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Do Pals Evolve in Palworld? 7 Things to Know

Do Pals Evolve in Palworld? 7 Things to Know

When I heard the similarities between Palworld and Pokemon, the first thing that came to mind was whether the pals in Palworld evolve just like in Pokemon. Evolution in Pokemon upgrades the monster and transforms it into a much cooler version. Does the same evolution mechanic exist in Palworld?

No, there are no direct evolutions in Palworld like that of Pokemon. Don’t expect your Pals to change forms once they level up beyond a threshold. However, there are ways to upgrade them and even make some unique ones.


We’ll cover everything related to leveling up yourself and your pals in whatever capacity possible through this guide.

1. Leveling Up Pals with XP

Leveling Up Pals with XP

The simplest form of upgrading Pals in the game is by earning XP. As each Pal receives more and more XP, their overall level will increase giving them additional stats and skills.

The easiest way to gain XP is engaging in battles with the Pal you want to level up. Keep the Pal in your party and whip them out whenever facing anything in the world. The higher the level of the enemy Pal the more XP your Pal will get. This is by far the most lucrative way of accumulating XP.

You can also assign jobs to Pals at your base, and this way, they will gain XP passively. You can leave certain Pals at the base and let them level up automatically while you go on your adventures.

Also, just placing Pals in your Party will reward them with XP. Whenever you do anything that dishes out XP regardless of whether the Pal was involved or not, they will get some amount of XP. This is another passive way to level up Pals.

To speed things along, if you manage to capture 10 Pals of the same kind, you’ll receive massive XP boosts. This boost will be applied to anything you do in the game and to your other Pals too. For this reason, do capture 10 of every Pal you find in the world regardless of their level and rarity and benefit from the XP boost.

2. Skill Fruits

2. Skill Fruits

If you want to add new skills to your Pals’ repertoire then you need to locate some of them sweet Skill Fruits. These fruits grow on special trees found all over the Palpagos Island. Use this map to find their exact locations.

The trees will randomly sprout Skill Fruits. You can come back to the tree after 24 hours to pick them again.

While hovering over the fruit, each fruit will display a certain element and the skill it will add to the Pal. For Example, a Fire Skill Fruit: Spirit Flame can only work with a fire Pal and will add the Spirit Flame skill to their attacks.

Once you have the Skill Fruit, head to the Inventory section and select the fruit there. This will open a list of your Pals, and from here, select the right pal to give the ability to.

3. Statue of Power

3. Statue of Power

When you reach level 6 in the Technology Tree, you’ll unlock the Statue of Power. Place the statue in your base, and you’ll find another way of leveling up Pals. Selecting the Enhance Pals option when interacting with the statue will open up the stat leveling-up screen.

From here, you can choose the Pal you want to upgrade and level up their individual stats. These stats include; Max HP, Attack, Defense, and Work Speed.

Every upgrade here costs a certain number of Pal Souls. Pal Souls come in three varieties, small, medium, and large. The higher upgrade level will require the larger Pal Souls. The most straightforward way of finding them is by completing Dungeons and defeating the Pal boss at the end.

4. Pal Blueprint Upgrades

4. Pal Blueprint Upgrades

Every Pal has some unique upgrades unlocked through the Technology Tree. As you level up the Tech tree, certain blueprints will unlock which can be bought with Technology Points.

For instance, at level 6 Technology you’ll unlock Foxpark’s Harness. When you buy this and have the necessary resources to craft it, it will allow the player to hold a Foxpark and use it like a flamethrower to take out enemies. Another blueprint is for saddles which lets you ride the Pal you unlock it for.

These are extremely fun ways to play with your Pals in Palworld and you should get them as soon as possible.

5. Pal Essence Condenser

5. Pal Essence Condenser

There is a very morbid way to boost your Pals in this game. When you reach level 14 in the Technology tree, you’ll unlock the Pal Essence Condenser Ancient Technology machine. Place it in your base and get ready to massively upgrade your Pals. Do keep in mind that you’ll need 2 Ancient Technology Points to buy it and Ancient Civilization Parts to craft it.

This machine lets you enhance your Pal by a large margin by sacrificing other copies of it. It will upgrade their Max HP, Attack, and Defense by a certain percentage and level up their skills too.

Initially, you’ll need 4 pals of the same kind to upgrade the one you like. It will add a star to the pal along with the said stat boosts. Further stars and upgrades will require 16, 32, and 64 pals respectively.

This gives you the incentive to capture as many of the same pals as you can. The boost in stats in skills is well worth it.

6. Breeding Pals

6. Breeding Pals

Reaching level 19 in the Technology Tree opens up the Breeding Farm structure. You can use this structure to produce more OP versions of Pals.

Once you have built the structure in your base, simply pick up a male and a female pal and throw them in the Breeding Farm. You don’t have to place two of the same kind of pals in order to breed. You’ll see a breeding timer inside the farm.

Let the Pals do their business and soon they will make an egg. Just make sure the storage box outside the farm has a Cake in it; otherwise, breeding won’t work.

Now take the egg to an Egg Incubator and place it inside. A timer will pop up once you place it in so continue with whatever you want to do. Return to the incubator once the timer runs out and interact with it to hatch a new pal.

The resulting pal can be random, it is not guaranteed it will be the same as the parents, or if you use the right combination of pals then you’ll receive a Fusion Pal (more on them later).

The hatched pals are not necessarily better but you can use this mechanic to produce some fine pedigree pals. By breeding pals with better rare passive skills, you ensure that the resulting baby has those skills.

This means that if you put a pal with the Musclehead passive with a pal with the Ferocious passive has a better chance of breeding a pal with both these passive skills. It is not a sure-shot but the chances are much higher than random breeding.

By utilizing this mechanic right, you can have an impressively equipped army of pals.

7. Fusion Pals

7. Fusion Pals

Fusing Pals is the closest you can get to evolution in Palworld. By throwing together a specific pair of Pals, you are sure to hatch a Fusion Pal.

These special Pals have unique characteristics in not only their designs but also the elements of both their parents and are much stronger than the rest. They can be found in the world naturally, too, but breeding them will elevate your pal collection.

Here are all the pal combinations that lead to a Fusion Pal:

First ParentSecond ParentFusion Pal
BlazehowlFelbatBlazehowl Noct
BroncherryFuackBroncherry Aqua
DinossumRayhoundDinossom Lux
EikthyrdeerHangyuEikthyrdeer Terra
ElphidranSurfentElphidran Aqua
FrostallionHelzephyrFrostallion Noct
GobfinRoobyGobfin Ignis
HangyuSweeHangyu Cryst
KingpacaReindrixIce Kingpaca
ReptyroFoxcicleIce Reptyro
IncineramMaraithIncineram Noct
Jormuntide IgnisJormuntide IgnisJormuntide Ignis
JolthogPengulletJolthog Cryst
LeezpunkFlambelleLeezpunk Ignis
LyleenMenastingLyleen Noct
MammorestWumpoMammorest Cryst
MauPengulletMau Cryst
MossandaGrizzboltMossanda Lux
PyrinKatressPyrin Noct
RobinquillFuddlerRobinquill Terra
RelaxaurusSparkitRelaxaurus Lux
SurfentDumudSurfent Terra
SuzakuJormuntideSuzaku Aqua
VanwyrmFoxcicleVanwyrm Cryst