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10 Best Base Locations on Genesis Part 1 in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on Genesis Part 1 in Ark: Survival Evolved

Whether you are just starting with the game or have made some decent progression, resources are something you have to rely on throughout your journey in ARK, and having suitable base locations with such valuable resources on your list is a must if you plan on surviving till the end. That is why we have gathered some of the best base locations on the Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 1 DLC map.

Genesis Part 1 is quite unique as it has locations like Metal Structure, Sky Tower, Bog, and many more, which offer a variety of resources like Metals, crystals, Obelisks, and so much more, and you can keep your tamable creatures here without worrying about any threat as it’s very secure.


Without further ado, let’s get right into the guide and go through all of the best base locations on Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 1 individually and see why these are the best ones for your next base.

1. Metal Structure (37.4-71.7)

Metal Structure

Our first base location is quite demanding one as it is an entirely secure location and offers you a lot of space. But the primary concern of most of you is how to build a perfect base here.

To build a base, you can add cliff platforms, which will be most appropriate for this location. Having a foundation at the end will enable you to build a nice-looking base here. The downside here is that you will only be able to get a few resources other than metal, but it should be a well-guarded base.

But in terms of other factors, it is a super good base location for PVE. And you also get some cool fiery lava around your location if you are into aesthetics.

2. Sky Tower (42.4-48.3)

Sky Tower

This location is meant for both PVE and PVP. It’s an enormous area at a great altitude where you can build an incredible base. There is plenty of flat space, and being on height makes it safer as you don’t have to stress about the spawning dinos and other predators here.


You may find getting up there troubling, but with effective teleportation, this issue can be resolved. Furthermore, the resources are also available, and you don’t have to travel miles searching for them.

There is plenty of water to breed your water dinos here, and you will find a few beaver dams in the area, which are well-needed resources for your base.

3. Air Chamber (34.9-53.2)


How fascinating can it be to build a base underwater, right? If you are also looking for a base location in the ocean, then this one is for you. The Air chamber at the base of the ocean is massive and has great potential for creative and secure bases.

It has a distinct environment, and the stuff you find here also sets it apart. Once again, no one spawns here, which increases the security of this location. Water dinos can be bred here, and you can find other tamable creatures for further progression in the game.

4. Bog (83.5-63.5)


This location has many advantages if you set up your base here. First of all, you get a large area with flat surface, and secondly, this place is all away from the threat and raiding stuff. So, it’s a stress-free environment that allows you to have a nice base setup.

This place’s importance increases by considering that it’s hard to get a proper safe location in Genesis Part 1. You may find death swarms annoying, but this one con doesn’t dim the idea of how great this location is.

5. Underground Zone (82.6-83.6)

Underground Zone

Another location we have for you in the swamp biome is the underground Zone. It is rare to have safe places in this biome, but this one is highly protected. Especially the underground area has so much space.


And rooms where you can build structures or lay the foundations however you like. On the top side, you can use cliff platforms to close or block that point of expected attacks which are very rare to happen but just in case. Overall it’s a great place to look into.

6. Lunar Biome (39.5-16.6)

Lunar Biome

Next location is the lunar biome. This flat area has mountains, which protect you from the blazing sun. You get a large space here to build a base, and it is perfect to consider this location if you are unable to build your base in a cave.

So this spot will be a right pick and no mission usually occurs here, which means it’s a safe area. You find plenty of resources to survive and stay safe from the heat.

7. Massive Flat Block (73.4-15.6)

Massive Flat Block

Speaking of the safest places on the map, then this location ranks at the top; it is a huge area for building multiple bases here. You can either use cliff platforms or can build directly on the structure. It’s all up to you how you want to utilize this space.

The areas around this location are not safe as deadly creatures like wolves wander around, so building something there is not a good idea. Also, the clouds won’t bother you at this spot and are away from this location.

8. Massive Flat (86.8-40.5)

Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 1 Base locations

If you prefer to build a base in the snow biome, then you must check out this one. It is the best base location so far in this area. As you can guess by the name, you will get a massive flat surface there to lay out your base design properly.


However, the freezing weather can be a concern, and also you may get to face the snow storms here. But still, it is a pretty cool location to have a base set up here. Just keep the right resources with you.

9. Ocean Biome (14.5-61.6)

Ocean Biome

This location in Ocean biome may also become your favorite one. Being in a corner allows you to have a perfect PVP base, and you can have an efficient defense against enemies. It is a huge area, and you can also see another area below this one that seems best and suitable for the PVP bases.

Wait, as it doesn’t end here; if you like to build a base closer to water, then below the second area, there is another one where you can also build structures.

10. Cliff Base ( 40.5-57.6)

Cliff Base

The cliff base is the last base location. It is a fantastic spot to have your base built on. It is surrounded by water, making access to water resources more convenient. Furthermore, if you get bored and want to try another area, an island is nearby, so you can also check it.

The place has a variety of areas which you can explore and find the best one for yourself. This location is also safe, and no missions occur there.

Are These Areas Dangerous? 

Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 1 offers the safest locations on the map so you can build without worrying about getting attacked by enemies. Just follow our guide, and you’ll be miles away from any kind of danger.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, Building towards the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you save time and cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind. 


So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.