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Why Is The Stylist Not Spawning in Terraria?

Why Is The Stylist Not Spawning in Terraria?

If you’ve played Terraria for a couple of hundred hours, you might have noticed that some NPCs don’t spawn for one reason or another.

To make the Stylist spawn in Terraria, move the Spider Cave off-screen a few times. Drink a battle potion to increase the chances of her spawning, as this doubles the rate of enemy spawns.


It’s a pain if you’re looking to customize and recolor your character but can’t find her in those wretched spider caves. So why is the Stylist not spawning in Terraria? Here’s what you need to know.

The Stylist in Terraria

Stylist Terraria

Basically, the Stylist is an NPC that helps the player change their hair color and hairstyle. If you need to customize your character on the go, you can also purchase some hair dyes.

The stylist spawns in spider caves in Terraria. You’ll find her stuck in cobwebs. Just talk to her, and she’ll be set free. And will then move to a vacant house in your world. Like most NPCs, she spawns the same way as enemies do. But what if the stylist doesn’t spawn in Terraria?

Why is the Stylist Not Spawning in Terraria?

Stylist Terraria

If you still haven’t found the Stylist in Terraria and are yet to find her even after making your way into a spider cave. There are a few things you can do. The Stylist doesn’t spawn with one particular name, though. But you can easily identify her by her red-headed hair.

Spider Cave Off Screen

If you’ve made your way to a spider cave, but the Stylist doesn’t spawn in Terraria, then there is one fix that works most of the time. Just position yourself off-screen of the Spider cave and move back and forth. Eventually, the stylist will spawn in the cave entangled in Cobwebs.

Use A Battle Potion

If the previous fix doesn’t work. Then you can spruce things up by using a battle potion. The battle potion works by doubling the critter and enemy spawn rate.


Considering the Stylist’s spawn mechanics are similar to those of enemies and NPCs, the battle potion might increase her spawn rate. Drink the battle potion to make the Stylist spawn in Terraria.


After you get your hands on the Stylist, place her in the Ocean Biome (she loves it there). Place her in a safe house along with the  Dye Trader. This will enable you to sell items for higher than the usual price.