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Is Apex Legends Beginner-Friendly?

Is Apex Legends Beginner-Friendly?

Apex Legends is one of the few battle royale games that spiced up the way this genre plays and was able to stick the landing and in turn gained a massive audience that is still quite loyal and more players pouring in with each new addition. Apex Legends’ inclusion of ability-based characters and a huge emphasis on team play helped it stand out from the crowd. Although the game stemmed from the “supposed” corpse of a beloved series Titanfall, this battle royale is still going strong and proud.

With ever-increasing popularity, Apex Legends is constantly grabbing the attention of new players with its new Legends and seasons. From all this growth, the question arises whether Apex Legends is even beginner-friendly or has the become so big that it’s hard for new players to fathom!?

Apex Legends is quite beginner-friendly and the Fire Range provides a comprehensive place where you can easily learn and test out how each Legend works and guns perform. With that said there are some rather advanced play styles that exist within this game that would require an amateur some time and hands-on experience to pull off.

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Training Arena

The first thing that you can do and it can happen before you even enter a game is to have a deep game knowledge and it is one of the biggest factors in finding success in Apex Legends. There’s no better way to do that than getting your hands on every Legend and weapon in the game. With this in mind be sure if you’re a new player, to visit the Firing Range and spend a good amount of time here learning how each weapon and Legend operates.

You can choose any Legend you have unlocked to try out, getting a feel for their abilities and animations. While you likely won’t be putting a ton of time in-game on every Legend, understanding the abilities of each and how long their cooldowns or animations are will give you a deeper understanding of how to navigate fights against other players.

Team Play

Teams have been a staple in the battle royale genre but the way Apex Legends has embraced this concept is quite effective. In the beginning and to this day there still isn’t any game mode that lets you play solo and the way some Legends complement each other really forces you to work together as a team. This can be a welcoming experience for new players as they can rely on others to cover their back along with just generally looking at the way other players function and use their abilities can be a learning experience.

As a beginner when your back’s against the ropes you can count on your, if you are lucky, veteran teammates to help you out. There is also the off chance that you get knocked out and your fellow teammates revive you so that you can remain in the game and not constantly jump from one game to another.

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This simple yet potent feature was the one that gave Apex Legends much attention. You can easily ping with a push of a button any item or any place in the environment to alert your teammates of things they might need or areas you want to explore. On the other hand, if you double-click the ping button you can inform your mates of any enemy that you may have spotted with a special enemy alert indicator. It’s a great tool to add to the team interactions without having to rely on voice chat exclusively.

If you hold the ping button there are a bunch of different communication options you can choose from like you can say you’re watching an area, defending an area, or even alert your comrades to recent enemy movement. The best feature is you can ping any item like guns, ammo, armor, etc. to quickly tell them of anything they might need. And the best part is the indicator stays for a generous time so there is little to no chance that someone might forget where you pointed to if it were a traditional voice-com.

It is perfect for players to communicate, who are a bit shy or don’t own a mic to be able to stay in the loop.


Looting is essential to the battle royale formula and one that if you are new to this genre you will struggle with the most. Luckily Apex Legends have a very intuitive looting system and the UI is designed perfectly to help you sift through all the contents like in a Death Box. Firstly every item, ammo, and its rarity is very well color-coded leading to that it doesn’t take long for a player to grasp what each type of item is and what you should be picking up.

This looting system is crucial as it helps you to make quick decisions on what to pick up so that you are not a sitting duck for other players to take you out while you are struggling with your looting choice. Items that are not compatible with your setup will feature a red cross to indicate their uselessness to you. Picking up attachments, equipping attachments, or even swapping attachments to a different gun is smooth as butter.

After just a few matches you will get the hang of this system and everything will get streamlined.

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As a beginner to a battle royale, I hated the fact that you end up dying so quickly and are left to look for new matches which doesn’t help you grow your skills and understanding of the game. With Apex Legends’ emphasis on teamplay and the fact you can respawn your dead mate using special beacons on the map, your teammates are essentially forced to bring you back to life to stay competitive in the game otherwise the chances of a full squad devouring your incomplete one gets higher. This respawn mechanic can be utilized as many times as possible in a match if you can get the dead teammate’s tag in time i.e. 90 seconds.

This can help in situations where you get unlucky while dropping to a crowded location on the map and dying right at the start or it can also provide a safety net to play the game a bit more aggressively.


Owing to its Titanfall roots, Apex Legends benefited greatly from the fast-paced movement of that franchise. Unlike other battle royales where the tedium of moving from one place to the other gets on your nerves, the movement in Apex Legends is the polar opposite. The running is fast and can be made even faster if you holster your weapons, the fact that you can slide downhill or just use it as a constant jump and slide maneuver while moving or fighting keeps the boringness of the trek and most gunfights low. You can even jump and vault vertically adding to the freshness of the overall package.

There are some advanced movements that you can pull off if you invest time learning them which separates the veterans from the newbies. And looking at some plays on Youtube you can easily see how amazing it looks and perform in the game.

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Now the most important aspect of Apex Legends needs to be discussed. The unique character-ability-based system that Apex brought to the battle royale formula was genre-defining. Each character has a set of tactical, passive, and ultimate ability that makes it distinct and adds to the game by not just relying on basic gunfights to tackle the situation but also spicing it up with strategy and tactics that comes with the abilities. The way you approach and deal with a fight totally transforms owing to this feature.

Granted there are some Legends that are quite difficult to master for beginners but there are some like Lifeline and Gibraltar that are relatively easy and can really add to a team composition. The best way of approaching it is by starting off with an easier Legend to get an understanding of the game and observing how each Legend functions. Then branch off to new and varied ways other Legends play and surely in no time you will have an amazing grasp of your favorite Legend.

Apex Legends is one of those games that is welcoming to new players and if you stick with it and absorb all the crazy things that advanced players are doing then it can pay off at the other end of the curve too. There is no need to be intimidated by this game and treating it just like any other game where you learn new mechanics and steadily become good at will reward you big time owing to its amazing design.