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How To Beat Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne

How To Beat Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne

Father Gascoigne is the first main boss of Bloodborne and can’t be skipped. To even the playing field, you have to employ everything the game’s combat has to offer, or else you are in a world of hurt. He is the bane of many new Hunters and a true representation of the fast-paced mechanics of Bloodborne.


Worry not dear child! With the help of this detailed guide, you’ll be able to hold your own against this corrupted daddy.

Fighting Father Gascoigne

Fighting Father Gascoigne

Father Gascoigne pretty much functions like a Hunter, much like yourself. He even starts with the Hunter Axe and the Blunderbuss, starter weapons that you can pick too, meaning he has a similar attack pattern of those weapons. He is fast and deadly with these weapons and leaves short windows for you to get your act together.

Things get even more dire when he transforms into a werewolf mid-battle. Not only is his ferocity heightened during this phase but he hits even harder. He likes to leap around and try to shred you with his claws.

Here are some tips you can use when facing Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne:

  • Try to find the little little girl in the window in Central Yharnam. She gives you the Tiny Music Box. Using this item stuns the boss for a short period, giving you an opening to deal some damage.
    • Do keep in mind that you can only use it twice in the first phase. If you use it thrice, he will transform into his monster state regardless of his health being lowered.
    • Also, you can only use it once in his second werewolf state. It won’t work after that.
  • When he is stunned by the Music Box, you can quickly move behind him for a charged heavy attack. You can then perform a Visceral attack.
  • He is weak to fire damage in both his phases although more in his monster state. You can use Molotov Cocktails to apply burning from range and make it stronger if you have used an Oil Urn before.
  • During his first phase, you can use your firearm to parry him. If you do it successfully, he will drop down for a Visceral Attack.
  • The arena is dotted with structures where you can hide and get some composure.

Phase 1

Phase 1 Father Gascoigne

The fight begins with him carrying the Hunter Axe in one hand and a Blunderbuss in the other. He has all the standard attacks of this melee weapon like quick strikes and charged overhead slams all the while dodging like any good Hunter should.

He also uses the firearm to shoot you when you try to distance yourself, especially trying to cancel any attempt to heal.

When his health reaches 70 to 80%, he transforms his Hunter Axe into dual-handing. This time, his attacks have wider sweeps and longer ranges without any compromise in speed. He has more charged attacks during this phase which can make quick work of you if you are not careful. He can still use the Blunderbuss.

If he uses the Blunderbuss right when you are about to hit him, he will parry you and try to move in to deal a lethal Visceral attack of his own. You can take cover behind the tombstones in the arena from the shots.

You can also do the same to him for almost all of his melee attacks if you are confident with your parrying skills. If you can do it successfully, this fight will become quite trivial.

The fight is all about dodging his attacks and capitalizing on the openings after each attack to put 1 or 2 hits in. You can use the Tiny Music Box to stun him twice during the fight and deal a good chunk of damage.


Here are all the phase 1 attacks you have to look out for:

  1. Blunderbuss Shot: Fires his gun at you.
    • Reaction: Dodge into the fire to use the i-frames. Or you can move out of range. Taking cover behind structures is another way to tackle this attack.
  2. Chop: Swings his weapon horizontally.
    • Reaction: Roll into the attack or back off. Rolling into it will position you closer to him to deal some damage.
  3. Up Swing: Drags the weapon on the ground and delivers an uppercut.
    • Reaction: Parry it when the attack animation starts or dodge to the sides.
  4. Leap Attack: Jumps forward to deal an axe strike.
    • Reaction: Dodge away. The recovery after this attack is longer so put some extra damage in afterwards.
  5. Charged Big Axe: In the dual-handed phase, he charges his axe for a devastating swing attack.
    • Reaction: Dodge away from the attack and take advantage of the long recovery window.

Phase 2

Phase 2 Father Gascoigne

At the 50% health mark, he transforms into a beast. He ditches his weapons for his claw. He is faster and hits harder in this phase. The beastly father likes to leap a ton and deal insane slashing attacks with his claws. This phase might catch you off-guard since you are initially fighting a human enemy and totally change the pacing of the fight.

His overall defenses are boosted in this phase. However, he is even weaker at fire damage. Molotov Cocktails, Oil Urns, and Fire Paper will destroy this boss. You can even use the Tiny Music Box once during this phase to stun him.

You can still parry him if you are quick on your feet. The trick is to stay extremely vigilant react to each attack swiftly and find small openings.

The fight (both phases) can be finished in literally 2 minutes if you are on top of your parrying skills. You can stand right where you enter the arena, parry all his attacks in each phase, and be done with the fight in no time.


Here are all the phase 2 attacks you have to look out for:

  1. Dive: An aerial dive where he tries to close the distance by dive-attacking you.
    • Reaction: When he is readying himself to dive, roll towards him.
  2. Claw Swipes: Different forms of swiping attacks using his hands.
    • Reaction: Dodge out of this short-range attack or parry it.
  3. Jumping Smash: Jumps in the air and comes crashing down on you.
    • Reaction: Pick a direction and start running. When he lands behind you, deal some damage while he recovers.
  4. Enraged Slash: a more powerful and crazier version of the Claw Swipe.
    • Reaction: Dodge away or parry it in time.

How to Cheese Father Gascoigne

Cheese Father Gascoigne

There is a nifty little way of cheesing Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne. The only thing required for this strategy is a long-reaching weapon. The Hunter Axe or, preferably, Saw Cleaver (transformed state) works better.

As soon as you enter the arena, quickly run up the stairs in the back. Stand on top while he makes his way to you. When he reaches you, sprint down again, make a U-turn from the stair railing, and stand close to the stair wall. The exact location can be seen in the picture above.

If you position yourself right, the boss will stick to the stir above you and only attack the railing, unable to hit you. Take this time, and your weapon’s overhead attacks to clip through the wall and attack him.

He will stay stuck in that location in both phases while you slowly trickle away his health. It is a time-consuming cheese, but he poses no threat to you. Only a few of his attacks might catch you, but you are mostly safe.

Rewards for Defeating Father Gascoigne

Defeating Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne rewards the Oedon Tomb Kwhich is ey, used to access the Oedon Tomb. You also unlock the Father Gascoigne armor set in the Insight Bath Messenger shop in Hunter’s Dream. You have to buy this set with Insight.