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How To Get Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana in Elden Ring?

How To Get Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana in Elden Ring?

The Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana is an early-game weapon in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. This great katana specializes in bleed attacks and a special charged attack that takes down even the mightiest dragons.

You can obtain the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana in Dragon’s Pit Dungeon. It is dropped as a reward for defeating the Ancient Dragon Man inside the dungeon.


Getting to the dungeon, navigating through the tight tunnels, and taking down the dungeon boss might seem like a lot. This guide provides detailed information about how to tackle each task with ease.

Elden Ring Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana Location

Complete Path From Gravisite Plains to Dragon's Pit

Since Dragon Hunter’s Katana is an early-game weapon, you can acquire it right from the get-go. When you start Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, you will find yourself at the Gravisite Plain Site of Grace. From there you have to travel all the way to Dragon’s Pit Site of Grace (using the path marked on the map).

The journey should be easy for the most part, if you skip past all of the enemies. You can follow the road throughout your journey until you reach Pillar Path Waypoint Site of Grace. That’s where you will have to do a bit of off-roading.

From there head down South along the path with broken dragon statues on both sides.

Road with Dragon Statues

Halfway between Three Path Waypoint and Dragon’s Pit, you will be automatically taken off Torrent, and that’s when you have to unsheath your weapon.

Somewhere around the area, the Ancient Dragon-Man will appear. This is the powered-down version of the same enemy that you eventually have to face to obtain Katana.

Take him down. The attacks are mostly generic, and you won’t have to struggle much. Unfortunately, this is not the point at which you will get the reward. Continue on with your journey until you reach Dragon’s Pit Site of Grace. Activate the site of Grace, and it’s time to move forward.

There aren’t many options, so you will only have the candlelit path in front of you. You should reach a point with a slight drop, and from there, you will take the path to your left.

Path Pointing Towards Dragon Hunter's Great Katana

Once again, follow the linear path until the room opens up, and there is a giant pit right ahead. From there, hug the wall and take a left. At the open space, near the enemy, take another left.

Path Pointing Towards Dragon Hunter's Great Katana

Now right in front of you will be a hole in the wall. Jump through the hole. Don’t worry you won’t take any fall damage.

Path Pointing Towards Dragon Hunter's Great Katana

As soon as you drop down, you have to react quickly because there is an enemy right behind you. Just behind that enemy is a path that goes further down. Run past the enemy (or kill them) through the path leading into a giant open space.

Path Pointing Towards Dragon Hunter's Great Katana

Head down the stairs and you should see nothing but a dark abyss over the edge. You have to jump into the pit (trust me). You will safely land right in front of the mist gate behind which is your final foe, Ancient Dragon Man.

Mist Gate For Ancient Dragon-Man Boss battle

Now all that’s left to do is defeat the enemy, take the weapon, and be on our way.

How to Defeat Ancient Dragon-Man in Elden Ring

You have already taken down the Ancient Dragon Man once, and this time, he is out for your blood. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ancient Dragon Man to easily defeat him.


Here are all of the Ancient Dragon Man’s attacks and how to counter them:

  • Dragonwound Slash: This is a charge attack that will come from his Katana. He will first take a few steps back and charge his weapon. When it starts glowing red, he will do a slash attack that will release a wave of energy that will deal damage upon contact.
  • Counter: You have a window of opportunity between him charging and relating the attack, that’s when you need to roll to either side to avoid the attack.
  • Jump Slash: This is a generic jump and slash attack using the Katana.
    • Counter: Roll to either side or backward to avoid the attack.
  • Melee Combo: These are also generic slash and thrust attacks, just in quick succession.
  • Counter: You can either parry them to stagger him or you can roll and dodge to either side to avoid.
  • Dragonmaw: This is the same Dragonmaw incantation that you too can use. The boss will summon a dragon head that will bite the area in front of him. Getting hit deals a significant amount of damage.
  • Counter: You will notice when he is about to perform the incantation, back off. Then as soon as the attack is over, he takes a few seconds to recover. Cash on this opportunity for a couple of free hits.
  • Magma Breath: This is another incantation-style attack similar to what you can use as well. When activated, a wyrm head will appear and it will spit magma in front of it.
  • Counter: All you can do is back off when you see the Ancient Dragon Man summoning the Wyrm.


Regardless of the type of build you are running, taking down the Ancient Dragon Man is easy. There are just a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

  • His Katana will build up the bleed meter so be vary of that.
  • The Ancient Dragon Man will try to heal himself up using potions so make sure you capitalize on the opportunity and don’t let him do so.
  • The incantations are what deal the most amount of damage so you have to avoid them at all costs.
  • There is a brief window every time he uses an incantation where is recovering, that’s the opportunity for you to deal massive amounts of damage.

Keep all of these tips in mind while fighting the boss. Dodge, attack, and back off. This simple strategy will keep you alive and end the fight within minutes.

Rewards For Defeating Ancient Dragon Man in Elden Ring

You will also receive the following items for defeating Ancient Dragon Man in Elden Ring:

  • 130,000x Runes
  • Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana

Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana Skills

Dragon Hunter's Great Katan Skills

The Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana in Shadow of the Erdtree is a great choice if you are putting together a bleed build. It is slightly on the heavier side as compared to other katanas but the speed trade-off is worth it.

The Dragonwound Slash is a unique skill that sets this weapon apart from the rest. What you can do is charge the weapon then either do a jumping slash attack or shoot out the stored energy toward the enemy in the front. This attack will cause massive damage and is especially useful against dragons.

If you are planning to take on some giant flying reptiles or just want a great katana that slashes through enemies like a hot knife through butter then Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana is perfect for you. Getting the katana might take a few extra steps but the hard work pays off in the end.