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How To Cure Vampirism In Skyrim (5 Easy Ways)

How To Cure Vampirism In Skyrim (5 Easy Ways)

If you’re a vampire, you can have a lot of fun in Skyrim. However, if the consequences of being one become too much for the players, as Dragonborns, they must seek the cure for vampirism.

Skyrim has been a trendy game among the young generation since its release. It is well known for its transformation-based fantasy gameplay and decent storyline in the gaming world.

Recently, the Elder Scrolls 5 of Skyrim has introduced several ways that the players can use to customize their character to their liking. Leaving the character creator behind, Skyrim has introduced multiple ways to change how a Dragonborn looks and overhauls its abilities. Among them is the completely new way to alter the appearance and capabilities of your character by taking on a transformation disease such as Lycanthropy and Vampirism.

Since you are looking for a way to cure your character’s Vampirism, here are some things you can do,

  • Talk To The Nearest Innkeeper
  • Find Falion In Morthal
  • Complete Falion’s Ritual
  • Use Console Commands
  • Choose Lycanthropy

Read on to learn more about Skyrim’s Vampirism and how to cure it.

How To Know If You Have Contracted Vampirism?

Most of the time, you will contract Sanguinare Vampiris while fighting vampires, and when you do, there will always be a message on the game’s screen that you have contracted the disease.

There is usually a three-day window before symptoms start to show. After these three days, you won’t have many options left to cure yot vampirism other than going to see Falion.

Besides that, a Vampire’s Drain curse can also turn you into a vampire. Once the symptoms start showing up, you will have limited time to cure the disease quickly, and it will only get difficult as time goes by.

Alternatively, if it is already too late for your character and you have transformed into a vampire, here’s why you should choose to stay a vampire in Skyrim.

Why Should You Choose To Become A Vampire In Skyrim?

Before we talk about curing vampirism, there is something we want to tell you that may help you choose and get an idea about using the vampire curse to your benefit.

Nevertheless, choosing not to become a vampire is okay as well. However, it is not all a “doom is waiting for me further in the game” experience. As a vampire, you will have access to many abilities and special powers that can improve your in-game experience.

Here’s a detailed overview of a vampire’s resistance and weakness to in-game elements,

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Vampire Spells

As a vampire, you shall be able to cast spells on your enemies.

You will have access to unique spells like,

  • Vampire’s Drain
  • Vampire’s Servant
  • Vampire Sight
  • Vampire Seduction
  • An Embrace of Shadows

Vampire Abilities

Additionally, you will have some characteristic abilities of vampires depending on the current stage. Such as,

  • Champion of the night
  • Night stalkers footsteps
  • Strength of the vampire
  • Sunlight weakness

So, before you decide that a vampire doesn’t quite fit your definition of a playable character, consider the earlier abilities and think of the quests where they’ll come in handy.

Sometimes, Skyrim Vampires even enjoy the perks of being the best character choice for you to enjoy the best battles of the game.

How To Cure Vampirism In Skyrim

Now that you know that vampirism can benefit you more than it’ll harm you, it is time to let you know about the steps that will help you reverse the effects.

Start With The Good Old Innkeeper

The first thing to do after you have contracted Vampirism and decided to recover from the curse is to get in touch with the nearest innkeeper. 

When you have had enough of the vampire curse, you can talk to the innkeepers, and they will send you on quests such as the “Rising at Dawn” if your character is a Dragonborn. 

Finding an Innkeeper is easy; just go through your neighborhood, and you’ll see many in the town. Furthering, innkeepers usually have hands-on remedies for the disease and can help you recover in no time.

They will most likely send you to pray at a shrine or drink a potion if your vampirism is at its starting level.

If there are no inns nearby when your curse worsens, it is best to go to a member of Dawnguard as they are the only ones who will not flee after watching you, assuming a vampire at that point, walking towards them. The Dawnguard will often instruct you to catch up with Falion.

However, you should contact them within the first three days of disease contraction. Any later than that, it’ll be out of the inn keeper’s hand, and you’ll have to travel far and find the mage, Falion.

Contact Falion In Morthal

If your disease has taken its toll and you cannot cure it with the help of Innkeepers or praying at shrines, it is time to go to Morthal and find the Redguard Mage Falion.

The Redguard mage was once the head of Conjurism at the College of Winterhold. However, some strange events caused him to sever ties with the college and seek his destiny independently. He now helps players in the Rising at Dawn quest to cure their vampirism and can be found east of the river on the right side.

Once you talk to him and ask him to cure your disease, he will tell you what you need to do to lift the curse. Mostly, you will be asked to fill one Black Soul Gem and return to Falion. You can obtain the gem from the Grand Souls of the playable races or buy one from Falion himself.

Once you own the Gem, Falion will take you to a ritual.

Complete Falion’s Ritual

Afterward, Falion will take you to the summoning stones just north of where you found him and start the ritual. You won’t need anything else at this point and have to stand in-between the summoning stones and let Falion perform. Once he is done, Falion will lift your vampirism curse.

You can do this more than once, and the cost to lift the curse will be the same; just follow the steps above, and you will be good to go. The ritual will lift your curse almost immediately, and the best part is that you can have Falion perform this ritual multiple times, and there will be no adverse outcomes for you.

Since the process is time-consuming and repetitive, you may be tempted to search for other methods to cure your vampirism. Here are some other things you can do to avoid dealing with Falion.

Alternative: Use Console Commands

If the conventional methods are just too much for you and you are looking for some solution that is a little quicker and works just as much as the in-game methods, you can use the console to cure the vampirism in Skyrim.

The “showracemenu command” will show you the character creation menu and reset your character to default, ridding it of all diseases, including Vampirism. 

All you need to do is press the “~” key, type “showracemenu” in the console command prompt, and hit enter. The game is automatically paused when the console comes on the screen, so you will need to unpause the game, and this will cure your vampirism just like that.

This is the easiest method of curing not only vampirism but all other contractive diseases in Skyrim.

Alternative 2: Become a Werewolf

As mentioned earlier, there are two contractive diseases in Skyrim; vampirism and lycanthropy. By default, you can never contract vampirism if you have lycanthropy. However, if you have vampirism, you can choose to become a werewolf by talking to Aela the Huntress.

Keep in mind that just like becoming a vampire has its side effects, being a werewolf will have you face similar consequences. Dragonborn’s vampirism is immediately cured with Lycanthropy, and you can also go out in the sunlight as a werewolf, a luxury not enjoyed by the vampires.

As a werewolf, you will probably not fit in doors because your huge size and gear will also occasionally fall off. To enjoy the perks of lycanthropy, you will also need to feast on other werewolf hearts and humanoids.

Wrapping Up

These are the fastest and most efficient methods of curing vampirism and helping you become a regular player. Just be sure to do something about your vampirism within three days of getting infected by the Vampire’s Drain spell.

You can also use the alternative methods if you have missed the window and fully transformed into a vampire. Speaking of which, spend some time being a vampire as they can help you enjoy multiple aspects of the game before you decide to leave the curse behind.

The innkeepers and Falion are your best bet against vampirism if you choose to cure it through in-game methods, but you can also use the console command to fix it at once.