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Why Buy a House in New World? (5 Reasons)

Why Buy a House in New World? (5 Reasons)

New World is definitely an outlandish MMO experience offering loads of unique activities and events to try out. New World lets you partake in the normal looting, crafting, and combat side of things, but also settle down and buy a house for yourself. 

Buying a house in New World is far from just having a place to decorate. Players can obtain loads of added benefits with the purchase of a house ranging from XP buffs, unique bonuses as well as additional storage space.

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Storage Space

Why buy a house in New World?

Buying a house in New World offers players loads of additional storage room. While you can relegate your supplies and equipment to the storage shed found in each town, that might not become so feasible once you spent ample time in activities such as chopping wood, crafting, mining, and gathering all sorts of resources.

You’ll be stocked up with all kinds of loot with no room to store or keep it. And that’s where having a house in New World comes in handy. You can add special chests inside of your new abode, obtaining access to plenty of room to store your additional inventory.

You’ll need to work on your Furniture making skills to create the kind of chest you’ll need. Another thing to note is that the amount of storage capacity of each chest is determined by the initial cost of the house and its overall size.

To craft the most basic chest, the Hewn Log Storage Chest, for your home, you’ll need to acquire a Furnishing Skill of Level 35. This bumps up your overall storage capacity by 200. 

It’s better to invest in a Tier Two house from the get-go as it allows you to add two storage chests to your home. With a Tier One house, you’ll be forced to just work with one chest at a time.


Why buy a house in New World?

You can obtain all sorts of trophies in New World, but what if you wanted to showcase them? While displaying your trophies inside your home in New World sounds like nothing more than a visual gimmick, that is certainly not the case here. 

You’ll be able to reap all sorts of benefits one of which is a global buff that can improve your overall traveling, combat, crafting, and mining. You can add up to five trophies at a time regardless of your house’s tier. There are four types of trophies so far.


Combat Trophies offer players a damage bonus depending on the trophy’s stats.


The Crafting Trophy offers players a bump in minimum Gear Score when they’re looking at crafting new items.


Gathering Trophies offer players the bonus of finding rare items.

Loot Luck

It provides an overall bump in the chances of obtaining rare loot as you journey across New World.

Fast Travel

Recall to Inn

When you’re navigating New World on foot, trying to get from one point to the other, without doing anything in between, it’ll be pretty tedious and boring. While there are Settlements and Shrines to fast travel from one point to another, they do come with some caveats and limitations. 

You can only fast travel from one shrine and settlement to the other and each trip costs you some Azoth which stacks up depending upon the distance. But owning a home and using it as a recall point costs nothing and can be used wherever you are.

Homes also serve as fast travel points and you get to fast travel for free every 2-4 hours. But that too depends upon the cost of your house as well as its size. The only caveat is the cooldown time. Albeit kind of long, you can bump it down by using some Azoth.


Why buy a house in New World? (5 Reasons)

You can also go the extra mile after you buy a house by sprucing it up with all kinds of decorations. It’s all simply a matter of taste in the end.

While you’ll have to spend time buying and crafting multiple little pieces of furniture and decor pieces, it’s pretty much worth it when you invite fellow New World Players and friends to take a peek at your decked-out home. 

Every furniture piece offers players Rank Points. Rank Points determine how well your house is decorated. But bear in mind, adding the same piece of furniture won’t give you extra points as one would normally expect. 

Stacking up on Rank Points and beating the competition puts your house on public display. This means that random visitors can take a peek at your lovely house from time to time. And there’s nothing to worry about. Visitors can’t steal anything.


Why buy a house in New World? (5 Reasons)

Other players that are a part of your party can visit your house and admire what you have to offer their eyes. A total of 5 players can visit your house at a time. You can also check out the homes of other visitors by hitting the enter button on the menu.

While New World offers loads of benefits with each house you own, accumulating to a total of 3, they also come with cons. You’ll need to pay a property tax on each house you own.

While they’ve been decreased over time, not paying your taxes will strip you of trophy benefits and you might even be evicted in the long run. So, buy a house while keeping everything in mind. 

That’s pretty much all you need to know before you buy a house in New World. If the benefits outweigh the monetary hole in your wallet, go ahead and purchase your first home. We advise you to do this after you stack up on gold after completing most of the Main Story missions.