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Do Choices Actually Matter in Lost Ark?

Do Choices Actually Matter in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a new video game that has been making waves in the Steam community. The game is an action RPG with stunning graphics and intense combat. But one of the most talked-about features of the game is the choices players are given throughout the game.

Do choices matter in Lost Ark? The short answer is that no, choices do not matter. A couple of choices do, but most of them have the same outcome no matter the choice.

This disappoints people who expect Lost Ark to be a more RPG-like experience. The Lost Ark developers said they may add in the ability for choices to matter more, but only time will tell if they’ll implement that.

There are several other questions Lost Ark players have about the story, which we’ll answer below.

Are Lost Ark’s Side Quests Worth Doing?

Lost Ark’s side quests are a mixed bag. Some are very interesting, while others feel like they’re just there to pad out the game. The ones worth doing generally give you good rewards, such as experience and items.

The ones that aren’t worth doing usually have terrible or no rewards. It’s up to you whether or not you want to do them, but we recommend only doing the ones that interest you.

Is Lost Ark’s Story Any Good?

Of course, whether a game’s story is good or not is subjective, but most players comment on how mediocre and dull the story is. There are several cutscenes throughout the game, but they feel like they’re there just to take time rather than move the story forward.

In addition, some players comment that the voice acting isn’t great for at least the English dub of the game. The Korean dub is much better, but that’s still subjective as well.

How Long is Lost Ark’s Story?

The Lost Ark story is very short, especially compared to the main stories of other games in the genre. It takes about 20 hours to complete your first playthrough if you take it slow and enjoy things.

If you’re a completionist or want to see every bit of content, expect it to be closer to around 30-40 hours.

Is Lost Ark’s Story Finished?

At the current time, the story does have a conclusion. In a popular game, you can expect them to continue the story later on.

MMOs typically have stories that can be drawn out over many years to keep players interested and provide lore reasons for new content.

What’s the Endgame Like?

The Lost Ark endgame is one of its biggest positives. You can do several different things once you complete the story, including a large raid that takes teams of players to beat.

Endgame dungeons also offer great rewards for those who can complete them. Overall, the Lost Ark endgame is very well done and should keep players busy.