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How To Sell Ships in Anno 1800 (Easy Guide)

How To Sell Ships in Anno 1800 (Easy Guide)

If you’re looking to achieve “No Business Like Ship Business.” Or are you trying to create a business out of ship trading in Anno 1800? Either way, look no further. So if you want to learn how to sell your ships, this guide is for you!

To sell your ships in Anno 1800, move them close to a trader’s trading post. Click the option with the coin symbol in the ship’s menu. Click the accept button on the message asking whether you want to sell your ship.

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Anno 1800 can be quite a challenging and confusing game if you do not know what to do. If you’re looking for a detailed guide on how to tell your ships in Anno 1800, look no further. Then continue reading this article.

How to Sell Ships in Anno 1800?

Docked Ships - Anno 1800
Docked Ships – Anno 1800

If you’re playing Anno 1800, you probably understand the importance of ships in the game. They are considered one of the core elements of the game. They help explore the map, claim new islands, transport goods, complete quests, participate in expeditions, area patrol, and much more.

There are a variety of different ships with varying characteristics, which make them well-suited for specific tasks. I’m sure the confusion lies in how to select a ship. Or make it perform the functions you want it to. To select a ship, you can begin with any of the following options:

  • Left-click on the ship, while it is in a region.
  • Left-click on the ship menu present at the bottom of your screen.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut, which will be the number of the pin you assigned to the ship.
  • Once selected, you will see the ship’s interface at the bottom right of your screen.
  • While the ship is selected, you can right-click on any target you want to act on
  • In this case, you will select, “Move the ship to a location”.
  • After this, you can select the location, either in the game or on the mini-map.
  • If you’re moving between regions, your ship will end up at the selected region’s trading post.
  • Here, the ship will have a “$” or coin sign.
  •  If you select it, it will ask you if you want to sell your ship. 
  • Accept the option to sell the ship, and you will have it sold.

Note: This interface shows multiple things related to the ship, such as its name, type, health, maintenance, cargo, etc. To deselect a ship, left-click any empty spot in the game world or select a different ship or building.

Which NPCs Should You Trade With?

Not every NPC in Anno 1800 is interested in buying our ships, however some always will. Some of the few NPCs who will buy our ships are:

Archibald Blake

Archibald Blake – Anno 1800

Isabel Sarmento

Isabel Sarmento – Anno 1800

Old Nate

Old Nate – Anno 1800

Some pirates may be interested in buying your ships, as well. They usually behave like neutral trading partners during trade agreements. This means they can trade not only ships but goods and items, as well.

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Price Guide For Selling Ships in Anno 1800

In-game screenshot - Anno 1800
In-game screenshot – Anno 1800

One thing you should keep in mind is that your ships may not sell for the same price, as the ones you bought. The price is almost always halved when selling the ships, as opposed to buying them.

Every ship has a few essential elements, namely, timber, sails, cannons, and influence points (while selling). Not all ships require all of these elements, but selling them gets you coins and influence points, either way.

You can build/make your ships in the sailing shipyard. I will break down the construction material required for each ship, and I will also mention how much it sells at Archibald Blake’s trading post.

  • Schooner: The schooner requires 20 timber, 10 sails, and no cannons. It sells for 2,500 coins. It also gives 1 influence point, when sold.
  • Gunboat: The Gunboat requires 10 timber, 20 sails, and 7 cannons. It sells for 6,250 coins. It provides 2 influence points.
  • Clipper: The Clipper requires 40 timber, 30 sails, and no cannons. It sells for 7,500 coins. It also provides 2 influence points.
  • Frigate: The frigate requires 40 timber, 20 sails, and 15 cannons. It can be sold for 10,000 coins and gives 4 influence points.
  • Ship of the Line: This ship requires 60 timber, 30 sails, and 30 cannons. It sells for 25,000 coins. There are 8 influence points received from selling it.

These are the basic ships in the game, that give out a sizeable amount of profit while being sold. I have calculated the profit returned from these ships, against the cost of buying the equipment required to build them.

Which Ship Provides the Best Profit?

 All in all, the Ship of the Line turns the most profit, followed by the Clipper. In terms of time, Clipper takes 6 minutes to be built, whereas the SotL takes around 12 minutes. This means that selling two clippers will yield more profit than selling one Ship on the Line, in the same amount of time. 

NOTE: Even though the Frigate sells for a lot of coins, the cost of building it is greater than the yield, which means it is sold at a loss. If you have some Frigates not being used, you can always sell them. However, I would advise against building Frigates, just to sell them for profit, as they don’t yield any.

How to Incease Profit Yield?

One thing you should keep in mind is that there is no point in getting money from selling the ships you are currently using. This means that ships on trade routes, on patrol, or escorting your fleet should not be sold under any circumstances.

In case you feel like selling them, you should give the groups assigned to them bigger, better ships. This means you shouldn’t sell ships unless you have the means to replace them. First off, you need access to a shipyard. You can achieve that by having 150 workers or paying off debts. Once you start building your ships, you will be able to increase the profit yield.

Ships do not require money; they require resources. As you progress in the game, you will realize that there are many ways to cut costs. Most of the time, these methods involve utilizing less basic materials as building blocks for things.

 In the case of ships, this can be achieved by employing legendary items at the Harbourmaster’s Office. For example, employing the legendary “Rohit Bhargava, the Naval Architect,” at the office reduces construction costs by 35%. Items like this can be obtained through public docking at the Palace.

Various similar mechanisms in the game reduce the construction price, thereby increasing the profit yield.

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Importance of Steam Ships

Steam Warships and Supply ships - Anno 1800
Steam Warships and Supply ships – Anno 1800

Everyone in Anno 1800, I believe, is waiting for the engineers to be hit. We gain access to a steam shipyard once we have them. In this shipyard, the basic building blocks of ships become more advanced such as Kumquatsh from the New World or advanced weapons containing TNT. Even though they’re very expensive to build, their selling cost is way higher, as well.

Additionally, once these ships are accessed, you can sell your entire fleet made of sails, timber, and cannons. You won’t require any of those things anymore, and you can use them solely for profit. This is because these ships, with their heavy machinery, will make your gameplay much more efficient. And, honestly, that’s the dream.

So, while you’re selling ships for profit, don’t forget to progress in other elements of the game, because who needs timber and sails when you can have mechanical engines?

That’s everything you need to know regarding how to sell ships in Anno 1800. I hope this guide helped provide all the necessary details.