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How to Get Wings in Terraria

How to Get Wings in Terraria

While you’re unable to get wings in Pre-hardmode, you should strive to get wings as soon as you beat the Wall of Flesh. The only problem is that Terraria never tells you actually how to get them.

The first time I played Terraria I couldn’t wait to get wings, but I had no clue how to craft a pair. I’ll start off by explaining how to get the most basic pair of wings, and also how to get the most advanced wings in the game.

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Starter wings

To get soaring into the air as soon as possible, you’re gonna need a pair of starter wings. I call them this because they are the first pairs available to you in the game, so you’ll most likely end up crafting one or more of these pairs.

Angel Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 10 Feathers, 20 Souls of Flight, and 25 Souls of Light

If you’re going for a more elegant looking character, you’ll probably end up choosing the Angel Wings. Their stats are identical to the Demon Wings, with the only exception being that they have a more angelic look to them.

They’re very easy to obtain and can be crafted as soon as you enter hardmode. Expert mode players will have a difficult time dealing with the Wyverns that you need to farm to get the Souls of Flight.

Demon Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 10 Feathers, 20 Souls of Flight, and 25 Souls of Night

Many people such as myself prefer the darker look that the Demon Wings provide. They’re a good contrast to the Angel wings, and look very similar to the wings that the Underworld demons are equipped with.

They take the same exact items as the Angel Wings, with the exception of needing Souls of Night instead of the Souls of Night. Grab yourself a pair of these as soon as you can, and it’ll let you get around faster than ever before.

Sparkly Wings (3DS Exclusive)

How to Obtain – crafted using 10 Feathers, 15 Souls of Flight, and 10 Souls of Blight

Since I don’t own a Nintendo 3DS, I’ve never had the privilege of using the Sparkly Wings before, but their stats are exactly the same as all of the other starter wings listed here.

The downside of these is that you have to beat Ocram, an exclusive boss that is much harder to defeat than farming a bunch of smaller enemies. I don’t recommend trying to go for these as your first pair of wings.

Fin Wings

How to Obtain – given as a reward for completing Angler Quests

Once you reach hardmode, there’s the possibility of receiving these after the 10th angler quest. Even then. there’s an extremely low chance of receiving these anyway. Since they have the same stats as the Angel and Demon Wings, you might as well go craft those ones first.

Developer wings

All of the developer items are expert mode exclusive, and have the same chance of being dropped in hardmode Treasure Bags. These items were specifically created for the developers of the game, and all have nearly identical stats.

You don’t just receive wings with though, as you’ll receive the developer’s whole outfit. Each outfit and wing set has unique animations and looks, so they are a very rare and awesome thing to get.

  • Will’s Wings
  • Crowno’s Wings
  • D-Town’s Wings
  • Cenx’s Wings
  • Lazure’s Barrier Platform
  • Yoraiz0r’s Spell
  • Loki’s Wings
  • Jim’s Wings
  • Skiph’s Paws
  • Red’s Wings
  • Arkhalis’s Wings
  • Leinfors’ Prehensile Cloak

Mid to High tier wings


How to Obtain – can be bought from the Steampunker

A jetpack may not be a pair of wings, but it still behaves similarly. Your ascend speeds are greatly increased, giving you increased upward mobility. Since you can buy it from the Steampunker without any farming, it’s worth it to buy one just to try out.

Mothron Wings

How to Obtain – 5% chance of being dropped by Mothron

There’s nothing really special about the Mothron Wings, so they aren’t worth farming for. If you do manage to get one, they’re a very cool looking item, especially with a good dye.

Leaf Wings

How to Obtain – can be bought from the Witch Doctor

Overall these are pretty decent wings. They do cost a platinum coin, but then again you don’t have to farm to get crafting materials. If you don’t have access to any wings better than these, you should definitely spend the extra platinum.

Frozen Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 15 Souls of Flight, and 1 Ice Feather

In your travels, you may end up getting a random feather from an enemy. This feather allows you to craft a unique set of wings that has pretty good stats. The Frozen Wings are the first of these wing sets and is a cool looking item to get. If you ever get an Ice Feather early on in Hardmode, be sure to craft these wins.

Flame Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 15 Souls of Flight, and 1 Fire Feather

The Flame Wings are basically the same as the Frozen Wings, but with a different skin. I prefer the fire look to the icy look, but I’ll usually craft whichever one I get a feather for first.

Spectre Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 15 Souls of Flight, and 10 Spectre Bars

Here’s an interesting little fact: the Spectre Wings used to be called Ghost Wings. They’re a cool set of wings that can only be obtained after Plantera has been defeated, and they have a somewhat transparent appearance to them.

Beetle Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 15 Souls of Flight, and 8 Beetle Husks

The beetle wings are one of my personal favorites as it has unique behavior and appearance. When the player is stationary, the wings will remain closed, similar to beetles in real life, and are also completely silent. They may not have end-game stats, but I still love using these wings.


How to Obtain – crafted using 15 Souls of Flight, and 18 Shroomite Bars

These aren’t technically wings, but they are classified as wings in Terraria. Besides the hovering function, they also allow the player to fly just as wings do. Similarly to the Beetle Wings, they are completely silent when flying.

Festive Wings

How to Obtain – 25% chance of being dropped by Everscream

Are you one of those people who wish it were Christmas all year long? If so, then why not wear part of a Christmas tree on your back? You have a pretty good chance of getting it during the Frost Moon, so save this for when Christmas comes around.

Spooky Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 20 Souls of Flight, and 1 Spooky Twig

The Spooky Wings are a cool item that can be crafted out of items from the Pumpkin Moon event. The Mourning Wood can drop a Spooky Twig, which will allow you to craft it. The further along you are in the Pumpkin Moon, the higher the chance that the boss will drop items.

Tattered Fairy Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 20 Souls of Flight, and 1 Black Fairy Dust

Since these are also obtained during the Pumpkin Moon, they are the counterpart of the Spooky Wings. The Black Fairy Dust you need is dropped by the Pumpking, so keep defeating him until you get it. I don’t like the look of these as much as I do the Spooky Wings, but the stats are identical, so you can use whichever one you prefer.

Steampunk Wings

How to Obtain – can be bought from the Steampunker after Golem

If you’re on console and don’t have access to Betsy’s Wings, you definitely need to buy a pair of Steampunk Wings. They are some of the best wings you can get before defeating the Moon Lord, so take advantage of the fact that you can purchase them as soon as you beat Golem.

Betsy’s Wings (PC Exclusive)

How to Obtain – 25% chance of being dropped by Betsy

Betsy is the boss of the Hardmode Old One’s Army event. These wings allow you to hover in midair, just like the Steampunk and Spooky wings. They have a very cool appearance, so I really like these wings.

Fishron Wings

How to Obtain – 6.66% of being dropped by Duke Fishron

Besides the interesting drop percentage these wings have, the wings themselves have an incredibly useful ability: you’re able to move quickly in liquids. This ability is faster than the Neptune’s Shell, and even allows quick movement in honey.

This reason alone makes farming for these wings worth it. Its heights are almost as good as the post-Moon Lord wings, but this special ability makes it superior in certain ways.

Post-Moon Lord wings

Each of these wings has a specific advantage over each other, and also are some of the coolest looking wings in the game. After reading about their abilities, try to figure out which one you’d enjoy most, as Luminite takes a while to farm.

Nebula Mantle

How to Obtain – crafted using 14 Nebula Fragments, and 10 Luminite Bars

Along with increased acceleration and flight heights just below the Fishron Wings, the Nebula Mantle has an ascension speed boost of 50%

Vortex Booster

How to Obtain – crafted using 14 Vortex Fragments, and 10 Luminite Bars

Despite the Vortex Booster having the lowest flight height of the 4 wings, it has the fastest hovering speed. The wings give you a faster acceleration speed, as well as a massive 300% hover speed increase!

Stardust Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 14 Stardust, and 10 Luminite Bars

Besides having the highest flight height in the game, you also get an extra 150% movement speed increase when you hover. If you’re trying to get the best wings in the game, it’s almost a tie with the Solar Wings.

Solar Wings

How to Obtain – crafted using 14 Solar Fragments, and 10 Luminite Bars

If flight time is what you need, then you should craft the Solar Wings instead of the Stardust Wings. They have the highest flight time in the game, along with some increased acceleration and 50% ascension speeds.