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All Bosses Ranked By Difficulty in Demon’s Souls

All Bosses Ranked By Difficulty in Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls laid a very strong foundation for the Dark Souls games. It might not be the most difficult souls game out there, but the name surely stands out. There are tons of bosses for you to test your skills against in Demon’s Souls, and they all require different tactics to be dealt with. Some easy – Some difficult.

There are 21 total bosses in Demon’s Souls. These include all of the main as well as the optional bosses. The bosses do get progressively difficult as you move forward, but the pacing is a bit nonlinear. Some early bosses are difficult, and some late-game bosses are easy.

Here is how we ranked all of the bosses in Demons’s Souls, starting from the easiest ones all the way to giant pain in your rears.   

21. Primeval Demon

Primeval Demon

The Primeval Demon is not much of a boss when it comes to putting up a fight. As a matter of fact, it does not fight back at all. This unusually large insect-looking monster is found in each of the five regions in Demon’s Soul and just sits there waiting for you to kill it.

You will need to be in the Pure Black World Tendency if you want to find this lazy creeper. This is an optional boss and the easiest one of them all. You can attack it with pretty much anything, and this guy will scream till it is evaporated.

This is also an easy way to get yourself a Colorless Demon’s Soul. You can consume it and instantly get 5000 souls in your wallet.

20. King Allant

King Allant

King Allant is the final boss in Demon’s Souls as well as last on the list of difficult bosses (almost). Being the final boss in a Souls game, you expect your opponent to give you a hard time but not this time. Though this fact is debatable, he is probably the easiest final boss in any game.

King Allant used to be powerful but his greed for power turned him into a blob, unable to even stand. By the end of Demon’s Souls, you should be strong enough to take him out in your sleep.

His moveset is limited to a single attack that is as slow as a snail. You can bop him in the head or burn him with fire to finally put an end to his misery.

19. Leechmonger


The Leechmonger is another boss that presents the player with a cakewalk or, should I say, leech-walk of a battle. This boss ranks low on the difficulty scale because of how even the smallest amount of heat can make quick work of him.

Though the boss possesses the ability to heal himself, if you have done even the slightest bit of preparation, you will not be giving him a chance to do that. Bring some Pine Resin to ignite your sword, or if throwables are more up your alley, then some fireballs should get rid of this leech infestation easily.

18. Dirty Colossus

Dirty Colossus

Dirty Colossus is another example of its bark is worse than its bite. Don’t let the giant stature fool you because aside from being annoying, the bosses does not bring much to the table.

The only trick he can use to try and take you down is the bees that surround you and whittle down your health. You will see fire pits in the arena. Get close, and the bees are done for. Use fire against the main boss as well because it is weak against fire.

You can chuck a couple of fireballs or cut him down with a burning sword; either way, his speed will not allow him to hit back successfully most of the time.

17. Red Dragon

Red Dragon

This is another one of the optional bosses in Demon’s Souls but unlike the previous one, this does fight back (technically). The Red Dragon is not out to kill you but on a casual killing spree across the area.

This fact makes killing it that much easier because if you are out of the effective area of its fire-breathing attacks, you can attack it all you want without ever receiving any pushback.

Red Dragon will keep doing its thing while you can keep firing arrows. It couldn’t care any less, and for that reason, this ranks low on the boss list.

16. Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

The Blue Dragon has a similar situation to the Red Dragon where you can keep attacking and you will not be targeted in return. The only difference is that this fight is divided into two phases.

During the first phase, the blue beast is going to be static. It is only when you bring him down to half of his health it will get agitated and fly away to the top of the castle, breathing fire on the area just below him.

Find the spot where the fire does not reach, and you will again find yourself in a one-sided battle, making this a pretty low-effort one.

15. Adjudicator


Next up on our list is the tongue-wiper, the Adjudicator. The fight against this beast really comes down to how well you know your opponent. While this is an easy boss, hitting at the right spot will do you no good.

The Adjudicator has an invincible body, for the most part. Hitting anywhere other than the weak spot will not do anything. Once you locate the weak spot, the rest of the fight is going to be cheese.

That is why this one falls somewhere between easy and tough opponents. Hit on the head and it goes down pretty quickly.

14. Storm King

Storm King

Storm King, a.k.a. The flying bandit its minions, would rank pretty high on the list if Demon’s Souls didn’t decide to present you with the weakly to kill it. Storm Ruler, the weapon in question, is conveniently placed right where you are supposed to fight this boss.

The weapon uses Stamina to one-hit any minion and has immense range. With an occasional flying arrow falling from the sky, which by the way can easily be avoided by staying active around the battlefield.

Once you wipe the minions out, the battle is already won. Though the battle is easy, I would recommend you to watch out for those flying arrows because they do hit you hard.

13. Fool’s Idol

Fool’s Idol - Demon's Souls Bosses

Look can be deceptive, and that’s the formula Fool’s Idol uses in the battle. Though from the ranking it received on our difficulty list, it is not good enough. The idea behind the battle might be good, but the execution was a bit of a flop.

The fight against this wicked priestess is a hit or miss and that entirely depends on how well-equipped with knowledge you are. If you take care of the NPC that keeps reviving her, before the battle, you will be able to kill her with minimal effort.

Fool’s Idol is by no means the easiest or the hardest of the foes, still puts up a decent fight thanks to the clone technique she uses.

12. Old Monk

Old Monk

This ranking of the Old Monk in Demon’s Souls is for the PvE battle. If the battle is PvP, it is a whole other story. If you want to easily clear this boss, we suggest you play offline.

He will summon a Black Phantom, a Demon Soul. It has agile movement and quick attacks. The speed he carries would’ve made him an even harder boss to deal with if he also had the strength behind those attacks.

All of the attacks from the black phantom can be parried or blocked, making him staggered and vulnerable to counterattacks. This moderate spot on the list defines well how difficult it is to take him down.        

11. Tower Knight

Tower Knight - Demon's Souls Bosses

This giant armored monster, whom we like to call the Tower Knight, will be towering over you with his height throughout the fight. It might seem intimidating, and along with that, the archers around the arena, the battle seems long and arduous.

To some extent, this boss surely puts up a good fi to some extentght, but it has one fatal flaw. He has a weak spot on his head, and his health plummets faster than a nose-diving plane when hit there.


All of the archers are one-shot and can easily be taken out without hassle. If you have a magic build with ranged attacks, this fight is even easier. The only thing you need to watch out for are the soul arrows. Get hit once, and you can say bye to your HP.

10. Phalanx

Phalanx - Demon's Souls Bosses

You might be wondering why this blob is ranked this high on the list, and that is purely because of how annoying this one is and how easily the Hoplites can overwhelm you with their number and healing capabilities.

While the Phalanx is fundamentally weak against fire and can die pretty quickly at the hands of firebombs, its minions will surround you and poke you until you are dead.


Your best bet is to bring as many firebombs or Pine Resin. Find an opening and burn this jelly monster till its crispy.

9. Old Hero

Old Hero - Demon's Souls Bosses

Old Hero in Demon’s Souls might be blind, but his swinging sword can hit your soul out into oblivion. As mentioned, he is blind, so you will need to be sneaky and take your time with attacking.

You cannot attack with complete silence, and as soon as you make a sound, he will come stomping towards you. If you use the Thief’s Ring, the fight becomes that much easier, but regardless of that, he is formidable.

The Old Hero is agile, and all of his attacks pack a punch. All of these reasons are enough to give him a spot in the top ten.

8. Armor Spider

Armor Spider - Demon's Souls Bosses

Giving one of the most feared insects a huge armored body, giant sharp legs, and fireball attacks, will surely make up for a hard boss. This is the story of the Armored Spider.

Ranged attacks might be your saving grace but not for long. When the spider decides to spew fire out of its mouth, no matter how far you are, you are not safe. If you are short on ranged attacks, you are in deep trouble.


Fighting this demon at any distance is going to be troublesome, given its versatile moveset. The Armored Spider is rightfully a difficult boss to deal with in Demon’s Souls.

7. Maiden Astraea

Maiden Astraea - Demon's Souls Bosses

A harmless mage but ranked so high on the list. There are a couple of reasons as to why the Maiden Astrea is a particularly difficult boss to deal with. You will not be fighting her directly but rather the knight she summons to do her bidding.

On top of the human-like moveset of the knight, he can block your attacks with a shield, parry them, and hit back with great might. Attacking directly from the front will not win you this battle.

You have to get around him in those tight pathways and hit on his tush. That’s where it hurts the most. The combination of agility, raw power, and small space is what makes this one a challenge.

6. Dragon God

Dragon God - Demon's Souls Bosses

The Dragon God lives up to its name and will make sure you are not having a blast while he stands in front of you. The fight against this giant vicious beast is no less than a cat and mouse chase.

Aside from the fact that he can one hit you, the arena makes things difficult by tenfold. You constantly have to deal with not being seen and moving forward in a battleground with barely any place to hide.

Figuring out the correct time and places to hide is pain and that’s what makes this boss worth of this spot on the list.

5. Vanguard

Vanguard - Demon's Souls Bosses

Vanguard Demon is ranked pretty high on the list of difficult bosses. Considering the fact that you encounter it during the tutorial, you might think you will take it down really easily. That’s where you are wrong.

There are a couple of factors that make this boss worthy of fifth spot on the list. First, you only get one chance to take it down. Secondly, at this point in the game, you are nowhere near well-equipped to fight a boss of this level.


Thirdly, one hit from this boss is enough to kill you. For this one to go down, you need to dial into sweaty tryhard mode and slowly and steadily kill it, without getting hit.

4. Penetrator


Penetrator is truly what a boss should be in a soul-like game. There are no gimmicks, no exploits, no shortcuts. This fight is purely a battle of wits and physical abilities. 

As much as this fight is enjoyable, don’t get carried away because he will punish you for slouching. The HP seems to be never-ending, and a lot of your attacks get parried right away.

You truly have to gather all that you have learned and pour it out if you want to defeat this knight in bloody armor.

3. Flame Lurker

Flame Lurker - Demon's Souls Bosses

Throughout Demon’s Souls, if there is one boss who can make you pull out hair, it is definitely Flame Lurker. This giant gorilla, which is made out of lava boulders, will not give you a break as long as you fight it.

Get close, and you will receive fire damage. Run away, and you will get punched out of the arena. Run away? You can’t because it is fast. There is seemingly no end to what this monster can do.

Load up on heels and get ready for a painstakingly long battle, possibly multiple times, against one of the top contenders in Demon’s Souls.

2. Maneater

Maneater - Demon's Souls Bosses

If you thought that Flame Lurker was bad, welcome to a whole new world of pain. Man Eater is easily our top contender for difficult bosses in Demon’s Souls. Developers thought it would be a good idea to give every attack they have thought of to one boss and see what happens.

If that wasn’t enough, it has wings to fly really high where your attacks will not reach. Every attack hits like a damn dump truck. You are also fighting it on a tight walkway where falling on either side will kill you.

Did we forget to mention that there will be two of these? Have fun malding because Man Eater is definitely one of the hardest bosses in Demon’s Souls. You will need extreme patience and a lot of heals to deal with this one.

1. Old King Allant

Old King Allant - Demon's Souls Bosses

This is the point where all of that Souls experience will be tested. Old King Allant might not be the final boss, but he will surely make you wish he was. Agility, complex moveset, AoE attacks, sword attacks, he has it all.

There is no end to what this man can do, and he does it surprisingly quickly. If you thrive on difficult boss battles, then this one is for sure an adrenaline surge for the thrill junkies out there.

Take him down the game will feel cheese after this battle. You need to be extremely well-equipped and quick on your feet if you want this fight to end any time soon.

This was our take on all bosses in Demon’s Souls. Your mileage may vary. There are a lot of gimmicky bosses, but the pace quickly picks up as you approach the end of your journey. It is time to pick up your weapons and slay some bosses. Happy Hunting.