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Can you tame deer in Valheim?

Can you tame deer in Valheim?

Valheim is all about living your Viking fantasy to the fullest. Having majestic beasts to ride is just another Viking fantasy that this game allows you to fulfill with the ability to tame animals. The game has many animals to tame but is it even possible to tame a Deer in Valheim?

No, you cannot tame a deer in Valheim. You can only hunt them for materials and trophies but riding them is out of the equation.

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Deers in Valheim

Deer in valheim

Deers are amongst the many creatures that roam the lands in Valheim. They are passive meaning they won’t turn aggressive when you start to annoy them, they will simply run away. They are found in the Meadows and the Black Forests.

0 Star Deer
0 Star Deer
1 Star Deer
1 Star Deer
2 Star Deer
2 Star Deer

Deers come in different tiers which are denoted by their star level. You can distinguish the tier of the deer from far away by looking at its antlers. There is little difference between each tier other than the bump in the health stats at higher levels and the number of items it drops upon death.

When killed, a deer has the chance to drop:

Item0 Star1 Star2 Star
 Deer hide1-22-44-8
 Deer trophy50%50%50%
 Deer meat248

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Can You Tame Deer In Valheim?

taming deer

Since the game allows you to tame animals, who wouldn’t want a zoo or a pen where your favorite deer would frolic all day long? Or have the ability to ride a mighty stag into battles.

Sadly, amongst the many animals you can tame in Valheim, Deer isn’t one of them. Deers cannot be tamed or ridden upon and just going near them would frighten them and they will scurry away.

Animals you Can Tame in Valheim

The only animals, as of yet, you can tame or even breed in Valheim are:

  • Boars
  • Wolves
  • Loxes
  • Hens

It is quite sad and one would even say very unfaithful to the Viking/Norse lore that you are not given the ability to tame a Deer in Valheim. However, there are enough animals in the game that you can ride especially a vicious wolf. You will just have to settle on killing deer rather than riding them. Sorry!