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How to Leave A Mission in Nioh 2

How to Leave A Mission in Nioh 2

We all know that Nioh 2 is an incredibly action-packed game. It is both challenging and addictive. Sometimes, however, you might want some reprieve from the constant fighting. If you find yourself ever struggling and need to exist a mission, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

To exist a mission in Nioh 2, press the touchpad button on your controller and select the Items menu. Locate the Divine Branch Fragment and use the item to exit the mission and return to the mission select screen.


If you wish to learn about the proper way of leaving a mission you don’t want to complete in Nioh 2, then keep reading this article!

Missions in Nioh 2

Divine Branch Fragment - Nioh 2

There are many surprises and challenges when going through any mission in Nioh 2. Even the most skilled games can feel tested and exhausted after a run. It’s incredible that in Nioh 2, each mission is full of valuable rewards and treasures. Sometimes it’s best to exit the mission and regroup.

So how do you leave a mission if you find yourself in a bind? Follow these steps:

  • Press the TouchPad button on your controller
  • Select the Items Menu
  • Select the Divine Branch Fragment Item – This is a reusable item that will allow you to exit the mission.
  • Return to the Mission Select Screen

You may now select a new mission or replay the previous one with more preparation. It is important to keep in mind that using the Divine Branch Fragment will consume all of your Amrita.

Amrita is super important in Nioh 2 because it’s the primary currency that the game uses. Make sure not to waste Amrita when exiting a mission.

How to Not Waste Amrita

Shrines - Nioh 2

If you’re worried, you’ll waste Amrita and don’t know what to do while exiting. Then let me help you out. If you’re planning on exiting from a Mission, visiting a shrine is always a good idea.

At the shrine, you can spend your hard-earned currency and level up as much as you can before leaving the mission.

This way you have a better chance of not only of exiting the mission, but you will also be stronger on your subsequent run of that mission.

Amrita is an incredibly important resource; wasting it is never advisable. Especially, because all upgrade systems are associated in one way or the other to it.

When To Stay and When to Exit

Boss Fights - Nioh 2

If you’re still unsure whether you should stay or leave the mission you’re currently on in Nioh 2, then let me be of some assistance. If you’re stuck on a boss fight, remember that each attempt will give you a little more Amrita, so you will always progress.


But if you find yourself being unable to get through even the simple overworld enemies, then you might want to reconsider whether the mission is appropriate for you. It might be worth it to keep trying, yes, but it’s often better to go to an area where strength is more balanced.

Knowing how to exit a mission in Nioh 2 is crucial for maintaining your sanity. Don’t be afraid to quit early and often, but keep in mind that there is always the risk of losing valuable Amrita.

So, the next time you find yourself up against a wall, don’t hesitate to use the Divine Branch Fragment in Nioh 2 to leave the mission and come back stronger than ever!