clear out dug-in, stubborn enemies in the nooks and crannies of an area. Although lacking the outright stopping power of a sniper rifle or suppression of an LMG or MMG, good positioning can let you rain down accurate potshots at enemies from a distance and use gadgets to obliterate some vehicles.

Assault offers a balance of offense and defense in most situations – both anti-infantry and the Class best equipped to leave vehicles in a fiery heap. However, it’s difficult for the Assault Class to hard-counter sniper fire, so be careful not to get caught out in the open.

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Roles – There are 2 Combat Roles that an Assault has and they are Light Infantry and Tank Buster. Light Infantry allows for you to find ammo on defeated enemies and fallen teammates and also lets you regenerate a higher amount of health than all the other Combat Roles. This Role is great if you want to attack silently and have the need for extra ammo.

Tank Buster is more for fighting against other vehicles. It allows for a vehicle that you damage to be spotted for your entire team to see and it also gives you more Requisition for defeating an enemy vehicle. That means you can call in Reinforcements a lot quicker than other Combat Roles. Each Combat Role helps you in some way and it is pretty simple to use.

Weapons – You can use Assault Rifles and Semi-Auto Rifles with the Assault Class. Here are all the Assault Class weapons:

  • Sturmgewehr 1-5
  • M1907 SF
  • STG 44
  • Gewehr 43
  • M1A1 Carbine
  • Turner SMLE
  • Selbstlader 1916
  • Gewehr 1-5
  • Ag m/42
  • Ribeyrolles 1918
  • MAS 44
  • Karabin 1938M
  • Breda M1935 PG

Tips – Make sure you take advantage of all the extra tools that the Assault Class comes with like the Rocket Launchers and Dynamite. You have to learn how to use every tool to the best of your ability or else the game won’t be as easy for you. Also, if you have the Light Infantry Role, make sure you pick up that extra ammo off the ground because you do run out of ammo very quickly in this game.


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The Medic helps a squad survive and thrive. They keep teammates in the fight longer with rapid revives and health replenishing Medical Pouches. Although able to hold their own in combat with close to medium range weapons, the Medic’s best weapon is the syringe, which revives any teammate faster than the new non-Medic revive available to everyone in your squad.

You need to be up close to heal and revive, so the easy-to-control, close-quarter SMG is the best choice when you can’t afford the distance of a sniper rifle or lots of time behind a machine gun. Create cover and obscure the enemy’s vision with the Smoke Grenade Launcher and use the opportunity to revive multiple downed friendlies.

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Roles – There are 2 Combat Roles that a Medic has and those are Field Medic and Combat Medic. Field Medic allows you to gain additional Requisition when you supply Medical Pouches to teammates. It also lets you sprint faster when you call on a teammate to heal them. This is very useful for the people who want to focus on helping their team out by healing the wounded and giving Healing Pouches to other people.

Combat Medic allows for all of your melee weapons to take down any enemy. This is useful if you are close-quarters and you run out of ammo. It is also really fun to try this if there is a proned enemy and they don’t see you. It also allows you to sprint even faster if you are at critical health. This is perfect for those people who want to run and gun with the Medic Class.

Weapons – You can use SMGs with the Medic Class. Here are all the Medic Class weapons:

  • STEN
  • Sumoi KP/-31
  • MP40
  • MP28
  • EMP
  • MP34
  • M1928A1
  • ZK-383
  • Commando Carbine
  • M28 con Tromboncino
  • MAB 38

Tips – Constantly throw Bandages to your teammates because it lets them heal and it gives you points. You can choose between putting a Bandage Box down or just throw the Bandages individually. I personally like individual Bandages because of the very easy use. Also, use the smoke to revive your teammates because it is very hard for the enemy to see into it. When reviving, make sure you are in a safe place or else you are an easy target.


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Privileged enough to wield the mighty sniper rifle, the Recon Class casts a long shadow over any battlefield. Whoever chooses this class, if they are worthy, will possess the power of long-range weapons and tools. This includes not only a variety of rifles that can slay enemies from afar but Gadgets and sightlines that help you collect and relay intelligence to all teammates.

Enemies know this Class as the gleam of light before they see the white light. A precise, patient and well-positioned Recon player can clear most objectives without ever coming under fire.

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Roles – There are 2 Combat Roles that a Recon has and those are Sniper and Pathfinder. Sniper allows for you to steady your rifle when aiming down sights for a longer duration. This is important if you are tracking someone far away. It also allows for your steady duration to be replenished by every headshot you get in the match. So if you can keep getting headshots, you can basically stay in the same spot the entire match.

Pathfinder allows you to spawn on friendly Squad Leaders and Spawn Beacons from outside your own squad. There are honestly soo many other people with Beacons and Squad Leaders in the match that you can basically go anywhere you want. It also gives you extra Requisition for every person who spawns on your Beacon that you put down.

Weapons – You can use Bolt-Action Rifles, Self-Loading Rifles, and Anti-Materiel Rifles with the Recon Class. Here are all the Recon Class weapons:

  • Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I
  • Model 8
  • Gewehr M95/30
  • ZH-29
  • Krag-Jorgensen
  • RSC
  • Kar98k
  • Selbstlader 1906
  • Ross Rifle MK III
  • P08 Pistol Carbine
  • Boys AT Rifle
  • Panzerbuchse 39
  • Trench Carbine

Tips – The best way to play Recon is to play it safe from a far distance. Try to find a spot that most people won’t think of looking and where you can get a good position to take out those enemies out in the open. You can also go hunting for enemy snipers since their scopes will flare in the sun. Also, try to put down the decoy heads so that other snipers will shoot those and not you.


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The Support Class carries the weight of their squad as the mobile source of supplies and by toting the LMG or MMG. They help their squad close the gap between objectives by keeping teammates resupplied. Support causes suppression, visually impairing enemies, briefly spotting them, and then wiping them out.

While others are playing with boards and nails, as Support you’re building advanced Fortifications and machine-gun emplacements. You can give your squad better firing positions, a safe spot to reload, and the best chance to capture a point when using your unique ability to construct stationary guns.

Support Class weaponry is fit for close and medium-range and typically has a high rate of fire, letting you lay down a steady stream of bullets for a long duration.

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Roles – There are 2 Combat Roles that Supports have and they are Engineer and Machine Gunner. Engineer allows for you to build fortifications and repair vehicles than all the other Combat Roles. That is very helpful in defending certain areas because the more defense you can build up in a short amount of time the better you will be. You can also fire stationary weapons and turrets for a longer duration before it overheats.

Machine Gunner allows you to have an increased suppression ability which allows you to help your teammates out and do some extra damage to the enemies. You also spot any enemies that you suppress fully. Remember that both roles allow for you to throw either Ammo Pouches or Ammo Boxes so choose which one you like better.

Weapons – You can use Light Machine Guns and Medium Machine Guns as the Support Class. Here are all the Support Class weapons:

  • KE7
  • MG 34
  • 12g Automatic
  • Bren Gun
  • Lewis Gun
  • M30 Drilling
  • FG-42
  • MG 42
  • VGO
  • M1897
  • M1922 MG
  • LS/26
  • S2-200
  • Madsen MG

Tips – The main focus of the Support Class is to be the bullet shield and the ammo supplier. Make sure you are constantly throwing out ammo for your team because you need as many people helping take objectives as you can. Every person with a weapon is vital for winning the match. Also, you will basically never run out of ammo yourself so why not just try to help as many other people as you can.


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Vehicles are just one of the things that make Battlefield V soo special because it gives another way to play the game other than boots-on-the-ground play. Without vehicles, it would not be the same and would probably be a flop because of it. There are a lot of vehicles in the game ranging from planes, tanks, and transport vehicles.

Tanks – It is a heavily armored land vehicle, capable of withstanding nearly any small-arms fire. The large-caliber guns are able to pierce any armor, and the co-axial guns can mow down infantry and deal large amounts of damage to light-armored vehicles.

Planes – It is used primarily for air-to-air combat against other aircraft or to attack targets on the ground, depending on which one you select. The upside of a plane is its speed, maneuverability, and small size relative to other vehicles. Perfect for taking out either an enemy plane or a horde of clumped up enemies on the ground.

Transport Vehicles – These vehicles are for the sole purpose of getting you to certain places. This section includes all cars, trucks, motorcycles, armored transports, and many more. All of these vehicles give you some sort of protection whether it be armor, turrets, or even maneuverability. These are probably the most important type of vehicle in the game.

Your Company

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The Company allows the customization of soldier loadouts. Each class contains a Combat Role slot, primary weapon and sidearm slots, two gadget slots, a grenade slot, and a melee weapon slot. Weapons and vehicles allow the customization of specializations to affect their performance. It also allows players to customize the visuals of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles for both the Allies and Axis factions. These visuals are only aesthetic but can affect gameplay in terms of camouflage.

Customization – Includes weapon camos and attachments, individual character outfits and face paints, vehicle camos, upgrades, and much more. Battlefield V probably has the best customization of any other game in the series.

The Company greatly expands weapon customization compared to previous installments. Players have the option to equip different visuals to every weapon, with each individual part of a weapon able to be customized. Aside from camouflage, visuals may also add other aesthetic features to that part of the weapon such as engravings, leather wraps on rifle stocks, or cloth on weapon barrels. Players may also equip different sights to each weapon, with all standard sights unlocked immediately for a weapon. They are unlocked through weapon ranks, completing assignments, or by purchasing them

Know how to use each Class

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The best thing to do is to try out all the classes to see which one you like the best. Once you found the perfect class, keep using that class until you get really good with it. After you basically master that class, go to another one and try to learn them. You have to know how to use each class to the max because you need to be a help to your team. Yes, you can run off and solo everything if you want to, but what is the fun in that?

Which Class is the best to use?

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There is not really a better class to play because everyone has a different opinion and each class does something different. Basically, the classes need to work with each other because where 1 class lacks, another one possesses so you need to watch your team and if they need a Medic, then play as Medic. It is all up to what you want to do as a player to find the best class for you. Just don’t give up and keep fighting.

Why does it matter which Class I choose?

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It really does matter which one you choose because a Squad with all Medics is not really going to work out if you want to play as a team. If you have the ability to, get a bunch of friends to play with you so you can talk to each other about what classes to choose and what objectives to take. It makes a game 100x better when you have someone to play with so I would highly recommend playing with a few buddies.

It is also very easy to die in this game so take that in mind. You almost always want a Medic on your team to resupply the Bandages to you and revive you quickly. Everyone in the game can revive, but the Medic takes about half the time of a normal person to revive. Just make sure you are talking to your Squad.


In conclusion, even though there are only 4 classes for you to choose from, you will still get a lot of time out of each of them because of all the guns and customizations you can have. Remember to never just stick with one class unless you want to get that class to the max level. It always helps to change up the gameplay so you don’t get bored of the game and always talk to your Squad!