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Is Dodge Bad in Lies of P? How To Make it Better

Is Dodge Bad in Lies of P? How To Make it Better

Lies of P introduces a challenging combat system where dodging plays a pivotal role in survival. However, the initial experience of dodging is far from ideal, prompting players to seek improvements. 

Mastering dodges transforms from a perceived weakness to a crucial survival skill. It is not that bad, don’t spam the dodge button; rather, press at the right time to Upgrade your dodging abilities using the P-Organ system. Strategic decisions in upgrading will determine your success.


In this article, we’ll teach you how to dodge properly in Lies of P and discuss strategies to enhance this crucial skill.

The Dodge Mechanics

Dodge Lies of P

The initial dodge in Lies of P can be described as atrocious, especially when facing formidable foes. Enemies like the steam guard pose a significant threat, and without the ability to chain dodges or roll off the ground, players may find themselves trapped in combo hell. 

Rising Dodge, which allows dodging from the ground, becomes essential in such situations, emphasizing the importance of strategic upgrades.

Dodging in Lies of P is initially criticized for its inefficiency. The first node, Link Dodge, obtained after defeating the Scrapped Watchman, introduces a more familiar Soulsborne-style dodge. But is the dodge really as bad as it seems, or is it a matter of mastering the skill?

How To Perform Dodge

In Lies of P, dodging isn’t just about spamming the button. The recovery time is longer, demanding precision and timing. While some argue that the dodge is too short, mastering the timing and taking advantage of invincibility frames can turn the tide in your favor. 

The key is to avoid spamming and focus on executing well-timed dodges, utilizing the dodge at its full potential.

Strategies For Effective Dodging

Instead of relying solely on dodging, consider utilizing sprint before unlocking the enhanced dodges. Sprinting becomes a valuable tool to avoid and bait out deadly boss attacks until you acquire the necessary upgrades. 

Moreover, learning when to dodge and when to use other defensive maneuvers is crucial for survival.

Unlocking Dodge Upgrades

Dodge Upgrades

The real game-changer in Lies of P comes with the P-Organ system, unlocked after defeating the Scrapped Watchman. Upgrades like Link Dodge and Rising Dodge significantly enhance the dodging capabilities. 

However, the catch is the need for Quartz, a rare upgrade material obtained from specific bosses and chests.

The road to mastering dodges is paved with Quartz. To unlock dodge upgrades, players must prioritize obtaining Quartz, a task easier said than done. Without upgrading dodge skills early on, evading remains a challenging task, leading to numerous deaths. 

The dilemma lies in whether to focus on upgrading dodges immediately or risk facing the consequences until New Game Plus.

Ultimately, dodging evolves from a perceived weakness to a powerful tool with the right upgrades. Mastering the art of dodging requires precision, timing, and a strategic approach to upgrades.

Moreover, by understanding the dodge mechanics, employing effective strategies, and unlocking crucial upgrades, players can turn the tide in Lies of P and emerge victorious in the face of challenging adversaries.