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How To Get Clay In 7 Days To Die?

How To Get Clay In 7 Days To Die?

7 Days to Die, being a hardcore survival game, has crafting at its forefront. And unlike others in the survival genre, this game requires you to gather resources quickly to buff up your defenses against the inevitability of the weekend zombie horde waiting to rip you to shreds.

With the ever-present hanging sword that is the zombie invasion, you should be knowing where and how you can easily access basic resources and in this article, we will solely focus on ways you can get your hands on lots of Clay in 7 Days to Die.

The best way to easily get heaps of Clay is by digging the ground you are standing on. Though you can use your bare fists to punch the Clay out but it is more effective if you use a Shovel.

What Is Clay Useful For?

Clay is one of the most basic and most used starting resources you can accumulate in the game and it is safe to say that you need loads of it to progress in 7 Days to Die. The most important use for Clay is to craft/build a Forge for smelting various metals that are used to make advanced ingredients for other equipment.

Forge crafting menu

Other important items that require Clay for crafting are:

  • Cobblestone Walls and Floors
  • Dirt Blocks
  • Farming Blocks required to grow food and plants
  • Indoor Potted Plant Furniture
  • Breaching Slugs which are used as ammunition for the shotgun.

How To Get Clay?

The good thing about Clay is that it is very easy to get hold of. Just look at the ground you are standing on, regardless of which biome, and start destroying it. Even without any tools, using your bare fists you can punch out Clay from within the ground. Depending on the biome, like in the Wastelands, you will have to clear the upper layer i.e. hard debris from the ground to get access to the Clay.

For a more effective Clay gathering, it is recommended that you use a Shovel. This tool will make the process of gathering/digging a lot faster and you will also yield more resources compared to the fists or other tools.

Crafting A Stone Shovel

A Stone Shovel is one of the basic tools that you craft from the get-go and doesn’t require any advanced materials or workstations.

Crafting a shovel4

The items required for crafting Stone Shovel:

  • Small Stone (5): Can be picked from the ground almost anywhere.
  • Plant Fibers (3): Can be acquired by destroying soil or tall grassy plants.
  • Wood (3): Can be obtained by destroying trees.

Once you have the required material you can simply search for the Stone Shovel in your crafting menu using the search bar on top.

Clay is the most readily available material in the game and one that you will constantly be in need of to craft various items to aid you in this hell hole. All you have to do is wrestle the ground under your feet and viola your pockets will be full of Clay.