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How To Get Euporia Twinblade in Elden Ring DLC?

How To Get Euporia Twinblade in Elden Ring DLC?

The Euporia Twinblade is considered one of the most powerful weapons added to Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. On top of some of the most badass-looking animations, the twinblade packs a solid punch with a few tricks up its sleeve.

You can find the Euporia Twinblade in Enir Ilim, which is a late-game location in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.


The path to the Euporia Twinblade is a bit tricky, but we are here to help you get there without breaking a sweat.

Prerequisites For Euporia Twinblade in Elden Ring

Euporia Twinblade in Elden Ring

The Eurporia Twin Blade is an end-game weapon in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. You won’t just be able to go to the location and pick it up right off the bat. You need serious story progression and unlock certain areas before you can make your way to the right location.

Here are all of the steps you need to complete before you can get the legendary Euporia Twinblade:

  • Defeat Messemer, The Impaler in Specimen Storehouse to obtain Messemer’s Kindling.
  • Defeat Romina, Saint of the Bud to unlock the Church of the Bud Site of Grace.
  • Just behind the Church of Bud Site of Grace, through the archway will be the Sealing Tree. Burn the Sealing Tree using Messemer’s Kindling to unlock Enir Ilim. The Twinblade can be found in Enir Ilim.
  • Progress through Enir Ilim and unlock the Spiral Rise Site of Grace.

Where to Get Euporia Twinblade in Shadow or the Erdtree

The Euporia Twin Blade can be found in Enir Ilim but getting there is not as simple as it seems. It is well-hidden inside one of the towers, and here is how to get there.

You will start all the way at the Spiral Rise Site of Grace which is northwest of Enir Ilim.

Starting and Ending Point of Euporia Twinblade

Head out the door and down the staircase. You can run past the enemies but you will have to dodge their attacks since they can wear you out pretty quickly.

Arrow Pointing Down the Staircase

Once you are halfway down the second set of stairs, look to your right and there should be another staircase down below. Drop down onto the lower staircase.

Arrow Pointing Towards the Lower Stairs Case for Dropping

From there, walk up and you should see a crack in the railing. Stand near the edge and you will be able to see the ledge below you. Drop down on the ledge and walk along until you run out of ledge to walk on.

Arrows Marking the path along the ledge

From there, once again drop down onto the lower ledge and go staright ahead.

Arrow Pointing Towards the Lower Ledge

Take a left around the corner and you should see a tower across from you. Jump onto the ledge of the tower and go left and around the tower.

Arrows Point the Path Along the Tower

Stay on the ledge until you see a crack. Drop down through the crack onto the platform below. Take the stairs and at the end on your right, you should see another tower with an open window. Do a sprint jump to get through and inside the tower.

Arrows Pointing Towards the Window of Belurat Tower

You will find yourself in the Belurat, Tower Settlement. Go out the door and keep going straight.

Belurat Tower Settlement

Go down the stairs while avoiding a giant spider and into another one of the towers. Inside you will find a lift that will take you to the lower level.

Lift Taking You Down

From there, the path is linear so keep going straight and pass all of the enemies you encounter. You can fight them if you want but you will be wasting your resources and time for next to nothing in loot. Enter the tower whose door is guarded by a giant monster.

Tower with the Stairs

Inside the tower will be a staircase that will take you to the lower level.

Arrow Pointing Towards Stairs

On the lower level will be yet another lift taking you further down. At the lower level you will see a bridge and a closed door at the other end.

Closed Door

Walk up to it, push it open, and the Legendary Euporia Twin Blade is right behind it.

Euporia Twinblade

Euporia Twinblade Skills

The Euporia packs a serious punch and along with that comes power-ups. Here is what you need to know:

Damage Buff

While the base damage for light and heavy attacks is significant, you can boost those stats by simply landing multiple hits in quick succession. If you land 7 hits within 10 seconds, you will deal 5% more damage with every hit for the next 15-20 seconds.

It will add 35 Holy Damage during that time. You can double the number by landing 14 hits in 10 seconds. The Holy Damage will go up from 35 to 70.

The good thing about the Twinblade is that it constantly keeps checking the number of shots you hit in the last 10 seconds. So even if you miss the number of shots, it will start the 10-second timer from your second shot.

Your best bet is to keep spamming until you get the buff.

Euporia Vortex

While you are landing hits with your weapon, it will start restoring “luster”. When it is fully charged, you can release the restored luster as beams that deal massive amounts of damage. That is called the Euporia Vortex.

During the attack, your character will spin the blade in the front while shooting out beams of light. The more you charge the weapon, the longer it will release those beams of light.

You can’t charge the weapon by hitting undead enemies.

The path to getting the Euporia Twinblade might be a difficult one faced with tons of enemies and a bunch of quests to complete. But In the end, wielding the legendary weapon will make all of the effort worth it.