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How to Lock Doors in Unturned (Easy Guide)

How to Lock Doors in Unturned (Easy Guide)

Unturned is perhaps the most underrated game on the internet. However, those who play this game regularly find it particularly interesting. The game was released back in 2017 and has seen constant growth over the years.

However, the free-to-play zombie action game has quite a few mechanics that might be hard to understand. One of the complex mechanisms is the inability of wooden doors to lock.

Unfortunately, there is no way to lock wooden doors in Unturned, but you can craft metal doors to protect yourself from the entities.

The following guide explains the process of crafting a door that locks in Unturned.

Crafting Locking Doors In Unturned

Crafting Locking Doors In Unturned
Image Credits: Alphr

As mentioned earlier, simple doors do not have locks and can be opened by anyone. However, there is a way to craft metal doors that lock and do not allow unauthorized access.

Here is how you can lock doors in Unturned.

Step 1. Obtain Logs and Sticks

The first thing you will have to do to gather materials for a metal door is to chop down a couple of trees and obtain logs and sticks.

Step 2. Collect Metallic Scraps

Now, you will also need to collect a total of four metal pieces in order to create a metallic locking door in Unturned.

Step 3. Create Wooden Boards and Plates

After gathering the materials, you will have to use a saw to convert those logs to wooden boards and then use them as a base for your locked door. Next, you will have to combine these wooden boards and create a wooden plate.

Step 4. Craft A Frame From Plates

Now that you have the wooden plates, you will now have to craft the door’s frame.

Step 5. Make Bolts

Moving forward, you will need to make a couple of blots using one piece of scrap metal and fire. Numerically, you will need two bolts for a single door.

Step 6. Create A Wooden Door

Combine the blots and the frame to create a wooden door. Keep in mind that this door will not be able to lock and provide sufficient security.

Step 7: Create A Metal Door

Now, you will have to combine three pieces of metal and this wooden door to craft a metal door. You can use the metal door to secure entrances, as it will only allow you and your group members to enter.  

That’s about it, you can proceed with placing this door at the entrance of your hideout and roam worryfree.

Things To Know About Wooden & Metal Doors In Unturned

Things To Know About Wooden & Metal Doors In Unturned
Image Credits: Alphr

Even though both types of doors find extensive applications in the game, there are something you should keep in mind regarding when and where to use a certain type of door.

  • Wooden Doors Cannot Be Locked
  • Anyone Can Come Through Wooden Doors
  • Metal Doors Cannot Be Unlocked by Other Players
  • Metal Doors Have Additional Durability


All in all, Unturned is a great game and even though it is a bit of a hassle to craft a locking metallic door, it is definitely worth it. Metallic Doors can not only be locked but are a safe bet for home defense.