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Can You Sleep In 7 Days To Die?

Can You Sleep In 7 Days To Die?

7 Days to Die’s survival game is designed in a way that requires a player to spend days in the world slowly crafting and upgrading their base and defensive equipment to fend off the zombie invasion that occurs each week. It is a long-winded approach that gets progressively harder with each new invasion. The player spends the remaining days gathering resources to stay ahead of the deadly curve of the upcoming zombie wave.

Spending days on end struggling to survive, the player/character will get tired, and the fact that you can craft a bedroll suggests that you can get a moment of breather and sleep. The question is whether you can actually sleep in 7 Days to Die?

The quick answer to this question is you can’t sleep in 7 Days to Die, and the sleeping bag/bedroll is a type of spawn point that you place to revive after death.

Sleeping In 7 Days To Die

There is no way you can sleep in 7 Days to Die. The items that make you wish you could rest like the bedroll/sleeping bag serve a different purpose. These items are your portable spawn points in case you die while exploring the world.

What Is Bedroll For?

While roaming around the map you are advised to place a bedroll near or inside a point of interest that you think you will be looting or exploring for some time. This is to ensure that you return to this place without much hassle along with other benefits that we will discuss below.

When you die in the game you will be presented with two options on the death screen:

  1. Spawn on Bed: You will respawn on the bedroll where ever you have placed it on the map.
  2. Spawn nearby Bed: Selecting this will respawn you randomly 80 blocks from your bedroll placement.

Bedrolls are also useful as they stop zombies from spawning nearby. Hence placing them in areas where you don’t want to be bothered by constant zombie attacks is quite a feature. Doing so can also stop loot from spawning in these locations too so choose wisely.

Alternative To Sleeping

Instead of hoping to get some shut-eye, it’s best to utilize this time in beefing up yourself for the upcoming day. In the nighttime, you should start crafting tools, weapons, and resources that you will be needing on your gathering run tomorrow. Keep your daytime for collecting resources and night for crafting from the said resources.

You can’t sleep in 7 Days to Die and what do you expect in a zombie-infested world where every living moment is spent looking over the shoulder trying to stop these undead freaks from taking a bite from your neck. The game is all about spending your days effectively building your defenses and stopping the ever-increasing threat of zombie apocalypse.