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How To Beat The Phalanx Boss in Demon’s Souls

How To Beat The Phalanx Boss in Demon’s Souls

Phalanx is going to be the second boss you are going to face in Demon Souls while protecting Boletaria from the deadly demonic plague. This blob of a monster is a slow-moving creature who is constantly surrounded by his little minions called the Hoplites.


To make sure you are smooth sailing all the way, we are going to present you with every piece of information you are going to need for the battle to come.

Fighting Phalanx

Fighting Phalanx

Technically, Phalanx isn’t the first boss you are going to take on. If you have played through the tutorial you must’ve already fought Vanguard Demon. This fight is going to be much simpler and easier than that one.

It is time to equip you with essential knowledge that is going to be instrumental during your confrontation with Phalanx.

  • Phalanx and his Hoplites are extremely weak against fire.
  • It will regenerate health if left unattended for an extended period.
  • More Hoplites will spawn after a set timespan.
  • Hoplites will gain back health once they are attached to the main body.

Demon Souls is going to hand you all the tools you need for this fight on a silver platter. Throughout the Boletaria Palace, you are going to find Firebombs through the castle. Make sure to collect every one of them.

You are going to need at least 10-15 of them if you want to end the fight quickly. Furthermore, you can learn more from the Dregling Merchant, who also happens to reside in the palace.

As a backup plan, you should also have some Pine Resin in your arsenal. In case the Firebombs are not enough, you can pop one of these bad boys to buff your weapon with fire and roast this blob a.k.a Phalanx.


Phalanx itself does not attack you. The Hoplites are the ones doing the bidding for it. They are armed with a shield and spear. They are going to try and poke you with it if you get too close to them.

All of your attacks will be blocked by the shield, so you need to get around them or find another way to attack.



The fight against Phalanx in Demon Souls is going to be pretty straightforward. It is weak against fire, and that is what we are going to use. As soon as you enter the arena, try to get through the wall of Hoplites by using Firebombs.

Once you are through the front defense, it is time to attack the main body. Use the rest of the Firebombs on Phalanx before it has a chance to surround itself again with its minion.

You will have enough window to chip away massive amounts of damage. Once the Hoplites are back, you can use the same strategy. During the battle, you might get poked once or twice with spears so you can use the pillars as cover to pop some heals.

After you are all out of Firebombs, you can use the Pine Resin and buff your sword with fire. This time, you are going to get close, so make sure you find an opportunity to get through to the main body.

If you have used your Firebombs correctly, you should now be nearing the end of the battle. Once Phalanx is all out of HP, the Hoplites will also evaporate.

How to Cheese Phalanx in Demon Souls

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For this strategy to work, you are going to need anywhere between 15-20 Firebombs. As soon as the battle starts, run towards the back of the body using the path to your left.

There you will find an exposed section of the main body. Start chucking Firebombs at it. You must also be quick before Phalanx turns around or Hoplites cover the section.

If all of your firebombs land correctly, you would not need to lift another finger for this one.

Rewards For Defeating Phalanx

Your first official boss in Demon Souls – Phalanx is going to leave behind the following rewards:

  • 1x Lead Demon’s Soul
  • 1270x Souls
  • Body Form Restored
  • +30% White World Tendency on all Archstones

Sometimes all it takes are a couple of well-placed shots to take down even the mightiest of monsters. The Phalanx boss fight in Demon Souls is no exception. Do not fret if your first try was a flop. Gather all the goodies and burn the slime hotter than hell.