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Can You Lose Hearts In Stardew Valley? (Friendship Points)

Can You Lose Hearts In Stardew Valley? (Friendship Points)

Stardew Valley is a truly fun and relaxing game. You can befriend other characters in the game by gaining hearts of friendship points. Get enough and you can start a relationship with many of them. But do you lose Hearts or Friendship Points in Stardew Valley? Find out today!

Yes, you can lose Friendship Points in Stardew Valley. If you don’t interact with villagers or even your spouse daily up to a specific Heart Level, Friendship Scores will decay by a few points every day. Giving villagers the wrong gifts will also decay your Friendship Score.

Stack up on all those friendship points and the residents of the area will turn out to be very kind, caring, and supportive when it comes to you. And you could even opt to start romantic relationships with them.

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But you’ll have to make sure to send gifts their way, chat with them, and prove that you are indeed a good friend. But you can lose friendship points as well if you’re not careful.

You can pretty much lose friendship points and in turn some good friends by:

  • Not talking to villagers
  • Giving them the wrong gift. Something that they particularly dislike.
  • Proceeding to hit them with a slingshot.
  • Going through a garbage can when they’re seven away from you. They’ll confront you about it. If multiple friends are within the same vicinity, only one will come up and talk to you.

Let’s see what you need to know about friendship points to make the most of your friendships in Stardew Valley. That is if you start looking at it analytically.

Point System in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Friendship Meter

Each villager within Stardew Valley has their very own Friendship Score which is indicated by the ten-heart meter. You get a ten-heart meter for normal villagers or a fourteen-heart one for your wife.

Each heart adds up to around a total of 250 points. If you want to check out all the heart meters within the game you’ll have to navigate to the social tab of Stardew Valley’s menu.

A circle will most notably pop up whenever you’re interacting with a villager. The color of this circle depends upon your friendship level.

Stardew Valley Friendship Levels
  • A Blue circle denotes 0 hearts.
  • A Green circle is indicative of 2 hearts.
  • A Yellow circle represents 4 hearts.
  • A red circle represents 6 hearts.
  • Purple circles denote 8 hearts.
  • A Purple Star indicates 10-14 hearts.

Friendship Decay

Social Tab

Your friendship meter will go down depending on your level of interactions with villagers. Each day that you don’t talk to a villager, your friendship level will decrease that is, unless the heart meter is full. But there’s one thing to note here, your marriage level doesn’t stop the decay level with your spouse. You could call up a villager, but that doesn’t count as talking.

StatusDecay RateStopping Decay
Bouquet-10/day10 hearts
Pre-Bouquet-2/day8 hearts
Not Romanceable-2/day8 hearts

Gift Giving

You can give villagers gifts to increase your friendship score and thus the number of hearts. You can keep track of these metrics on the social tab. Make sure to check out the gift preferences of the villagers before handing out gifts. Maybe they’ll come across a gift they don’t particularly like and that will pretty much decrease your friendship.

  • You can give one gift to each villager per day.
  • Giving one villager 2 gifts a week grants you an extra 10 friendship points.
  • You can also throw in an extra birthday gift to a villager, even after giving them a present previously.


Friendships with each villager will enable players to unlock unique events. You can sometimes miss out permanently on some events but you can view some of them out of order.


Completing the Introductory Quest in Stardew Valley increases the Friendship Points of all the local townsfolk by 100 Points. When you’re doing Item Delivery Quests with a Villager, you’ll be granted around 150 Friendship Points.


So, you can pretty much decay your friendships in Stardew Valley. Make sure to chat with the residents of the town and gift them gifts. You’ll have to appease everyone to be the center of everyone’s attention just like in real life. But make sure you keep a balance between Stardew Valley and your actual life!