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How To Unlock the Sunken City in Dying Light 2

How To Unlock the Sunken City in Dying Light 2

The Sunken City in Dying Light 2 has long been a point of interest ever since its tease during pre-release. It was a focal part of the event highlighting how player choices would affect the game and its maps. Having a brand new city to open up for looting and exploring can be enticing, but it can be just as easy to miss. 

Sunken City is your place if you enjoy exploring new areas in Dying Light 2. However, due to a lack of manual saves in the game, it can be particularly hard to get this area to submerge. 

Note that if you are still in the mid-story of Dying Light 2, this is your point to turn back. This guide will contain spoilers about the story, so continue only if you have gone through the main story or do not care to know certain details.

To get to Sunken City, you must play through most of the main story and clear the point of no return. You will meet with the Colonel, and the game will give you a choice. The sunken city can be unlocked depending on that very choice. Here is everything you need to know about Sunken City to get started.

What is Sunken City in Dying Light 2?

Everyone looking around the Dying Light 2 community might have encountered a message about a submerged city. You might be rubbing your eyes in astonishment, thinking if it exists, if yes, then how do you miss something this big? To clarify your confusion, yes, the Sunken City is completely real, but the criteria to unlock it can be unique. 

Where is Sunken City?

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This submerged part of the town is located south of Newfound Lost Lands. But your attempt to reach it without clearing the relevant quest will not bear fruit. The sunken city will remain submerged unless and until you make the correct choice in the main quest, “Now or Never”.

After that, the city is fairly easy to find as the game’s cutscenes will automatically show you the path. There will be many new places to parkour and loot in the sunken city. 

How to Unlock Sunken City?

You will inevitably encounter the colonel during Dying Light 2’s The Breakthrough Mission. By this point, you will already be with the Peacekeepers as they encircle you from all directions. But Lawan will still decide to try and kill the colonel to avenge Frank’s death. 

The Dialogue will then progress to the point where you will either have to side with Lawan to kill the colonel or listen to what he has to say instead. 

As soon as your side with Lawan, the fight will break out. The colonel will escape safely, and you will have to deal with a horde of enemies lunging at you from all directions. This will be a solo brawl since Lawan will be knocked out from the very start by one of the Peacekeepers. 

A Mini-boss will also join the fray. You must take the Colonel’s Champion down to initiate the cutscene. In the cutscene, several engines will be shown working to open the reservoirs to the city. The water levels will start to fall, and the Sunken City will begin to surface. Congratulations, you have unlocked Sunken City.

The Morality Problem

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You will already know that the colonel is telling the truth during the choice time. The peacekeeper leader will be lying to you. But you will still have to choose the wrong side just to unlock the flooded district. Only after agreeing with Jack Matt those flood hatches would open. 

Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds?

Unfortunately, that is impossible since you would have to make that choice no matter what, or the flooded part, a.k.a the Sunken City, will not unlock.

Since the game does not have manual save points, your only option will be a replay if you have already gotten past these points. You could also explore it through swimming and diving, but that is not much. Compare that to the loot and expansion otherwise available from Sunken City, and you will feel the difference. 

As mentioned in the launch, your decisions and their consequences will play a major role in the story progression of Dying Light 2. If you are constantly struggling with deciding on an option in fear of losing A for B. Then, you can continue reading to see what lies beyond your choice. This means that you will receive more spoilers, so proceed at your discretion. 

New Enemies In Sunken City

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A new kind of enemy will await you on the outskirts of the new area. Stretching out in front of you, the “Drowser” is a new variant shown at the end of the cutscene. This zombie has been mutating underwater for many years. Their attack patterns are identical to a kamikaze. 

When they see Aiden, they sprint towards him like he is an oasis in a desert, ready to blow themselves up near him. Make sure to always keep your distance from them. You can take them down by using ranged attacks since fighting them melee won’t do you any good.

Supply Boxes and Inhibitors in Sunken City

You will find loot from Supply boxes in the Sunken district. Do note that these boxes will only contain loot. So you won’t be finding any Military tech or gear. Still, the loot gained from these is nothing to be scoffed at. They also work if you haven’t drained the water but looting them before the surfacing of the Sunken City can be very tedious. 

Locating Inhibitors can be much easier considering Aiden’s handy locator. Whenever Aiden is close to an inhibitor, his locator beeps, and a distance indicator appears in his lower left-hand corner. You can also use your Survivor Sense to further narrow down the location. 

Inhibitor Locations in Dying Light 2

Here are all the inhibitors you can claim in Dying light 2; some of these require you to complete certain quests and events to claim them. NPCs will reward these upon successful mission completion. 

Every three inhibitors can buff Aiden considerably, so keep your eyes peeled for them. This guide will mention them in the submerged state so you can go and claim them even without completing The Breakthrough mission. 

With that said, the following inhibitors are available in the Sunken City area in Dying Light 2. 

Flooded Area – North (Underwater) | Inhibitor # 1

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You can locate this inhibitor by pinging it near the start of the long highway.

Flooded Area – North (Underwater) | Inhibitor # 2

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This inhibitor can be found inside the inner southern corner of the sunken building. If you are having trouble locating the building, look for it in the middle of the highway.  

Flooded Area – Middle (Underwater) | Inhibitor # 3

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This inhibitor is inside a container that can be found by swimming to the southern side of the third sunken building. This building can be found on the left under the highway. The Inhibitor is located near a pile of rusted cars.

Flooded Area – Middle (Underwater) | Inhibitor # 4

This one can be found near a statue of a woman holding a sword. The statue is located near the space between the sunken buildings south of the highway.

Flooded City – West (Underwater) | Inhibitor # 5

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To find this, simply swim underwater below the Newfound Land Military Tower and use your Survivor Sense to find the GRE chest near the rubble.

Flooded Area – West (Building Northeast of Newfound Land Military Relay) | Inhibitor # 6

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You will find this inhibitor as part of the “Wall of Valor: Lost Transmission” Side Quest. This quest can be picked up at the Peacekeeper Floating Fortress. The Gre Chest will be located in the backroom of the tough infected. 

All in all, the Sunken District is an interesting and rewarding area to explore. The conditions to unlock it, however, are not as easygoing. The choice you require can be morally subjective, but the harvest can be considered worth it. Upon the successful completion of the quest, you get to experience the draining of the submerged city that comes with its own set of new content.

Have you already tried exploring Sunken city? How did it go for you? Let us know in the comments below. The inhibitors can be a great way to strengthen yourself, so don’t miss out on them. Once you’re done with every inhibitor, you will also complete an inhibitor looting achievement. So keep playing and see what awaits you at the end of Dying Light 2.