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How to make mugs in Dwarf Fortress

How to make mugs in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarves are a merry bunch who love to drink and party. Booze plays a major role in their life and it is quite evident in Dwarf Fortress where they require a constant supply of alcohol to quench their thirst and continue working happily. Although the dwarfs in Dwarf Fortress are rowdy, they still have enough manners to drink out of Mugs.

They use mugs and cups to drink their favorite drink. Hence, we will look into how you can make mugs in Dwarf Fortress.

Mugs in Dwarf Fortress are made from Stone and by a Craftsdwarf’s Workshop. They come under the category of Goblets. Stone goblets in particular are called Mugs.


Tavern in dwarf fortress

Goblets serve many purposes in Dwarf Fortress. These are part of the Finished Goods category and which means they can be traded. They can also be utilized as liquid transport containers in adventurer mode. They can even be placed as decorative furniture all over your fortress.

However, their biggest use is for serving drinks to the dwarves. The dwarves live and breathe alcohol and their sanity is very closely linked to this beverage.

If no goblets are available nearby in a dining room or a coffer in a tavern then these weird little fools will drink alcohol straight out of the barrel. This will result in unhappy thoughts so you should stockpile a bunch of goblets.

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Goblet Types

Different names are given to goblets depending on the material they are made from. Metal and Glass goblets are simply Goblets, Stone goblets are called Mugs, and Wooden goblets are called Cups. These goblets are produced at a rate of 3:1 ratio meaning you’ll get three mugs every time you produce them.

How to Make Goblets / Mugs?

Each type of Goblet is produced using different means:

  • Metal Goblets are made at a Metalsmith’s Forge.
  • Glass Goblets are made in a Glass Furnace.
  • Rock Mugs and Wooden Cups are made at a Craftsdwarf’s Workshop.

Other types of Cups and How to Craft Them

There are 4 other types of cups you can make in Dwarf Fortress. The names of the cups and how you can craft them are listed below:

  • Chalice: Can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant.
  • Wine Glass: One piece of Glass crafted from Sand is needed to craft this cup in the Furnace.
  • Honey Cup: You will need a Honey Block and a Honey Dispenser.
  • Dynasty Cup: Can be crafted using Dynasty Wood on the Workbench.

Cups and mugs filled with alcohol are essential to the livelihood of these mythical creatures in Dwarf Fortress. You should have loads of them already crafted and stockpiled in taverns and dining halls for your dwarves to easily carry their drinks.